Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar

turen, die gewaarmerkt zijn door den afzender, bij de inklaring der goederen worden overgelegd.

Het »custom" tarief schrijft hierover als volgt:

Pescribed Forms of Certificates or Declarations on Invoices.

(For Entry under the General Tariff of Canada).

Form »J"

Form of certificate prescribed for invoices of morchandises sold to importers in Canada and exported thereto, to bo signed by a partner, official or employee of the exporter having a knowledge of the facts certified to and to bo written, printed or stamped on the face or back of the invoice, viz :

„This invoice is true and correct; and where there „is a difference between any of the prices shown „therein and the ordinary creditprices at which the „same articles are now sold bona fide by the exporter „in like quantity and condition at this place for con„sumption in this country the latter prices are „shown on the margin or elsewhere on such invoice.

„Dated at 19


Wat liet juiste merken cn nummeren der colli betreft, daarvan schrijft het tarief het volgende voor:

'The regulations in respect to marks and num®bers 011 packages and invoices from the United States and other countries required for the iden"tification of the goods and packages are to be -strictly enforced witli as little delay as possible, 'giving importers when making entry due notice •to comply with the law.