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cessively; h|| speelde drie uur —, lie

played tliree hours consecutiveiy (running); afmaken, to finish at a sitting; zeven —• «even hours at (on) a stretch, on end, at a spell.

Achtereinde, o. kind-part, tail.

Achteren, bw. van —. (from) beliind; van — gezien. (lig.) alter alI, on second thoughts, on consideratiou ; naar —, backward ; ten —, in arrears, behindhand.

Achtererven, m. mr. after-heirs, posterity,


Achtergalerij, v. stern-gallery. Achtergang, v. ni. back-passage, looseness, diarrhcea.

Achtergebouw, o. back-house, out-house. Achtergevel, m. back-front.

Achtergracht, v. back-canal, back-moafc.

t«pgr°nd, m. baclc-ground ; op den — blQven, to keep in the shade, • in the back-ground; op deu — geraken, to bo eclipted, - out done, - outrun; op tien — treden, to recede (retire) into the background; deepenin* (in eene schilderij;; flat scene (van het tooneel).

Achterhal en, ov. w. to overtake, to reach, to come up witli, to discover, to catch, to o ver reach; al is de leugen nog zoo •nel, de waarheid achterhaalt haar wel, a lie has no legs; —er, ni. overtaker: —ing, v. overtaking, catching.

Achterhals. m. nape of the neck. Achterband, v. back of the hand, hind quarters (van een paard): youngest hand (in het kaartspel]; JU zit aau de —, you play last.

Achterhoede, v. rear (-guard). Achterhoofd, o. occiput, hind part of the head.

Achterhoud en, ov. w. to keep back, to Jay aside, to withbold, to conceal, to Rpare—end, bv. reserved, close ; —endheid, v.' reserve, reservedness, closeness, caution~withholding, concealment. Achterhuis, o. back-house, out-house. Achterhut, v. stern-cabin.

Achter||zer, o. hind shoe.

Achterin, bw. behind, at the back, from beliind.

Achterkabel, m. stern-cable.

Achterkamer, v. back-room.

Achterkasteel, o. stern, poop, bum. Achterkiel, v. stern-keel.

Achterklap, tn. ilander, back-biting; —pen, ov. & on. w. to stander, to back-bite; —per —ster, v. slanderer, back-biter. Achterklauw. m. hind-claw.

Achterklein dochter, v. great-granddaughter; —kind, o. great-grandchild; —zoon, m. great-grandson.

Achterkousig, bv. suspicious, distrustful,

secret; —held, suspiciousness. Achterkwartier, o. back-quarter, bum. Achterlader, m. breech-loader, breech-Ioad-

ing gun (rille).

Achterlap, m. heel-piece, heel; —peu, ov.

w. to lieel-piece; to heel (slioes, boots). Aehterlast, m. cargo at the stern; — hebben, to want to go to stool (to the privy). Achterlat en, ov. w. to leave behind. to

omit; —Ing, v. leaving behind, omission. Achterleder, o. lieel-piece.

Achterleen, o. mesne-tenure; — heer, mesnelord; —man, underfeudatory, under-tenant Achter lei, bv. of eight sorts, eight kinds of. Achterliggeu, on. w. to lie behind, to be

disregarded; — bH, to be inferior to. Achterl(|f, o. hind-part, back-side, abdomen (of insects).

Achterlijk, bv. backward; — kind, backward child; —e vruchten, tardy fruit* • —held, v. backwardness.

Achterlooneu, w. to be slow, to lose; uiMn horloge loopt v(jf minuten achter, my watch is five minutes slow.

Achterman, m. hinder-man, rear-(rank)man. Achtermiddag, m. afternoon. tclitermuur, tn. back-wall.

Achterna, bw. after, behind, afterwards. Achterneef, m. great-nephew, second oousin-

onze achterneven, our posterity. Achternicht, v. great-nice, second cousin. Achterom, bw. the baok-way about; —halen

ov. w. to smuggle.

Achteronder, o. stern-hold.

Achterop, bw. (up) behind, disadvantageous, in arrears; dat Is —, that Is the wrong way; iemand — komen, to overtake one wjj waren —, we ware hard at it. Achterover, bw. backwards (over), suplnely

on one's back; —liggend, bv. supine. Ichterpaal, m. liind-pole, hind-post. Achterpaard, o. thill-horse; thiller, wheeler. Achterpand, o. hind-skirt (of a coat), outhouse.

Achterplaats, v. back-yard.

Achterpoort, v. back-gate, postern-gate. Achterpoot, m. hindCoot, hind-paw; op zQue —Jes staan, to be in a fury, rage, passion. Achterrad, o. hind-wheel, trailing-wheel,

stern-wheel (of a steamer).

Achterriem, m. crupper.

Achterruim, o. stern-hold.

Aehter.rhip, o. abaft, stern; (Hg.) |„ het e11' *° behindhand, to get into difficulties.

Achteratnnn, on. w. to stand beliind; — bil

to be inferior to. •

Achterstal, m. back-stable, arrears; —lig bv in arrears; -e schuld, zie Achterstal.' Achterste, bv. hindmost, hindermost;—voren the hindpart foremost; —, o. back-part. backside, bum, arse.

Achterstel, o. back-part (of a wagon); —len, ov. w. to put (to place) behind, to postpone, to disregard, to slight, to neglect; — ling. v. placing behind, sligiiting, neglect; met —ling van, in contravention of, neglectlnr. Achtersteven, m. stern.

Achterstraat, v. back-street, by-lane. Achterstuk, o. hind-piece, back-piece. Achtertocht, m, rear (of an army).