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The female beauty

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Woman of 24, married young.

Length of body, 168.5 cm.

Length of head, 21 cm.

Length of leg, 90 cm. (up to tlie condyle of the femur). Length of step, 82 cm., with leg stretched out, 84 cm. Chest-circumference 88.5 cm.

Length from nose to os pubis (modulus), 62.o cm.

Breadth of shoulder, 38.5 cm.

Breadth of waist, 21 cm.

Breadth of hips, 34.5 cm.

Distance between nipples, 23.5 cm.

P e 1 v i s.

Breadth of spines, 26.5 cm.

Breadth of crests, 29 cm.

Breadth of hips, 34 cm.

Posterior breadth of spines, 12 cm.

Weight of body, 60 kilos.

These measurements, first of all, exhibit the rare phenomenon that the length of the head is contained nearly 8 times in the

th length of the body.

As the length of the step is 82 cm., the middle of the body is only 2 V» cm. higher, that is to say, below the upper boundarv of

the pubic hair.

The leg is 6 cm. longer than 4 heads.

The difference between the shoulders and the waist is 17.5 cm, between hips and waist 13.5 cm., or 1 */« cm. more than necessary

in any given case.

The shoulders exceed the hips, as prescribed, by 4 cm.

At the pelvis, the breadth of the crests exceeds the spines by 2.5 cm., and the breadth of the hips that of the crests by as much as 5 cm.

The distance of 12 cm. between the posterior spines proves an

especial breadth of the os sacrum.

The distance between the nipples also exceeds the required