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Tarief van den invoer in Siam.

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Articles. j Rates of


I. Subject to Duties under Excise Law.

Beer )ad va - 5 percent.

Wines . ) lorem. 5 »

Other spirituous Liquors (except Perfumed spirits) of 50 degrees Por ricals C. alcoholic strength and under, as as- gallon 2 • 00 certained by Tralies' Alcoholmeter (equal approximately to 12.5 U. P. ^)C1 and under, on Sikes' Hydrometer). litre — • 441/(5

Additional duty for every degree ) P^r above 50 degrees ) gallon — . 04

II. Subject to Duty under The Treaties. ad valo-

All other goods rem. 3 percent.


Treasure, Golf leaf, Articles (other than spirituous Liquors) proved by declaration to be imported for the importer's personal use.

Prohibitions and Restrictions:

Opium may only be imported by order of the Siamese Government.

The importation of arms, ammunitions and explosives is prohibited except by the previous permission of the Siamese Government.


The amount of duties paid is refunded on the re-export of imported packages of goods. not sold or used.