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Afsmeek en, or. w. to taplore. to deprecate to beseech, to Invoke; —er, m. —ster. v implorer, supplicator; -Ing, v. imploration invocation. '

Afemelt en, ov. & on. w. to melt off; —In»,

v. melting off, eliquation, fiision.

Afsmeren, ov. w. to wip« off. i0 take off. to

smear entirely; on. w. to let off grease. Afsmijten, ov. w. to fling (to hurl) down. Aiauauw en, ov. w. to growl (to snarl) at: —®p, ra. —«ter, v. growler, snarler.

' T* sec'tion. paragraph, caesura. ilanUd eii, ov. w. to cut to clip (off). to pare, to curtail (a story); den we* —, to block up the way; een paard den ataart —, to doek a horse's tail; de vleugels —. to clip the wings (of a pigeon); iemand den "*'• • to cut a man's tliroat; —er, n• cutter; —Ing, v. cutting off; -ael, o. cuttings, clippings, slireds.

Alsnlppereu. ov. w. to chip (to «nip) off. Afsnoei en, ov. w. to lop (to prune, to clip ? • —'"B. *. lopping (clipping) off; —ael. o. loppingg, clippings.

Af«,,„it en, ov. w. to take ofT, to snuff; —

ael, o. snumtigs, candie-snuff.

Afspaneii, ov. w. to slice (to cut) out. Afapann en, ov. w. to unben.1, to uncock, to unyoke, to unteam (oxen, mules etc.), to unnarnesH, to take out (horses); to span, to measure by spanning; —ing, unbending, unteaming, taking out, spanning.

Afspelden, o». w. to unpin.

£!ü,®KÏi.OT*.J,Vto ploy 0(r (nnt); to save (een biljartbal); on. w. goed —, to plav well ones card; to save one's ball (bilj ). Afapeten, ov. w. to take from the spit, - off. Arsplegel en, ov. w. to reflect; —ine. v.

renection. ®

AfspUzrn. on. w, ,0 flniyii dinner, - «upper. Af.plunen, o». w. to spin off, to finish spinning.

Af.pijte", ov. w. to take off by digging. Ar.pljlten, on. w. to slit (to split, to crack) off.

tü j *!'• ov' on- »• 'o splinter off.

to desquamate (In de heelkunde)- — lui v. desquamation, splintering oir.

Afspoel e„, ov. w. to wash (away), to rinse, (cups, dishes etc.); to drink down. to drown-l"K. v. wasliing (away).

Afspraak. t. agreement, appolntment,a knockout (at auctions), a got-up (to Impose upon one); tegen de —, contrary to the agreement; volgens — .according to appnintment. Alaprekeu, ov. w. to agree (upon), to appoint, to concert, to hespeak; het waa afgesproken tuaechen oaa, It was a doïe thlng bet ween us, we had agreed on (upon) it-afgesproken! tliat's agreed (=. settled)! .JT.'T?.' 0D;,W- t0 lea" down, to jump off, ' <t0 c'llP. 'o crack, to fly) off, to

ramble from, to put off, to turn aslde; de •l»ro»g«u af, the negotlat.ons were broken off, - cama to a sudden end.

Afstaan, ov. w. to leave, to abandon, topart

with to yield; to resign (an office); to abdicate (the tbrone); on. w, to stand off; lu vruchtgebruik —, to giva In usufruct.

Alatamm ellng, m. & v. descendant, offspringr; een — In reclile l(Jn (In «Ie zilliule). a lineal (colluteral) descendant; —en, on. w. to descend, to spring from. to derive—v. descent, derivation; — insatheoriel desceut theory.

Afatmnpen, ov. w. to pound off, to wear out

t»y stamping.

Afstaml. m. dlstance, interval; difference; re. signation; abdicatiou; erg; «p een — zilt» distant and reserved, to bestand» off; op een — houden (biyve»), to keep at a distance (to keep aloot )■ binnen pistoolachots —, witliin (pistol) range; — doen ▼an, to give up, to abdicate, to vacate (the throne); to waive, to reject, zie Afatann—a%n ||ier, itinerary.

Afstappen, on. w. to step down, • off, to alight (from a horse; at au hotel), to desist (nom a riglit); — van, to give up (rights). to leave off, to waive (a subject).

Ktelk?.u* ov• w- to cut (to take) off. to cut (the tliroat), to rack, to draw off from the lees; to mark out, to pitcli, to flre, to discharge (a fcun), to let off (fireworks); «Ie loef — to outdo, to get the better of, to steal a march upon one; —, on. w. to go off, to contrast u! * — hU« 'o contrast favourably

with, to be seen to advantage in comparifon with (by the side of); —d, bv.strong, glaring.

Atatel, o. uitstel la geen delay la no neglect, omittance Is no qulttanc.', forbearance is no acqulttance; van lilt.tel komt • procrastiuation leads to neglect.

Aratelen, ov. w. to steal (to rob) from.

,. . o/- to put off, to remove. to aisnms, to abolisii, to bring out of use; —in», v. dismissing, suppressing.

Aratemm en, ov. w. to vote against, to negative, to reject; —Ing. v. voting against, rejection (of a biII, a motion).

Aratempel en, ov. w. to stamp, to coin ; on. w. to finish stamping; -Ing, v. stamping.

on* to die, to expire, to depart this lire, to die (to the world), to withdraw (from), to diininish; —en, o. —in» v decease, death.

Aratygeu, on. w. to alight, to dismount.

Aratollen. ov. w. to dust, to clear from dust.

Ar«tompen, ov. w. to blunt, to duII.

Aratoomen, on. w. to go down (by steam).

Afstoot en, ov. w. to push down, - off, to thrustoff, to repel, to alienate (= vervree...«lei»), to be frustrated by (— oni • —in» v repulsion. *

Afat«>rt en, ov. & on. w. to precipitate, to hurl (to tuinble) down ; —ing, v. tumble, rail.

Aiatralr en, ov. w. to cliastise, to correct, to swish (a b«»y); —er, m. chastiser; —lu», v. chastisement, correctiou.

Ar«tral en, on. w. to beam, toshine, to streain irrudiaUon.Irra<*iate' -1"8' T" -P^ndour.

! -"wyier, itinerary.

Aftappen, on. w. to step down, • off. to

ILllirhr. Il'vnm n „ t _ t . ." . .