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Beklonteren, ov. w. to bemlre, to bedaggle.

Beknabbelen, ov. w. to nibble at.

Bekuauwen, ov. w. to gnaw at.

Beknellen, ov. w. to pinch, to perplex.

Beknibbelen, ov. w. to haggle (to higgle, to chaffer) with.

Beknijpen, ov. w. to pinch all over.

Beknopt, bv. & bw. concise (-ly), succinct (•ly), compeudious (-ly); —held, v, concise* ness, succinctne69.

Beknorren, ov. w, to chide, to rebuke, to scold.

Bekocht, bv. — z(ln< to b® taken in, to be cheated, to have paid too deur for one'a whistle; Ik ben er niet aan —, it ie worth ita money.

Bekoel en, ov. w. to cool, to refrigerate; on. w. to grow cold, to abate, to relent, to subalde; —Ing, v. refrigeration.

Bekoken, ov. w. to cook for, to dellberote, to concert; «Ie zaak was niet bekookt, the matter was uot well considered, was not well prepared.

Bekomen, ov. w. to get, to obtaln; on. w. to recover (from); goed —, to agree with one's atomach; wel moge het u —, much good may it do you; te —, to be had ; het zal hem slecht —, he wiil repent of it; he will coine off badly.

Bekommer ü, bv. concerned, uneasy, sollcitous, anxious ; — dheid, v. concern, uneas* iness; —en, ov. w. to trouble, to vex, to make unensy; zich —, t. w. (over) to trouble one'a head (to be uneasy, anxious) aboat. to feel concerned for, (om) to care, to me<ldle with; —Ing, v. —nis, v. trouble, sorrow, grief, care, uneasiness, solicitude.

Bekomst, v. satiety, fill; z(|ne — hebben, to have enough, to have one's flll; to be sick (of).

Bekonkelen, ov. w. to concoct, to machinate.

Be knopen, ov. w. to pay for (with one's iife, ■net den dood).

Bekoor der, m. charmer, tempter; —l||k, bv. & bw. charming (-ly), alluring (-ly), deliglit1'ul (-ly); —lykheid, v. charm, charmingness, grace, allureinent; —ster, v. zie Oekoorder.

Bekor en, ov. w. to charm, to tempt, to allure, to delight, to captivate; —ing, v. charming, teinptation, allnrement.

Bekortten, ov. w. to encrust, to cover with a crust.

Bekort en, ov. w. to shorten, to abridge (a novel, e.g.), to curtail (a speech), to prejudice (in somebody's favour), to beguile (the time); —Ing, v. shortening, abridgment, curtailment.

Bekostig en, ov. w. to defray, to bear the expenses of; —er, m. defrayer; —ing, v. defrayment.

Bekrab beien, ov. w. —be», ov. w. to scribble all over, to scratch.

Bekrachtig eu, ov. w. to conflrm (a state* ment, een verklaring), to ratify (a treaty, •en verdrag), to authenticate (a nomination, i a decree, een benoeming, eest besluit); —er, m. confirmer, ratifler ; —ing, v. conflr- I

matton, ratification, sanction ; koninklijke —Ing, royal sanction (assent).

Bekransen, ov. w. to crown (with a garland), to wreathe.

Bekrassen, ov. w. to cover with scratches.

Bekreten, bv. all in tears, bedewed with team.

Bekreunen (zich), t. w. (om) to care for (zie: Bekommeren).

Bekrimp en (zich), t. w. to retrench (upon), to reduce one's expenses, to pinch oneself; —ing, v. retrenchment, slirinkage, curtail* ment.

Bekrompen, bv. narrow (*ly\ straitened, scanty (*ily), niggard (-ly), shallow, narrowminded, sparingly, poorly; — leven, to live poorly, scantily; —wonen, to live in a small (poor) house; — politiek, shallow politics (narrow-minded p.); — held, v. narrowness, Hcantiness, shallowness.

Bekro nen, ov. w, to crown,to award a prize to; —ner, m. crowner; —ning, v. crowning.

Bekroond, bv. crowned; — worden, to obtain the prize ; — «lichter, poet laureate; z()n arbel«l — zien, to see one's labour crowned with success.

Bekrozen, bv. sooted, sooty.

Bekrulden, ov. w. to season, to spice.

Bekruipen, ov. w. to creep upon, • to, to steal into, to surprise; de lust bekroop hem, he feit inclined, he got a mind; de angst bekroop hem, he was seized with fear.

Bekruisen, ov. w. to sign (to mark) with a cross, to cross.

Bekuip en, ov. w. to coop up (in een kuip); (fig. listig verkrijgen): to intrigue -, to canvass for; —er, in. intriguer; —ing, v. intriguing -, canvassing (for).

Bekwaam, bv. able, capable, clever, fit, proper, apt, sober (•=» niet «Ironken); — maken, to qnalify; —lieid, v. ability, capableness, fitness; — heden, mv. talents, parts.

Bekwamen, ov. w. to qualify.to capacitate; zich —, t. w. to make one's self conversant (with), to prepare (lor), to read (for); to train for (matches, wedstrijden).

Bek wijlen, ov. w. to cover with slaver, to bespawl.

Bel. v. bell (— schel); bubble (luclitblaasje); area-bell «= keukenscliel (aan Kttgelsche woningen); —hamel, bell-wether, ringleader ; —roos, erysipelas; de kat «Ie — aanbinden, to bell the cat; hl) is de — hamel, he wears the bell.

Belaagster, v. zie Belager.

Belabberd, bv. & bw. miserable (-bly); — lieid, v. miserablenesa.

Belach el(|k, bv. & bw. ridiculous (-ly); — maken, to ridicule, to hold up to ridicule; —eiykheid, v. ridiculousnesa; —en, ov. w. to laugh at, to deride; —er, m. —ster, v. derider; —Ing, v. derision.

Beladder eu, ov, w. to acale; —Ing, v, ical* ing, acalado.