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hem werd aangeschreven, dat . . .. he

was directed (ordered) to..goed (slecht) •angeschreveu ■taan, to be in one's rood (black) books; hoog b(| Iemand aangeschreven «taan, to stand in high repute wlth one; — Ing, v. order, mandate, direct ion; —er, scorer (— marqueur), tally-keeper! Aanschroeven, o?. w. to screw 011, - tighter. Aanschuifelen, on. w. to approacli shuffliug. Aanschuiven, ov. w. to push (against), to push on. on. w. zie Aanschikken.

on* w«» —, to approach

loi te ring, - jogging.

Aanporren, ov. w. to moor, to gird (to pull)

closer, to tighten.

Aansjouwen, ov. w. to drag along • on. w

to approach drudging.

Aanslaat), ov. w. to drive on, to knock (agalnst). to touch, to strike, to Tasten, to clap on, to affix to post up, to put up 1'or sale, to seize, to arrest! to take possession of, to rate, to estimate, to gather rust, • moisture, on. w. to bark to salute, to interfere; een huls te koop'—, to put up a hou&e for sale; een toon—,to touch a key, a note; een hoogen toon — (fig.) to ride the high horse; — In de belasting, to assess, to tax, to rate; — op anilltalre wijze, to make a military salute; de hond sloeg aan, the dog gave tongue; net glas slaat nau,tiie glass gets moistened. Aanslag, in. attempt, design, plot, touch, taxation, quota; — op eene piano, touch on a plano; de — mislukte, the criminul design (onslaught) miscarried; eeu — op het leven van, an attempt upou the life of— doen op, to make an attempt upon' - assessment; —biljet, taxation-blll, bill of assessment.

Aanstappen, on. w. toslacken, to grow weak. Aan sleepen, ov. w. to drag along, - near. Aanslenteren, on. w. komen —, to approach a°ong " ettunteriag, to come sauntering

Aanslepen, on. w. koiuen —, to come trailing along.

Aausllbb en, on. w. to alluviate, to silt• aangeslibd land, alluvial land, alluvion' —Ing, v. alluvion.

Aansl(|k en, on. w. to flll with mud. Aanslijpen, ov. w. to sharpeu, to point. Aanslingeren, on. w. komen —, to come

staggering along.

Aansluipen, on. w. to come creeping stealth-

ily, to sneuk along.

Aansluit en, ov. w. & zich — b|) vreem. "i* t *et on ,a,niliiir terms with strangersBlch l>U een party —, to join a party | «Ie gelederen —, to close the ranks; — niet iemand (per telefoon), to connect, to switch on (by teleplione); de telefoou la —, meneer, the telephone lias been put In circuit, Sir; <le treinen sluiten niet aan, the trains do not currespond, there is no connectiou between the trains; —Ing, v. joining, junction ; te Amersfoort miste ik <>e —, at A. I missed the connectiou; de —


van verschillende spoorbanen, the

junction of several railway-tracks. Aansmed en, ov. w. to forge together, to

weid; —Ing, v. joining, welding. Aansmeren, ov. w. to besmear, to greaseiemand Iets —, to palm (to trick) a thin* upon a. o.

Aansmijten, ov. w. zie Aanwerpen. Aansnellen, on. w. to hasten (to hurry) to» komen —, to hasten hither, to come hurry' ing along.

Aansn|)den, ov. w. to cut up.

•laiisnoeren, w. to gird on (a sword), to tie on (with laces, straps), to lay on (an armour). Aanspannen, ov. w. to put to, to harness (horses); to yoke(oxen); tojoin.to combine to associate (with).

Aanspatten, on. w. to splash (against). Aanspeldeu, ov. w. to pin on, to lasten with pms.

Aanspeten, ov. w. to skewer, to put upon the spit.

Aanspijkeren, ov. w. to nail on, - to. Aanspoel en, ov. w. to dash (to throw) ashore, to deposit, on. w. to be cast ashore, to wash (upon); —Ing, v. washing ashore, wash. alluvion.

Aanspor en, ov. w. to spur (on), to urge, to incite, to stimulate; zijn paard —, to spur on one's horse; iemand tot werken, eten —» to urge (stimulate) one to work, to eat etc.; — ing, v. spurring on, incitement, stimulation.

Aanspraak, v. speech, harangue, allocution, apostrophe, conversation, claim, title; eene •— houden tot, to address, to harangue, to deliver (make) a speech, an address to; — hebben op, to have a claim (a title) to; — maken op, to claim, to lay (a) claim to, to pretend to; weinig — hebben, to see few people, to receive few visitors. Aansprakeiyk, bv. responsible, answerable, accountable, liable (for); —held, v. responsibility.

Aausprek en, ov. w. to accost, to address, to harangue; iemand op straat —, to accost one in the street; eene volksmenigte ■—» (to address) to harangue a crowd; — to beg, to call on, to summon, to have recourse to, to make money of, to make use of; onze spaarduitjes —, to have recourse (to recur) to our savings; een zieke —, to visit (call on) a patiënt; eene llesch —, to drink a bottle; leuiand over iets —, to take one to task for soinething; zijne borgen —, to apply to his bail (guaruntees); spreek nu uw kapitaal aau, make use of your capital now; iemand in rechten —, to sue one at law; — on. w. to sound; de pypen spreken goed aan (muziek), the pipes sound well; —er, addresser, orator, undertaker (of a tuneral) — mute.

Aanspringen, on. w. to jump (agralnst, at, on), to rush upon; komen —, to approach leaping.

Aanstaan, on. w. to stand (againsv), to bs