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Aanprikkel en, ov. w. to stimulate, to excite, to prick on, to goad ; — Ing, v. stimulation, excitemeut.

Aanpunt en, ov. w. to point, to sharpen, to nib; een potlood —, to sharpen a pencil; eene pen —, to nib a pen; eene naald —, to point a needie ; —er, m. —«ter, v. sharpening, mending.

Aam-ad en, ov. w. to advlse to; —en, o. -Ing, v. advice, persuasion; —er, m. adviser.

Aanrak en ov. w. to touch; —Ing, v. touch, touching, contact; In — komen (brengen; niet Iemand, to come (put) in contact with one ; —ingspunt, o point of contact.

Aanraiumflcu on w. komen —, to come rattling on.

Aaurand en, ov. w. to assail, to invade ; —er, m. assailant; —Ing, v. attack, assault,


Aanrateleii, on. w. zie Aanrammelen.

Aanrecht, o. —bank, — tafel, drenner, sideboard ; —en, ov. w. to prepare; to dress, to serve, to dinh up; —er, m. — «ter, s. preparer, dresser; —Ing, v. ranging, serving, drensing.

Aanreiken, ov. w. to hand, to reach, to pass.

Aanrekenen, ov. w. to ciiarge for; • with, to impute, to attribute ; het werd hem als misdaad aangerekend, it was iinputed to hitn as a crime ; het werd hem als eene eer aangerekend, he was giveu credit for it.

Aanrennen, on. w. to run (against), to tumbls up (against); komen —, to come running on, • gallopiug.

Aanricht en, ov. w. to cause, toconimit, toperpetrate; verwoestingen —,to work havoc; onheil —, to do inischief, harm; —er, m. —ster, v. causer, committer, perpetrator; —ing, v. commitiuent, perpetration.

Aanrydcii, ov. w. to ride on, to drive on ; h|| reed op m(| toe, he rode (drove) towards me; ry«l by heiu aan, pull up at his door (house); stop to call at his house ; hy werd aangereden, he was kuocked down by a carriage or a horse.

Aanryg en, ov, w. tostring (beads),to thread, to file up; to baste, to sew loosely; — ing, v. stringing, filing up, sewing loosely.

Aanrijpen, on. w. to ripen.

Aanrinteu, ov. w. to niake ropes of (onlons), to string (onions — uien).

Aanrlt, m. approacli, charge; — sgeld, impresn-nioney, bounty.

AanriU en, ov. w. to incite, to stimulate; —er, m. iuciter, stimulator;—iug, v. incitement, stimulation.

Aanroeien, ov. w. to row (against), to oome on rowing; on. w, to row (against, towards), to row fa8ter.

Aanroep en, ov. w. to stop, to call upon, to invoke (God's name), to hail (a sliip); —er. —ster, v. invoker; —Ing, v. invocatlon.

Aanroer en, ov. w. to mix, to touch, to touch j upon, to hint at; roer deze voorwerpen |

niet aan, don't touch these object*; klesche onderwerpen —, to broach (to hint, touch at) delicate subjects; roer die snaar niet aan, don't touch upon that subject; —Ing, v. mlxlng, touch, mention, hinting at.

Aanrollen, ov. & on. w. to roll on, • hither.

Aanrukk en, ov. & on. w. to draw nearer, to advance, to approacli; —ing, v. advance, approacli.

Aansarr en, ov. w. to provoke, to set on, to incite; —ing, v. provocation, setting on, inciting.

Aanschaft* en, ov. w. to procure, to buy; — ing, v. procuring.

Aanschakel en, ov. w. to link (to), to joln, to connect, to concatena'e; —Ing, v. linking, junction, concatenation.

Aanscharrelen, on. w.; komen —, to approuch shuffiing.

Aanschellen, on. w. to ring (the bell).

Aanscherpen, ov. w. to sharpen, to point, to whet.

Aanschieten, ov. w. to shoot (at), towound, to try, to put on quickly, to slip on (clothesi, on. w. to bhoot forth, to rush in (upon); een geweer —, to try a rifle; «Ie pati-y» werd aangeschoten, the partridge was winged; op iemand —, to rush in upon one.

Aauschyii, o. nppearance, face, countenance; in het zweet uwe —s, in the sweat ofthy face; In het — wan deu dood, in the presence (face) of deatli; —eu, ov. w. to shine at, - upon.

Aanschikken, on. w. to draw nearer, to sib closer, to bit down at table.

Aanacliimmelen, on. w. to grow mouldy.

Aanscliitteren, ov. w. to glitter at,

Aansclioeieu, ov. w. tó put on (shoes, sandals).

Aanschoffelen, ov. w. to shovél, to hoe; on. w. zie AanslofTen.

Aansch«»mmelen, Aanschongelen, on. w.; kouten —, to approacli staggering, • reeling.

Aanschouw, m. view, sight; ten —e van, in the face of; met den eersten —, at the first glance; in — neuien, to examine, to consider. to watch ; —eiyk, bv. & bw. visible (•bly), illustrated C-ly), speculatlve (-ly), intuitive (-ly); —elyk onderwys, object teaching, the intuitive method; Iets — elyk ma> ken, to put a thing clear before the mind's eye, to give a clear notion of; — eiykheld, v. perceptibility, clearness, sensuousness (of poetry); —en, ov. w. to view, to behold, to contemplate; —er, m. —ster, v. beholder, contemplator, spectator, spectatress; —Ing, v. aspect, contemplation, intuition(— Innerlyke —)| — iugavermogen, o. power of intuition, intuitive power.

Aansclirappen, ov. w. to mark, to underline.

Aanschreeuwen, ov. w. to scream at. to cry to.

Aanachreien, ov. w. to weep (to cry) at; lemaud om hulp —, to cry to (implore)a person lor help.

Aaiiscliryv eu, ov. w. to wrlte (to note, to

set) down, to put to one's account, to order;