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Benaming, v. name, denomination.

Benard, br. puzzled, perplexed, embarrassed, difflcult, itraitened; —held, r. perplexity, embarrassment, difficulty, strait.

Benarren, or. w. to puzzle, to em bar rass, to

straiten, to put to the last ahift.

Benauw d, br. & bw. narrow (-ly), close (-ly), stilling, »ultry, oppressive (-ly), short-breatlied, asthmatic, straitened, troubled, hard, afraid, uneasy, anxious (-ly); — maken, to frighten, to terrify; — dlieid, r. narrow ness, closeness, sultriness, ast li ma, straits, hardship, oppres■ion, uneasiness, anxiety; —en, ov. w. to oppresa, to straiten, to distress, to vex, to baraaa, to make anxlous; —er, m. oppressor; —ing, v. oppression.

Bende, r. band, troop, body, gang» (of ruffians

- booswichten).

Beneden, bw. below, down, downataira, —, rz. under, underneath; naar—, down, downstairs ; Tan boven naar —, from top to bottom; — wonen, to live on the groundfloor, in the basement; dat is — iu(J, tliat ls beneath me; — den wind. leeward; — kritiek, below contempt; —buur, groundfloor-neighbour; —einde,lower end;—huis, ground-floor; —kamer, lower room; —rond, earth, world; —stad, lower town; —ate, bv. lowest, undermost; — waarts, bw. downward».

Benedictyu, m. Benedictine.

BeneclQeii, or. w. to bless; de gebenedijde

Mangil, the blessed Virgin.

Beneeneu, ov. w. to deuy, to say no to, to


Beiiem en, or. w. to deprive of. to take away from; —er, m. depriver; — ing, v.privation,


Benepen, br. pinched, straitened, perplexed, di8tress«»d; — heid, v. atraita (of money), perplexily, distress.

Benevel d, bv. cloudy, foggy, hazy, diin, tipsy, fuddled (— dronken); —en, ov. w. to cloud, to darken, to dim, to fuddle; —ing, v. clouding, cloudiness, darkness.

Benevens, vz. besides, together with, inclusive of.

Bengel, m. bell (—bel), naughty boy, sirrah, raseal, blnckguard; —kruid, mercury; — en, ov. w. to ring (the bell).

Benieuw «I, dw.; — iQu, to be desirous -, anxious -, longing (to kuow, to hear, to see); —en, onp. w.; het zal m{J — of, I long (I am curious) to know (I wonder) whether. Beutfd en, ov. w. to envy, to grudge, to be jeaious of; beter ben||d, dan beklaagd, better be envied than pitied; -baar, -euawanrdig, bv. enviable; —er, m. —ster, v. envier, euvious person.

Beitypen, ov. w. to pinch, to aqueeze. Benoem baar, bv. appointable; — eu.ov. w. to name, to denominate, to appoint (— aanstellen), to nominate; —er, m. appointer, nominator; —Ing, v. denominating, appointment, nomination; — lugsbrlef, m. letter of appointment, diploma.


Beuoodigd, bv. wanted, required, necessary; — ijl», to want, to stand in need of; — heden. v. mv. necesaaries (of life, des levens). Uetioordeu, vz. on the north side of, to the

north of.

Bent, v. company, band, Corporation,academy, clique, party; —geest, party spirit; —leus, badge of a corporation.

Benul, o. consciousness; z(|n — kw(|t xlln, to have lost one's wits; geen — hebben van, not to understand.

Benuttigen, o. w. to avail oneself of. Beoefen aar. m. student, practitioner; een der fraaie kunsten, au amateur of fine arts ; —en, ov. w. to study, to cuitlvate, to exerci9e, to profess, to follow, to practlos; —end, bv. practical; —ing, v. atudy, oultivation, culture, practice.

Beoliën, ov. w. to oil.

Beoog en, ov. w. to have in view, to aim atg

—ing. v. aiin, intention, design.

Beoordeel aar, m. judge, critic; — en,ov.w. to judge, to critlci.ei -Ing, t. Judgment, criticisin.

Beoorlog en, ov. w. to make war upon, to wage war against; —Ing, v. wagin* war against.

Beoosten, vz. on the east side of, to ths east of.

' kv. & bw. determined. determinats (-ly).flxed, definite (-ly), positive (-ly); —held, v. deterininateness, definitenesa, positiveneas.

Bepal en, ov. w. to empale. to prop, to limit, to bound, to fix, to appoint, to determine. to define, to stipulate; zich —, t. w. (tot) to limit (to confine) one's self to; — end, bv. definite; —er, m. appointer, deflner, atipuj!^fr.;, v- H'uitation, determination,

defiuition, stipulation.

Bepareleu, ov. w. to pearl, to bepearl. He peil en. ov. w. to sound ; —ing, v. sounding. Uepeluz en, ov. w. to meditate -, to muae upon, to ponder, to brood on; —ing, v. meditation, musing.

Uepekkeu, o». w. to pttch, to do ov«r with pitch.

"fP"11 «n ov. w. to fence (to hedge) in, to limit, to put bounds to, to moderate; —Ing, v. fencing in, limitatiou; -t, bv. limited. narrow; —theid, v. narrowness. Hepikken.ov. w. to pitch. topick, topeck (on). Bepissen, or. w. to bepiss, to piss upon. Ueplak keu, ov. w. to paste over, • upon; M~* ,ep* 'm* PaBt®P; —sel, o. covering, lining. Beplank en, ov. w. to plank, to board, to

wainscot; —Ing, v. board ing, wainscoting. Beplant en, ov. w. to plant; —er, m. planter;

—Ing, v. planting, plantation.

Bepleister en, or. w. to piaster srer, (flg.)

to palliate; —ing, v. plastering, palliation. ■sepleit en, ov. w. to plead, to advocate (a cause, een zaak, geene rechtszaak); to argue; hty zal voor m|| de zaak — voor de reehtbauk, he will plead for me at oourt; he holds the brief for me at oourt;