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The A and B certificates

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the fruit. As far as the eggs were concerned, they appeared

"ot even to be new-laid, and were to be had far better at the hospital.

When at last the danger was over, the American Mamma went off to Wiesbaden again, to stay in the neighbourhood for the present.

70 One day Papa suddenly stood before me again. He looked at nis daughter, and then said:

'May I just ask you, hasn't it been long enough now? I should like to go to the South [now]."

, He had already ordered a special train, to take him and his 75 daughter from Amsterdam to Italy direct. Of course, I couldn't object to that.

And just now I received a cheque for ... . But I won't mention the amount, for my colleagues might get jealous of my American practice.

1 Doctor of law, of divinity, of medicine, of letters. 2. What is I am concerned about her? I know nothing concerning him? — What are out-patients and in-patients? 4. What is to wipe one's hands?

8. Meanings of to wait for, on, at.

9. Difference between It is your book, isn't it? and It is your book, is it?

11. Physician, cure thyself. A rest-cure. What entirely other meaning has the noun cure?

34. Other meaning of to take in.

53. What would particular mean here?

54. What other meaning has anxious, and what constructïons are used after it?

57 What other meanings has to order? — What is you are all abroad?

65. Opposite of a new-laid egg.

66. Difference between hospital and infirmary.

2. What sort of a pronoun is himself? What other meaning may it have?

5. Why not the preterite?