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A new English reader for beginners

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across a tree plaeed over the river simply because Leo said she dared not; and who, on another occasion, separated two dogs that were fighting.

Peter and she were together all day long. Together they learnt their lessons; together they looked for the eggs in the early morning; together they feil into scrapes and out of tliem, and together they read their favourite books. They spent as must time as possible out of doors.

However, one day the rain feil so persistently that the children were unable to go out and then Peter thought of his promise to show Una the lumber room and the secret passages. It was rightly called the lumber room for it was full of all kinds of things: old coats of armour, antiquated cabinets, chairs, a spinet and a large oak jchest. The children enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Each] found something to his mind.

"Oh, I say, look here! What a delightful sword!"

"Oh what a darling little hood! Just see what I've found in the chest."

"Well, I never! If this isn't the very axe my great-greatgrandfather has in the picture in the hall! I'm certain it is the same, but it frightfully rusty."

"Oh! Here's a book!"

There was silence for a few minutes, Peter was trying to brighten up the axe with his jacket, while Una seated on the dusty floor, bent over the dusty book. But she had soon finished it; then she plaeed it once more in the chest.

"Where's Leo?" she asked. "Don't you think he'd like to come here?"

"He has been here often enough, you may be sure, replied the boy. "I told him that we were going here to-day and he said that I should show you that old cabinet. He said there was supposed to be a secret drawer in it and he advised to try and find it. Shall we try?