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Dekaal«1, bv. half dead, alittle tnuched (van vlsch), ahashed, at a loss, at a nonpius, full of rents, - cracks (— gebarsten)* erg*'"* — Afkomen, to get the worst of it, to be put to shame. lick-Af, bT. qnlte exl'austed, over-spent with fatigue; —r(Jdeu, to over*ride, to jade (a lioree).

Dekakken, ov. w. to beshite.

DekAlkeu, ov. w. to piaster, to cover with


DekAllen, ov. w. to persuad:», to wheedle (into) (=* bepraten. overhalen); to itlander, to back bite (= lasteren).

Dekanten, 011. w. to grow niouldy, to mould. Dekampen, ov. w. to flght, to combat, to oppose, to contend with, to subdue, to cnntrol.

liekeer «Ier. m. converter; —en, ov. w. to convert; zicli —, t. w. to be converted, to repent, to cliange one's mindr — Ii»k. v. conversion; — >Uk. bv. convertible; —lykheid, v. convertibility; -llng, ni. & v. convert; —ster. v. converter. llekend, bv. known, public, manifest, notorious, acquainted (with), intiinate; — iiiAkeit, I to make known, to publish, to proclaim, to acquaint (with); — wortlen, to become known, - public, • acquainted (with), to (jet abroad, to be spread about; niinr den—en wegvraten, to inquire alter tliingn known; — i(|n ala «Ie bonte hond, to be the common talk of the town; —e, m. & v. acquaintance; —hei<l, v. acquaintance, notoriety ; —maker, m. publisher, proclaiiner, divulger. blazer; — mnkliig, v. publication, proclamation, advertisement.

Deken nen, ov. w. to confess (sins, faults — zonden, fouten)) to plead guilty (schuld ) I to avow, to own, to acknowledge, to profess, to distinguish; to lie with, to know (a woman); kleur —, to follow suit; geen kleur —, to revoke; —ner, m. confessor, professor; —nlng, v. confession, avowing, owningr; — tenis, v. confession, acknowledgment, avowal.

Deker, m. cup, goblet, bowl; beaker fgroote beker)t dice box (b|| 't dobbelspel) » volle —, bumper; goochelaar'* —, juggler's cup; met —m goochelen, to juggle with cups; -—houten, round tiniber; —en, on. w. to tipple, to tope, to guzzle.

Dekenr der, m. finer, amercer; —en, ov. w. to fine. to amerce, to mulct; —Ing, v. amercem^nt, attachment.

Dekyfiter, v. zie DekHver.

Dekyk. o. veel —■ hebben, to be much looked (gaped) at, to be much run after, to draw many peoplej — en, ov. to look (to ; gaze) at, to view; —er, m. —ster, v. looker at (on).

Dek(|v en, ov. w. to clilde, scold; —er, m.

chider, scolder; —Ing, v. chiding, scolding. Dekje, o. zie Uek, buss, kiss; een lief—, a sweet (pretty) girl; niiln —, my lovel my


Dekken, o. l>a«in; peIvis(ontleedk.); cymbal (mnz.); lu het bekken leggen (— ver*

knopen), to offer for sale,to sell by uuction; —•lager, cymbal-player, cymbalist.

Dekkeneel. o. sktill; —berg, (Mount) Calvary; —naad, suture;—vlies, pericianium.

Deklaag de, m. & v. defendant, acoused; — lUk, bv. deplorabie, lanientable, woful, pitiful: — lijklieltl. v. deplorableness, pitifulness;

— ■ter. v. zie Deklager.

Dekladd en, ov. w. to (be)daub, to besmear# to bescribble, to sully, to del'ame, to sl.-mder; —er, m. dauber, scribbler, defamer, slanderer; —Ing, v. staining, defamation, stander.

Deklag, o. cotnmiseration, complaint; In — z«i». to be pitied; zyu — doen over, to coinplain of; —en.ov. w. to deplore.to lament, to pity, to coiuiniserate, zie Aanklagen) zich —, t. w. to complain (over, of); liet *l«h —, to repent of, to rue it, to rue the day; —enswaardig. bv. lamentable, commiserable, worthy of compassion, bw. piteously; —er, m. pitier, condoier, plaintiff;

— ing, v. pity ing, lamenting.

Dv klant. bv. accustonied, having custom, well-frequented ; een g«»ed —e winkel, a shop much in reque«t; a shop with a good custom; a roaring business.

Deklepp en, ov. w. to betray, to icform; —er, in. betrayer, tell-tale; —Ing, v. betrayal.

Deklauteren, ov. w. to clamber upon.

Dek leed en, ov. w. to clothe, to attire, to apparel, to array, to wainscot (met hout —)l to shoe (een anker); to serve (een knbel); to sheathe (een schip); to give a good turn, to invest (with), to flll, to occupy; de plaats — vaii, to supply the place of, to represent; een Ambt —, to liold an office, a post; met eene waardigheid —, to invest with a dignity ;—er, m. elother, dresser, invester, holder; —ing* v. clothing, dressing, arrayment, wainscoting, üning, investment; —sel, o. cover,covering, tegument, wrapping.

| Deklem d, bv. oppressed, anxious; —e breuk, strangulated hernia; — dkeld, v. oppression, anxiety; —men, ov. w. to pinch, to oppress, to affllct; —niing, v. pinching, pressure, difficulty of breathing; recht van — niiiig —recht), right of lease; —mlng op de borst, shortwindedness,difficulty in breatiiing.

Deklyven, ou. w. to cieave, to stick, to prosper, to thrive; onrechtvaardig goed bekiyft niet. ill-gotten goods do not thrive (prosper); bl|)ven doet —, patience ia a piaiscer for all sores; dnt bekl||ft niet, that will not last; that does not make aa impression.

i Deklluim en, ov. w. to climb (- upon a tree), to mount (a chair, a throne), to ascend (a hill, a mountain), to scale (a wall); —er, m. climber, scalcr; —ing, v. mounting, scaling, ascent, escaiade.

Dekliiiken, ov. w. to rivet (with nail«, spilkers), to arrange, to settle (an aflair), to drink to.