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Wearing apparel and otlier personal effects (not merehandise) of persons arriving in the United States ; hut this exemption shall not be held to include articles not actually in use, and necessary and appropriate for the use of such persons for the purposes of their journey and present comfort and convenience, or which are intended for any otlier person or persons, or for sale.

Bicycles are personal effects. Camera and lenses of amateur photographer are personal effects. Not more than one watch can be entered free of duty as a personal effect.

Personal effects must accompany the passenger, if not the collector infers that same are merchandise and assesses duty, unless a reason satisfactory to him for the subsequent arrival, is produced under oath. Effects of immigrants must be disinfected.

Household effects:

Household effects of persons or families from foreign countries, which have been in actual use abroad by them not less than one year, and not intended for any other person or for sale, are free of duty.


Effects accompanied by passengers are examined on the pier. Effects arriving as regular merchandise are examined in the United States Appraisors Stores.

In order to enter personal and household effects free of duty that arrivé as regular merchandise, it is necessary to furnish the oath presribed by the Secretary of the Treasury.

II. Invoer in Canada.

Bij invoer van goederen in Canada is het niet verplicht, dat deze evenals bij den invoer in de Vereenigde Staten, vergezeld gaan van eene consulaire factuur,doch voor den invoer is het noodig, dat twee duidelijke fac-