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Bede, v. prayer, request, solicitation, petition; —dag, day of public prayers; —huls, church, temple, chapel; —•(mul, liour of prayer, prayer-meeting»; —vaart, pilgrimage; — vaartganger, pilgrim, palmer.

Bedeel de, m. & v. pauper, al mama» ; —ei», ov. w. to difitribute, to allot, to bestow upon, to endow with, to support (by public cliarity); bedeeld worden, to be upon the parish; —er, m. distHbuter, dispcnsator; — ing. v. distribution, endowment, dispensation, sup-

E)rt, (poor) reliëf, cliarity; van de —ing rUKen, to be upon the Poor's roll of the parish.

Bedeesd, bv. & bw. timid (-ly), confused (•ly), bashful (-ly); — lieid, v. timidity, confusion.

Bedek ken, ov. w. to cover, to excuse, to disguise; —klaag, v. covering, concealment, escort; —sel, o. covering, cover; —t, bv. covered strewed (with), latent, hidden, secret, clandestine; bw. secretly.clandestinely; •en —e boot. a house-bout; een —e handeling, a secret (an underhand) action; op —e w()ie te kennen geven, to intimate (to inform) in an underhand manner (secretly, clandestinely); een — karakter, a deceitful (dishonest) character.

Bedel, m. begging ; —arm, beggarly poor; —brief, begging-letter; —brood, begsrar's llvelihood; —eteu, to live upon cliarity; — Jongen, beggar-boy ; —monnik, mendicant (friar); —orde, order of mendicant friars; —pak, beggarly crew; —stnf, mendicity, beggary; tot den — brengen, to reduce to bewcary; —zak, beggar's scrip, wallet.

Bedelaar, m. beggar, mendicant; een — sgebed doen, to count one's money secretly; een — heeft geen keus, beggars cannot be chooser*; —«deken, checkered cover (blanket); —«doelen, —sherberg, beggar'* inn; —ster. v. begicar-woman.

Bedel achtlg. bv. beggarly; —ares, v. bepgar woman; —nrty, v. beggary, begging.

Bedelen, ov. w. to beg, to mendicate.

Bedelven, ov. w. to bury, to hide (to conceal) in the ground ; In onwetendheid bedolven. sunk in ignorance.

Bedenk el(|k, bv. imaginable, critical; — elUkheid, v. criticalness; —en, ov. w. to consider, to weigh, to take into consideration, to recollect, to invent, to contrive, to provide for; een plnn —, to devise a plan; een middel —, to invent a meatis; ecne vertelling —, to frame (to invent) a story; slch —, t. w. to change one's mind, - one's pnrpose; to think better of; to hesitate, to think upon; —en, o. consideration, doubt, hesitation; tonder —, without doubt, unhesitatingly; —tfjd, time for considerin!r (ri'flection), respite ; —er, m. inveutor, contriver; -In*. ». consideration, reflection, objection, remark ; —ster, v. inventress.

Bederf, o. corruption (of manner), spoiling. depravity (of morals, van zedeu); voor — bewaren, to keep from decay; -eiyk,bv.

corruptible; —elUkheid, v. corruptibleness; —sier, v. corruptress, spoiler.

Bederv en. ov. w. to corrupt, to spoil, to vitiale, to deprave, to seduce; 011. w. to become corrupt. - depraved, to be spoiled; ons vleest-li bedierf, our meat went bad; de melk Is liedorven in één nacht, the milk lias gone bad (turned sour) in one night; het genoegen — van Milderen, to mar the ioy (pleastire) of others; spaar de roede, bederf het kind, spare the rod and spoil the child; door veel lezen zt)n oogeu —, to spoil one's eyes throiigh mucit reading; slechte omgang bederft goede zeden, evil Communications corrupt good manners; de lucht —, to taint (to poison, to vitiate) the air; —er, m. corrupter, spoiler, seducer; —ing, v. corrupting, spoiling, depravation.

Bedien aar.m.— des goddelUken woords, minister of the holy Gospel; — ter begrafeuis, undertaker ; —de, m. servant, domestic, officer, v. servant; —en. ov. w. to serve (an office, een ambt), to attend (at table), to walt upon, to help, to administer; de mis —, to read mass; zich zeiven —, t. w. to help one's seif (to); zich — van, to avail one's self of, to make use of; bediend worden (op 't sterfbed), to administer the last sacraments (extreme unction) to a person on his (her)deathbed; —ing, v. service, attendance,administration, office, employ ment.

Ued(|k en, ov. w. to dike, to embank, to dam up; —ing, v. embank ment.

Bedil al, m. & v. zie Albedil; — len, ov.w. to flnd fault with, to criticise, to censure; —Ier, m. fauitfinder, censurer; —Hng, v. censure, criticism; —ziek, bv. censorious; —zucht, fault-finding.

Beding, o. conditton, stipulation, agreement; onder —, on condition; —en, ov. w. to condition, to stipulate, to agree (for);—Ing, v. stipulation.

Bediseel en. ov. w. to shape with an addice, to concoct, to manage artfully ; ik zal het wel voor Je —, I siiall make it square for you; —ing. v. management.

Bedoel en, ov. w. to mean, to intend.to alm at, to mean to say; — ing, v. meaning, intention, aim, design; niet de —ing oui, with a view to; zonder — ing,unintentionally.

Bedoen (zich), t. w. to foul one's self.

Bedompt, bv. close, sultry, stuffy, damp, dusky; —held, v. sultriness, dampness.

Bedorven, l»v. spoiled, marred, corrupted, depraved, rotten, tainted; — hout, rotten (decayed) wood; een — kind, a spoiled child; — zeden, depraved morals ; — lucht, tainted (vitiated) air; — vleescli, fly-blown meat; — vlsch, bad flsh; — pret, marred enjoyment; —held, v, corruptness, corruption, depravity.

Bedot ster, v. zie Bedotteri —ten, ov.w. to impose upon, to deceive, to cheat, to cozen, to guïl, to make a looi of; — ter,m.deceiver, cheater, cozener.