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Afknotten, ov. w. to lop (ofT), to prune, to

truneate, to clean (vlas).

Afkoel en, ov. & on. w. to cool, to refresh,

to calin down; —vut, cooler, cooling-vat ;

er, m. cooler; —ing, v. cooling. '

Af kok en, ov. w. to boil (off), to decoct, to elixate (in «Ie apotheek); —ing, v. decoctiou, elixation.

Afkom eliug, m. & v. descendant; —ellngscliap, v. descendant», offspring, posterity; —en, on. w. to come down, to descend, to come (from), to get rid 0f# to come off, to derire, to spring, to be done, Huislied. Afkomst, v. descent, birtli, origin, extraction, derivation; «l« — van een woor«l, the origin, the derivation, of a word. van adellijke —« of noble birtli, origin; Tan iionge —♦ of high birth, well-born, nobly extracted; Tan lage —, )ow-born; Tan Oostenrtfk» ■che —, an Austrian by birth, of Austrian origin; —|g, bv. native (of), sprung, descended, issued, derived (from).

Afkondig eu, or. w. to proclaim, to publish (the baniiü den ondertrouw), to bid (huweiykftgebodeu); —er, m. proclaimer; —ing, v. proclamation.

Afkooksel, o. decoction.

Afkoop, m. redemption, composition, ransom; — baar, bv. redeemable; —en, ov. w. to buy from, to buy off, - out, to redeem, to ransom ; —er, m. buyer, redeemer, ransoiner. Ar korsten, ov. w. to take the crust off. to chip off.

Afkort en, ov. w. to shorten, to make shorter, to begitile (the time), to abbreviate (a word), to abridge (a narrative — een Terhaal, a history » een geschiedenis, a novel — een roman); to abate, to deduct (money); —Ing, v. shortening, abbreviation. abridging, abatement, deduction, discount. Afkrab ben, ov. w. to scrape (to scratch) off; — ber, m. scrnper, scratcher; — hing. -J; «crapiiig, scratching; — sel, o. scrnpings. Arkrygen, ov. w. to get down, - off, to take

(to get) out, to get abated, to get done. Afkrulmelen, ov. & on. w. to crumble (off). Afkruipen, on. w. to creep (to crawl) down. Afkunnen, ov. w. to be able to do, to get °5> •l® laars kan niet van den voet af. the boot will not come off; kan zty niet Tan hem af? cannot »he get rid of hint? cannot she be divorced of hini? ik kan m(fn werk niet af vóór 1 uur, I cannot finish my task before 7 o'clock; Ik kan niet van huls af, I am tied to my house. Af kussen, ov. w. to kisg, to reconcile (to witl» a kiss, to kiss away.

Aflaat, m. indulgence, remission ; volle ,

plenary indulgence; —brief, letter of indulgence; —handel, traffic in (selling of) indulgences; —kramer, vender (seller) of indulgences; —penning, shrove-tnoney. i ' a 07' w* t0 Ul,load» to discharge, to load, to ship; —er, m. uuloader, discharger loader, freighter; —Ing, v, unloadlng, discharging, loading, shipping.

Aflangen, ov. w. to reach down, to deliver» van Iemand —, to speak evil of one. t<> abuse, to stander.

Aflaten, ov. w. to let down, on. w. to leave

off, to cease; (van) to desist from.

Afleen en, ov. w. to borrow (from); — er,

m. borrower; —Ing, v. borrowlng. Afleeren, ov. w. to unlearn, to make (a. o.) iorget; Iemand sleelite gewoonten -, to cure (to break) one of bad liabits.

Aflegg en, ov. w. to lay (to put) down, to cast away, to throw off, to resign, to Iny out (een l||k), to lay, to set, to do, to makè, to perform, to walk (to ride) over, todepart, this life, to go to the wall; belijdenis —. to confess, to make a confession; een bezoek —, to pay a visit; eene gelofte —. to make a vow; getuigenis —, to bear witness, to give testimony; rekenschap—, to account (for); een examen —, to pass (to undergo) an examination; een afatand —, to cover (to go over) a distance; iets — (- «fgeven op iets), to talk down (to be dead nuts on) something; de kloostergelofte —, to take the veil; —er, m. layer. old thing.

Afleid baar, bv. inferrible, deducible, derivable; —en, ov. w. to lead aside, • down, off, to revulse, to turn the course of, to minlead; to divert, to infer, to deduce, to derive; li(j leidde hem van het rechte spoor af, he led him trom the right path, he misled him ; Iemands aandacht —, to divert somehody's attention; wat leidt g(| «laar uit af? what do you infer (deduce> from it? —ei.de vaten, deferents; —er. m. lightning, conductor; —Ing, v. leadingaside, • down, - off, revulsion, diversion (= vermaak), infereuce, deduction, derivation; —ingsbuis. — IngspU p, conduit-pipe;—ingsgreppel, drain; -ingskanaal, cliannel; — kimde, etymology; —kundig, etymological; —kundige, etymologist; —sel, derivative.

Afleken, on. w. to trickle down.

Aflekken, on. w. to drop (to drip) down.

Aflever aar, m. one that delivers; —en, ov. w. to deliver, to send off; — Ing. v. delivery part, number; het boek verscliilnt in maandeiyksche —en, the book appears in monthly parts; een roman in — en, a serial novel.

Aflez en, ov. w. to gather, to collect, to pluck off, to call over (a list of namen etc.), to proclaim, to read aloud ; —er, m. gatherer proclaimer, reciter; —Ing, v. gatlieringl calling over, proclamation, recital.

Aflichten, r. w, to take (to lilt, to pull, to throw) off.

Aflyvlg, bv. dead, deceased; — worden, to

ifl.V. ~~ to kill; -held, v. death.

Aflikken, ov. w. to lick off.

Afloer der, m. spy, — en,ov. w.tie AfkHken.

Atlokk en, ov. w. to decoy from, to call down, to draw from, to get by fair words, to pump out of; —er, m. enticer.