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The female beauty

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9. Distance between nipples, 22 cm

10. Length of foot, 23 cm.

11. Circumference of chest, 90 cm.

12. Breadth of posterior spines, 10 cm.

Pelvis: Breadth of spines, 23.5 cm., breadth of crestes, 26 cm. breadth of hips, 31 cm.

Half the length of the body amounts to 76 cm., so that the centre of the body lies 4 cm. above the lower edge of the pubic hair.

The total length of the body is 7-3 heads. The legs are longer than 4 heads: and the length of the body is equivalent to 6.6 lengths of the foot.

It is a defect that the waist is 2 cm. too wide. When compared vvith Fritsch's canon (Fig. 167), we find that all the principal measurements absolutely coincide with the normal figure, and even exceed them in respect of shoulder-breadth. The coincidence is remarkably striking in the extremities. The nipples, it is true. are lower than is normal, but at the same time they tend further outwards.

The photograph given in Fig. 166 shows that the arms and legs, in especial, are of singularly pure form. The axis of the arm runs perfectly straight (as is clearly visible in the left arnj), whilst in the standing-leg (the left) the Mikulicz line cuts all the joints in the centre.

The breasts exceed the limit of the normal and are beginning to droop. It is accounted for by the particularly large chest measurement (90 cm.) and the low position of the nipples. This, and the fact that the waist is 2 cm. too wide, prove that the young woman lias passed her spring-time. Nevertheless, the body has very beautiful forms. The region of the shoulders is extremely powerfully developed. Fig. 80 exhibits the posterior aspect.

The young woraen of Scheveningen are mainly notable for their wonderfully white, delicate skin and tresb, red cheeks. I hey constitute the prototype of " milk and blood " faces. Our model possesses this natural excellence in a high degree.

In this case, I had at my disposal both measurements and photographs in various positions.

Another exaniple is a Berlin girl of 17, Margarethe E. I was