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The female beauty

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Thus we have before us, for purposes of coniparison, the measurements of the girl, the photographs of her which are true to Nature, and the artistic conception of the girl.

The measurements are :

Length of body, 166 cm.

Length of head, 23 cm.

Length of leg, 85 cm., up to the condyle of the femur.

Length of step, 79 cm.

Chest-circumference, 85 cm.

Length from nose to os pubis (modulus), 66 cm.

Slioulder-breadth, 38 cm. (Circumference, 92 cm.)

Breadth of waist, 22.-1 cm. (Circumference, 65 cm.)

llip-breadth, 32 cm. (Circumference, 90 cm.)

Distance beween nipples, 19.75 cm.

Height from crown to step, 87 cm.


Breadth of spines, 23 cm.

Breadth of crests, 27.25 cm.

Hip -breadth, 31 cm.

Posterior breadth of spines, 11 cm.

It foliows from tliis, in the first place, that the length of the head is contained 7.2 times in the length of the body, and that therefore the head is disproportionately large.

The leg is 7 cm. shorter than 4 heads.

The centre of the body lies below the upper limit of pubic liair.

The difference between shoulders and waist is 15.6 cm., and between hips and waist 9.6 cm., or 4 cm. and 2.4 cm. respectively too little.

The shoulders exceed the hips bv 6 cm. instead of 4 cm.

We mav infer therefrom a pronounced preponderance of the shoulder part, which is reminiscent of a male formation, or suggests a too small development of the pelvis.

The pelvic measurements have a difference of 4.25 cm. and 3.75 cm., but are at the same time generally small; so we have a typicallv femininely-formed pelvis, which is nevertheless not par-