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The A and B certificates

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up to the station-master, whom he seized by the arm and nervously asked the same question. "For Heaven's sake, Sir, do teil me", he asked almost imploringly.

45 It is easy to understand that the station-master was surprised to be addressed thus, and at once thought he had to deal (do) with a lunatic, on whom it was wise to (he had better) keep an eye. So he gave the signal for departure, the engine whistled, and away went the train — and the 50supposed lunatic was detained at the station and was not allowed to go, before he had satisfactorily accounted for his strange behaviour.

2. What is accideuce, coincidence ?

4. What parts does a railway-train consist of? — Translate: wissel, wisselen, baanwachter, exprestrein, sneltrein, boemeltrein, tusschenstation, overweg, rem, (het) portier, ltruier, bagageregu, loket, reisgids, overstappen, douanenkantoor, inkomende rechten, etc.

22. How long is a mile? — Names and sizes of the principal weights and measures?

26. What other meaning has cup ? — Cup of an acorn, cup of a flower, cup of the hip-bone, loving-cup. cup of humiliation, to be in one's cups, claret-cup, there is many a slip between the cup and the lip, cup and ball, cupbearer, cupboard, cupboard love, a skeleton in the cupboard.

26. Bun is Ma sort of cake: the use differs greatly in different localities, but the word generally denotes in England a sweet cake (usually round) not too large to be held in the hand while being eaten. In Scotland it usually means a very rich description of cake, the substance of which is almost entirely composed of fruit and spice; the richest kind of currant bread. In some places, as in the north of Ireland, it means a round loaf of ordinary bread."

28. What is the meaning of: It is of no consequence?

What is a consequential man?

47. Difference between he had better and he had rather.