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The Achehnese

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D. While on tliy travels, little brother teungku, hast thou been also to the land of Batu ?

S. Early in the morning, brother, at Kuala Batu, by rice-time (about 9 a. m., see Vol. I, p. 199) one comes to Lama Muda.

1). Dear little brother, thou deservest punishment, I am going to banish thee to the mountain of Seulawaïh Gold-(mountain).

S. To banish me now! Why did you not think of this before, when first you begged me from my brothers?

I). When I asked for thee, I thought that it would be for a long time, little brother, little heart, that thou vvouldst become my brother.

S. Where could life be hard for a sadati (in other vvords, "I am not vexed at this banishment"); he can find everywhere foot-gear to adorn himself withal.

D. Why should I set much store by thee, sadati, who wert given to me but art not good ?

S. Wilt thou banish me to the mountains yonder that I may die, that tigers may devour me?

D. I am going to banish thee, little brother, to a far country, so that thou canst not return to morrow or the day after.

S. Should you banish me, brothers, beware lest on the morrow or the day after you long not to have me back again.

D. We have had a clear insight into the matter during the time that thou hast been among us in this land; mayst thou not return either on the morrow or the day after.

S. It will be better to sell me than to banish me, so that you may at least recover my value in money.

D. I will hang no burden round my neck; I have had expense and trouble enough on thy account.

S. Allah, allah, 0I1 elder brothers who are my superiors, I lay my hands upon my head (in token of compliance).

D. I take my chance, whatever be my fate; I shall now come clear through danger at least.

S. If one has good fortune, brothers, one wins renown; should the former fail, we must be content with the past.

D. Shouldst thou have good fortune '), oh lamp and light, then shalt thou go forth with an umbrella and return on horseback.

1) The raeaning is: "shouldst thou be successful in this sadati contest, 110 marks ofhonour are too great for thee*'.