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The A and B certificates

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14. Paronyms of weather: whetlier, wether.

16. Name the things to be found on a dinner-table.

34. I should be sorry has been taken instead of the literal rendering I should not like, because I should like has just been used.

41. Heart. — To pluck up (gather, keep, keep up, lose) heart, to have (put) one's heart into a thing. The heart of a great town. The heart of a severe winter. Heart of oak. Hearts in the game of cards. At heart. From [the bottom of] one's heart. To be in heart. Te be out of heart. With all one's heart. With a heart and a half. With half a heart. To find in one's heart. To have at heart. To lay to heart. To take to heart. To break the heart of. To cry (eat. fight, plague, slave, tease, tire, weary, weep, etc.) one's heart out. To eat one's heart. Not to have the heart to do something, to take heart of grace, [with] heart and hand, in one's heart of hearts, heart and soul, bless my heart! to have one's heart in one's mouth, one's heart leaps into one's mouth (throat), one's heart is in the right place, to wear one's heart upon one's sleeve, to do one's heart good. To heart. To hearten, to dishearten. Heart-beat, heartblood (heart's-blood), heart-broken, heartburnfing], heart-felt, heartful, hearty, heartless, heart-rending, heartsease (heart's-ease), heart-siek (sick at heart), heart-some, heart-sore, heart-strings, heart-whole.

From cor (the Latin word for heart): core. Rotten at the core, rotten to the core, English to the core, to touch to the core.

To core. Cordial (adj.), cordial (noun), cordiality.

2. Why is the article omitted before breakfast ?

2. Why is but used? What part of speech is but

here? Other uses of but? But that? lint for?

11. To your hearts' content is also right.

17. Why not: difficult to be got?

20. Of the summer is not wrong. — Rule for the use

of the article before names of seasons?