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The A and B certificates

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succession: five times in succession, the Spanish War of Succession.

44. Difference between plausible and specious.

1. The insertion of the article before old is not a mistake. Plural of Mr., Mrs., and Miss before a proper name.

10. Why not will?

22 Why not a few of them?

23. Account for the use of would after whether.

26. Why not which?

27. Here the article before old would not be used. Cf. 1. 31. Account for the use of must.

33. What is the exact meaning of one here?

36. Why not should?

42. Would could be wrong?

43. After to succeed the construction with in is required.

14. Transcribe business.

17. In how many ways is theatre pronounced? 26. How is natural occasionally pronounced, especially in affected speech?

39. Pronunciation of complacency.


Grandmother's Vases.

John's mother had early [in Iife] become a widow. Her husband had been porter (doorkeeper) at a town-hall. With his income they had just managed to make [the two] ends meet, and at his death she had been left behind without 5 [any] means [of subsistence]. But she had been (was) young then, and full of courage, and she had always succeeded in earning enough for herself and her only child. At present, now that her boy was grown up, this was no longer necessary; he could now provide for his mother, and she was 10 proud of it.

She had a little grocer's shop at the corner of two narrow