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Beliegen, or. w. to belie, to slander.

Believ en. or. w. to please, to gratify; «la het u belieft, if you please; thank you; —en, o. pleasure, desire; nnnr uw —, as you please i wat belieft n? (al* men Iets niet verstaan heeft), I beg your pardon; (In winkel enx.), wliat do you want(wisli)7 —er, m. please-man, fawner; —lus, r. com« plaisance, gratification.

Beiyd en, or. w. to confess (a crime ■■ een miadaad); to profess (— betuigen) i to arow (a principle), to acknowledge (— erkennen); een godadlenat —, to profess a religion; —er, m. conlessor; — enie, r. confes*ion, profession, communion.

Beiy men, or. w. to giue, to Tasten with glue.

Belijnen, or. w. to draw lines upon.

Belikken, or. w. to lick all orer.

Bellen, or. w. to ring 1'or; on. w. to ring (the bell).

Beloer der, ra. —ater, r. spy, watcher; —en, or. w. to spy, to watch, to lie in wait for.

Belofte, r. promise, engagement, word; eene

— houden, to keep (to fulfll) a promise.

Beloken, br, closed; er — uitzien, to look

melancholy; — Paacheu, Low-Suuday (the first Sunday after Easter).

Belommer d, br. sliaded, shady; —en, or. w. to shade; sliade.

Belonken, or. w. to ogle at.

Beloon en, or. w. to reward, to recotnpense, to requits, to remunerate; —er, m. —ater, r. rewarder, requiter; — lug, r. reward, recoinpense, remuneration.

Beloop, o. course, way, amount (=-- bedrag); ahape, f'orm (- model, vorm)} dat is '• werelda —, that is the way of the werld, that is how the world wags; iets op zyn

— laten, to leave a thing as it is; to let it take its chance; —en, or. w. to walk upon, to beat, to reach, to orertake, to catch, to incur, to amount to (■» be«lragen)i door een atorm — worden, to be overtaken by a storm; weel te — hebben, to have a great many errands to do.

Below en, or. w. to promise, to bid fair, to expect (- verwachten); gouden bergen —, to promise mountains of gold; — en doen ia twee, promising and performing are two things; langzaam iu *t —, vlug In 't rolbreugen. slow to promise, quick to perlorm; het belooft uitnemend te z|)n, it bids lair to be excellent; weel —end, promising, hopeful; —er, m. promiser; —lug, r. promising.

Belrooa, r. erisypelas.

Belt, r. heap (of ashes, etc.), plle.

Beluiden, Beluien, or. w. to ring the passing-bell, to knell.

Beluister nar, m. eaves-dropper, listener; —en, or. w. to orerhear, to eaves-drop; —ing, r. eaves-dropping.

Beluat, br, longing (for, to), agog; — held,r. longing.

Bemachtig en, or. w. to seize (on, upon), to secure, to take possession of, to usurp» to

make one's self master of, to take; —Ing, r. seizure, securing, usurpation, conquest.

Ueiuantt en, or. w. to man, to equip; —Ing, r, manning, crew.

Bemantel en. or. w. to corer with a cloak, to fortify with ramparts, (lig.) to cloak, to mask, to reii, to disguise, to palliate; — Ing, v. cloaking, disguise, palliation (=» werlichting).

Uemast en, or. w. to mast; —lug, r. masting, maats.

Bemerk baar, br. perceivable, obserrable; —en, or. w. to perceive, to remark, to obserre, to discover; —ing, r. perception, obserration, discovery.

Bemest en, ov. w. to manure (met kunst* mest), to dung (met diereuuieat); —ing, r. manuring, manure.

Bemiddel aar, m. mediator, intercessor, in* terposer, arbitrator. go-between; —aarater, r. mediatress, mediatrix*. —d, br, in easy circumstances, warm, well-to-dö, substantial; —en, or. w. to mediate, to accommodate, to compose, to settle; —ing, r. mediation, accommodation, intercession; doorlemandi through a person's agency (procurement, mediation, intercession).

Bemind, br. lored, beloved; —e, m. & r. lorer, sweetheart, mistress, lady, swain (— minnaar).

Bemin l||k, br. & bw. lovely (-ily), amiable (*bly); —lykheitl, v. loveliness, amiableness; —nen, ov. w. to love, to cherish, to be fond of; — nenawaardig, bv. zie Beuiinl()k| —nenswaardigheid, bv. zie Bemiuiyk* held i —ner, m. lover, amateur.

Bemodder en. ov. w.tobemire, to bedaggle; —Ing, v. hemiring.

Bemoetlig en, ov. w. to encourage, to animate, toinspire; —lng,v. encouragement, animation.

Bemoei al, m. & v. busy-body, do-all, meddler; —en (zich), t. w. to meddle (witli), to mind (one's own business); —Ing, v. meddlinp, trouble, efTort; — lyken, ov. w. to thwart, to cross, to hinder; —oei, o. business.

Bemol, m. b-flat; —sleutel, b*flat clef.

Bemoraen, ov. w. to soil, to dirty.

Beiuoat, bv. mossy, moss-grown.

Beuiur en, or. w. to wall; — Ing, v. wallinfr.

Oen, r. basket, scuttla; door de — wallen, to make a clean breast of it ; to be driren into a corner.

Benaaien, or. w. to sew (for); met bewasschei» en —, washing and sewlng included.

Benaarstig en (zich), t. w. to plod, to ply, to apply (to exert) one's self; —lug, r. close application, assiduity.

Beuaaaten, or. w. zie Naaaten.

Benadeel en, or. w. to wrong, to harm, to injure, to prejudice; —er, m. wronger, injurer; —lug, r. harm-doing, prejudice.

Benader en, or. w, to seize, to conflscate; de waarde —, to estimate (to compute) the ralue; benaderde goederen, confiscated goods; —Ing, r. seizure, adoptlon, approximatlon; by —Ing, approxirpstely.