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h|J zei, hing van leugens —, what he •aid was a tissue of lies; —hechten, or. w. to fasten together, to attach, to join, to unite, fco connect; —hechting, v. joining, connectin?; —ketenen, ov. w. to chain (to link) together; —ketening, t. linking together; — klampeu.ov.w, to damp together; —kleven, on. w. to stick together; —klinken, or. w. to rivet together; —kuoopen, ov. w. to knot <to tie, to button) together; —knooping, ▼. tying, knotting (knitting) together; —koppelen, ov. w. to couple together, to leasn; —koppeling, t. coupliug, copulation; — lauchen, ov. w. to scarf, to join; — l||uien, ov. w. to glue together, to conglutinats; — lymlng, v. congiutination; —naaien, ov. w. to sew together; — plak keu, ov. w. to glue (to paste) together; —rfjgen, ov. w. to string together; —schakelen, ov. w. to link together, to concatenate; —schake* ling, v. concatenation, series; —sluiten, ov. w. to put close together; zich —, t. w. to press close (to each othei), to join hands; —«meden, ov. w. to forge together, to weid ; —soldeeren, ov. w. to solder together; — spijkeren, ov. w. to nail together; —voegen, ov. w. to join, to unite; —voeging, v.joining together, junction.

Aanerv en, ov. w. to inherit; on. w. to fall to one's inheritance; —Ing, v. inheritance.

Aanfluiten, ov. w. to hiss (to hoot) at.

Aanfokk en, ov. w. to breed, to rear, to raise; —er, m. breeder, raiser; —ing, v. breeding, raitsing.

Aangaan, ov. w. to contract, to conclude, to make, to enter upon; een liuweiyk —, to contract a marriage; een verdrag —, to enter upon (to make, to conclude) a treaty; een weddingschap —, to lay a wager; eene verbintenis —, to enter into an agreement; eene geldleening —, to contract (to negotiate) a loan ; — to concern, to regard, to matter; wat hem aangaat, as far as he is concerned, as to him ; wat m(j aangaat, I, for one, as far as I am concerned, as to me; wat gaat het u aan? what matter (business) of yours is it? what is that to you ? what does it matter to you? liet gaat n*y niet aau, it is no business of mine; on. w. to call (at), to begin, to walk faster, to mend one's pace, to take flre, to kindie, to continue, to be practicable (becoming, allowable, borne with), to make noise, to keep a coil, to storm, to scold; ga toch niet zoo aau! don't take on sol, don't make so much noise! etc.; — alsof uien bezeten i«, to go on (storm) like one possessed; — i»y iemand, to call upon (at) a person ('s house); dat gaat niet aan, mijn waarde, that won't do, my dear; that kite won't Hy, tiiat won't hold water, that's no go; de kerk gaat aan, the divine service begins, cliurch commences (begins), people are going to church; de kachel gaat uiet aan, the stove will not burn.

Aaugaande, vz. concerning, as to, as for.

Aangaloppeeren, on. w. to npproach at a gallop.

Aangapen, ov. w. to gape at (met open mond), to atare at (niet wyd geopende oogen).

Aangebonden, bv. tied, fastened (to, at); kort — zyu, to be irritable, hot-tempered, hot-livered, testy.

Aangeboren, bv. innate, inborn, natural.

Aangebrand, bv. burned, burnt, scorohed.

Aangedaan, bv. moved, afTected.

Aangeefster, zie Aangever.

Aangeërfd, bv. inherited, hereditary.

Aangehaald, bv. quoted, cited, seized; een —e zinsnede, a quoted pnssage; —al» bewys, eited as a proof; de —e goederen werden spotgoedkoop verkocht, the seized goods were sold dirt-cheap.

Aangehuwd, bv. allied, in-law.

Aangeklaagde, m. & v. accused, defendant, indictee.

Aangeleerd, bv. improved, learned, acquired.

Aangelegen, bv. contiguous, adjacent (houses, buildings), important;—lieid, v. importance, matter, aflTair, concern.

Aangenaam bv. & bw. agreeable (-bly), pleasant (-ly); een — meusch, a nice man, a pleasant, jovial companion; een — huls. a comfortable house; — held,v.agreeableness, pleasantness, pleasure.

Aangenomen, vw. supposed, granted, supposing, granting; — dat het waar Is, granting it to be true....; een— kind, vader, an adoptive child, father.

Aangeschoten, bv. half-seas-over, tipsy, inebriate, intoxicated, three sheets in the wind etc.

Aangeschreven, bv. written to, ordered by letter, booked; by iemand hoog (slecht) — «taan, to be in one's good (bad, black) books, to be in favor (disgrace) with one, to stand well (badly) with one.

Aangeapen, ov. w. to buckle on.

Aangev en, ov. w. to hand, to reach, to give information of, to inform against, to denounce, to enter (goederen), to declare, to state, to give; to strike (een toon)i den toon —, to take the lead, to bear the bell, to rule the roost, to give the tune, to set the fashion, to strike the keynote; zich — voor een betrekking, to apply for a vacancy, a situation, post, zich —voor een examen, to send in one's papers, to go in for an examination ; een liind — by den burgerlyken «tand. to enter a baby at the regietrar's office; den koer« (van een «chip) —, to shape the course; geef my het olieen azynstellefje aan, «. v. p., please hand (pass) me the cruet-stand; —er, m. informer, denounccr; — Ing, v. information, declaration, entry.

Aangezicht, o. face, countenance; iemand van — tot — ontmoeten, to meet one in the flesh, lace to face; ik ken haar van —, I know her by sight; naar het — werpen, to cast in the teeth; voor het —

AAN. — AAN'.