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The A and B certificates

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50. Noun corresponding with detain! — Other words formed from the root tain?

3. Rule for the doubling of 1 in such words as travelling? Exception? Rule for the doubling of other consonants with exceptions?

9. Difference between if and wlien? — What other meanings has if?

12. Why are English history, English literature, etc., not preceded by the article. — Difference between English language and the English language!

38. Why not: which ycar?

48. Why the lnfinitive without to in lie had better keep an eye on him? — Other cases in which to is omitted ?

51. Why is might not go wrong? — What are moods? — Difference between Indicative and Subjunctive. — When are the forms of the Subjunctive used? — When is the Subjunctive used?

5. In what other words besides carriage is ia pronounced as one wowel?

10. When is ind not pronounced as in find?

30. Pronunciation of -cious as in gracious, -tious, -cial, -tial, -sion, -tion, -ciate, -tiate, -cient, -tient, etc.

40. When is w silent, as in answer ?

50. In how many ways are such words as lunatic pronounced in England? — Rule for the pronunciation of lu?


A burglary had been committed in the village during the night. At eleven o'clock in the morning, when church was over, the rumour of it spread like wild-fire. The whole village, usually so perfectly quiet, was in a state of excite5 ment, for such a thing had not happened for years. People looked at each other, as if in that way it would be possible