Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar


ths pull over (the whip-hand of) one; Hip** ▼rouw wm de —, Rip', wife wore the breeches; een — van een tnoek,a iarge pike.

«*. Y' ,>roflt» *Rin» advantage, benefit, relief, ara»; — vludeii, to get (to obtaln) relief; te — nemen, to avail one's self of; —zucht, ▼. selflshness, oovetousness; —zuchtig, l»v. « bw. selAsh (-ly), covetoua f-ly); — zuchtigheld, r. zie Baatzucht.

Babbel, m. babbiing, tattling, mouth- — gulchje, freak, chiidish triek; -kous, —

^Babbelaarster» —aar, m. babbler, prater, tattler, tell-tale, chatter-box, chatter-basket; — nartter, v. gossip,babbler, prater; —sr|), v. tattling, chitchat; -en, ov. & on. w. to babble, to prate, to tattle, to teil tales.

.boJf'm- boor. blockhead; — klg.bv. & bw. boorish (-|y), unmannerly; — kigheid, v boorishneas.

Bad, o. bath; de —en gebruiken, to take the waters; —arts, — dokter, physician (at a watering-place); —gaat, bather, visitor (at a watering-place); -hemd, —kleed, bath. Jng-dress; —houder, — huishouder, bathkeeper; -hul», bathing-establishment, ba«?n,°» —Inrichting, bathing place, • establiühment; —kanier, bathing-room, balneary; —knecht, waiter (at a bagnio); -koet», bathing-machine; —kuip, bathing-tub* — kuur, use of mineral waters; —plaat», watering-place; naar een — gaan, to go to the seaside; — rel», journey to a watering-place; —seizoen, bathing-season; — stoof, hot-bath; —water, bathing-water; net kind niet het — weggooien,to throw the helre after the liatchet; —en, ov. & on w. to bathe; slch —, t. w. to bathe, to use baths, to swim; to weiter (in riches e. g. )• *lch In tranen —, to weep bitteriy, to bé bathed in tears; —ende, dw. (In) drenched Jl>: —er, m. bather.

Baffen, on. w, to bark, to yelp.

B*g« v. jewel, set-ring.

®*8*get v. baggage (Amerik.); luggage; — bureau, paree Is' receiving office; —recu, •uggage-ticket; -wagen, luggage-van.

V* I"ud' mlre' dredgings; —beugel, dredge; — man. dredger, cleans er, —molen,

arsdging-machine; —net, dredging-net;

praam, —schuit, dredging-boat; —turf, miry turf; —en, on. w. to dredge, to dig out the mud; turf—, to dig (to draw) out turf from the moors.

T* «»et gerelde —, with

nxed bayonets.

Bak, m. basin, bowl, pan, trougli, crib, mestxore-deck, boot (In eeue koets), pit (In den schouwburg), cheek; —beest, colosaus, whapper, liuge and unwieldy thing; —boord,

i»r ,°f rd 5 -g«st, mess-mate; —huls, zie ■Bakkes» -slag, box on the ear; —slede, large siedge; —stag, back-stay; — stagskoelte, — stagwlud, side-wind that fllls all the aai Is; —tand, cheek-tooth, grinder: — kebaard, whisker.

Rakelaar, r. Isurel-berry.

Uakni. o. beacon, buoy; —geld, beaconaren.iT"' °°" Ti to ereot be*00n». 'o lay buoy»'. £ ï : "• (dryl """'i cliildbed-

basket; -mat. cradle. birth-plaoe, origin ■

/"ï1?d"°lf"pll,: —*n- <>»• »• to swaddle (a baby), zich —, t. w. to bask-

bot^headed* -*1 *U"* t0 "*

Ook ken, OV. w. to bake, to fry; Iemand "J1® . V> p|ay *• » triek: ik

nïi mï , °"b ~' r" hlm "k» f»r

11 , ' ut'; —hul., bake-liouse, —oven. hï/üt "H®"' —•,"u' fry'ng-puiii —.teen, hrick; —steeneu regenen, to raincatsand ' —*«*og, baker'» trough, hutch.

b",ker; Journeyn.an-

bïï^i i" TV' "••• T- bake-liouie, bakery; —In, v. baker's wife.

"iMa'upl °' flce' cl,ope' fil: houd J«-'

Uaksel, o. batch, baking, ovenfut. fhlVj Kn ?8hu for ,ryin*; ZU i« een —Je, buttcr miss. tee,'S• " " bread-ani1B«', m. ball, testicle; dm — alaan, to play at tennis; den — miulaau, to ba mittaken; —alaaii. playing nt tennis; wie ,l.,0"1' de" — verwachten, if you play at bowls, you must look out lor rub, ®™! "Jf" — •frogkaat.en, to gire tit for

ÓnV. m**1"» T" — •oel'«'>»Mn, to help one anotl.er, to keep tlie ball rolling; —.pel, tennis; —zak, scrotum.

Ei °i bu'!; ; — koatnum, —

kleed, ball-dress; -zaal, ball-room. Balanceer en, ov. & on. w. to polse, to ba-

danceVs pole?11 ate' 't°k' p0y" Balans, v. baiance, equipoiss;—rekening, bal■tïi^a«C.C0Un.t; V,a ' maker of balances.

S\ iy' *bw- wanton Hy). petulant mJ- ?.e,d: WftQtonness, petulance. ? .? ?• & bw. foolhardy (-ily): — held, v. loolhardinesfl.

Balderen, on. w. to roar, to thunder, to rant. Ualeln, v. & o. whale-bone, —eu, bv. (of) whaie-bone. * '

Balg, m. skin, alough, paunch, guts. h!Je,.r'jail' 5" •'«ebooiii. rechtbank);

SS JlU?ü®r'.TOOP d" -• rMd' for the bar,he studies law;-,tub(-t«bbe); -mand.

linen-basket; —kluiver, pler-lounrer, loafer: •'*®«P''®l<eudheid, eloquence of tha bar. BaHuw, m. baillff; —age. T. balliwlck- —

■chap, o. offlee of a baillff.

Balk, m. beam, joist, rafter, bar (— noten—)<

?uite" mlra"r ~ ^

5"!!; on-w; 'O braji —cr, m. brayer. trauj"' °' pl*'form (v. trein of

Balla.t, m. ballast, luggage, lumber. enoumbrance; -kleed, port-sail. Urpawllng; — -"hu"' ballast-llghter; -rraiht, aead freight; —en, ov. w. to ballast.