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"You 've made a mistake, Mrs. Cat," said he "You must please let me go, Mrs. Cat.

"I'm not at all nice, I don't taste like mice, You 'd much better have a young rat."

Said the cat, "It's no use ; you may be a goose I'll not let you go for that."


Who can that little boy be on the floor? I think I have seen him somewhere before, Ten little fingers and ten little toes, Two round eyes and a little snub nose; Two dimpled cheeks so fat and so red,

And a big paper cap on the top of his head. Two pretty ears like shells on each side, A little round chin and a mouth open wide; Four little teeth just able to bite,

Two rosy lips, one could kiss day and night. Two sturdy legs, just beginning to walk, A sweet little tongue just beginning to talk. Oh! who can he be, I wish I could teil — He looks as though he knew me very well. Why, it 's our little baby, I really declare! No naughtier rogue you'11 find anywhere. Come kiss me, my baby, and let me kiss you That 's the be3t thing for a baby to do.


The boys were waiting in the road For Joe to come and play: