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The A and B certificates

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lionaire without [a] wife or children, and, as far as was known, without any other relatives! A few of those with whom he got into contact would wonder whether there would not be a chance of getting something out of him. It was not 25 quite clear to them in what way; but still the idea was so natural, just as natural as the question: What use are his life and his money to old Jansen? It seems difficult for people to realize that a man of eighty years [old] likes as little to part with life as a young man of twenty. And Jansen had no desire 30 at all, nor any intention, to part with it. Even less now than when he still made and sold bricks. The thought that it must happen one day he carefully banished from his mind, and an allusion to it was the only thing that he took in bad part. One could never please him better than by speaking about things 35 that must take place in ten or twenty years, and by representing them as if he would witness them.

Now, however, on this Christmas-day, there was something that depressed him. A feeling of dissatisfaction came instead of the complacency with which he usually viewed his altered 40 circumstances. He had risen late, and was sitting by his redhot stove, staring at the snow-flakes which were descending slowly. He wondered what might be the cause of his dejection, and thought long about it without succeeding in finding a plausible explanation for it.

1. What is you are sold! What a shell! — Manufactory. Note the spelling of manufacture, e.g. manufacturing town.

2. Other meanings of tie.

8. Adjective and noun derived from to repent. Difference between to repent and to relent.

12. Active. What is active service of a soldier. 16. What is an inn, a tavern, a beer-shop?

18 Other meaning of domino.

28. Many people prefer the spelling realize to realise. 31. Difference between bricklayer and mason. Meaning of you are a brick! What is a box of bricks?

43. Other meaning of to succeed. Doublé meaning of