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«ede (from a party); -fr. m. separator; — j Ing. v. separation, secretion, partition (of I a room). |

Afschellen, ov. w. to ring for (coming down).

Affiche»ken, ov. w. to pour otf, to decant, to weaken.

Afschep en. ov. w. to shfp (off). to despatch, to put (to shift) off; met mooie prnatjes —, to put ofT with fair word»; —er, m. despatcher ; -Iiir, v. shipping, despatching.

Afscheppen, ov. w. to scum (to scoop) off, to skim.

Afscheren, ov. w. to shear off(wool), to shave off 'the beard).

Afschets en, ov. w. to sketch (out), to dellneate, to describe; —er, m. sketcher, delineator, describer; —iiig, v. sketch, delineation, description.

Afscheur en, ov. w. to tear off. to tear to aever (from); zich —, to separate (from), to secede from (in politics); —ine, v. tearing off, separation, schism (in church).

Afschiet en, ov. w. to shoot -, to flre (off), to discharge, to let off, to separate by a partition -wall; een |>||I —, to iet fiy (to let off) an arrow; een afgeschoten vertrek, a room partitioned off; —on. w. to siip.to slide; —er, m. shooter, discharger;—ing, v. firing, discharge, partition, separation.

Afschijn en, on. w. to shine; —sel, o. resplendency, image, refiection.

Afschilder en, ov. w. to depaint, to depict, to represent, to describe; — i«g. v. delineation, description, picture.

Afschilfer en, on. w. to scale (to peel) off, to whittle, to exfoliate;—log. v. exfoliation.

Afschillen, ov. w. to peel, to pare, to shell, to hinnch, to rind.

Afschoppen, ov. w. to kick down, • off.

Afschrap pen, ov. w. to scrape off, to mark witli a dash; —sel, o. scrapiners.

Afschrift, o. copy, duplicate; een —nemen, to draw a copy; voor eensluidend —, a true copy; een tweede —, a triplicate.

Afschr(|f loon. o. copy money; —ster, v. zie AfsrhrUver.

AfschrU v en, ov. w. to copy, to transcribe; to write off, to countermand (an order), to blunt (eene pen), to finish writing; —er, m. copier, copyist; transcriber, plagiary, piratical writer; — ing, v. copying, writing off, counter-order.

Afschrik, m. horror, abhorrence; een — hebben van, to abhor, to have an aversion to; —ken, o. v. w. to scare away, to intimidate, to discourage, to deter; —kend. bv. waming; — king, v. intimidation, deterring.

Afschrikwekkend, bv. terrifying, dreadful; — voorbeeld, warning example.

Afschrobben, ov. w. to scrub (to scour) off.

Afschroeien, ov. w. to scorch (to singe) cff.

Afschroeven, ov. w. to un-crew, to screw off.

Afschudtlen, ov. w. to shake off.

Afschuieren, ov. w. to brush off, - away.

Afschuim en, ov. w. to scum, to skim; —Ing, v. scumming, skimming.

Afsrhulv en, ov. w. to shove (to push) off, to rome down; een grendel —, to remove a bolt; een sloep —, to shove off a boat; van zich —, to rid one's self off, to shift off, to jret one's self excused; —er, m. I«U Is een aleclit —, he is v»>ry close-fisted.

Afschuren, ov. w. to scour (to wear) off.

%fscliut sel, o. partition, fence, screen; — ten, ov. w. to partition (off), to fence, to screen, to stop by a dike; —ting, T. partitioning, enclosnre.

Afschuw, m. abhorrence, horror; — heb» ben van, to nbhor, to hold in abhorrenee, to loathe; —eiyk, bv. & bw. horrible (-bly) abominable (-bly), odious (-ly), black (van eene «laad); — el(Jkheid, v. horrib'.eness, abominableness; —en, o. zie Afschuw.

Affctypelen, on. w. to trickle down, to ooze down.

Afsjorren, ov. w. to pull (to pluck) off.

Afslaan, ov. w. to beat (to knock, to Ptrike, to cut) off; den vijand —. to beat off (to repulse, to repel) the enemy; een dubbeltje —,to knock offatwopence; —, to beat back, to repulse, to refuse, to decline (an invitation); to deny, to reject; to al ate, to lessen the price of, to sell by inch of candle, to sellby anction (a house); to drub, to thrash, to unbind (een zeil); het «tof —, todustjde prtys van koffie slaat af, the price of cofl'ee is going down ; de weg slaat links af naar B., the road branches off to the leftto B.; —on. w. to fall, to go down, to abate.

Vfslag, m. abatement, reduction, decline, fall, sale by inch of candle; op — betalen, to pay on account; bJJ — verknopen, to sell by (Dutch) anction; —er, m. auctioneer.

Afslaven (zich), t. w. zie Afsloven.

\fsleepen, ov. w. to drag down, to wear.

AfslUp en, ov. w. to grind off, to blunt, to take off by grinding, to polish; —er, m. grinder, pollsher; —Ing, v. grinding off, polishing.

Afslijt en, ov. ft on. w. to wear out, - off; —ing, v. wearing out, - off, wasting.

Afslingeren, ov. w. to slim? (to toss, to hurl) off; on. w, to be hurled off.

Afslonz en, ov. w. to wear out slovenly, to spoil; —er, m. sloven; —ing, r. wearing out, spoiling.

Afslov en (zich), t. w. to drudge, to slave, to toil and moil; —er, m. drudge, toiler-, —ing, v. drudging.

Afsluit en, ov. w, to shut (to lock, to bar) up, to bolt, to fence (to hedge)in, to separate by a partition, to close, to settle, to balance; liet licht —, to shut out the ligrht; «Ie deur —, to double-lock the door; den telefoon —, to put the telephone out of circuit; zaken —, to wind up business; een koop —, to conclude a sale, to strike a bargain; laat ons de rekeningen —, let ussettle (balance) our accounts; —Ing, v. locking (baning) up, enclosure, partitioning, fence, settlement, balance.

Afsmakken, ov. w. zie Afsmyten.