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Bevloer en, ov. w. to Door, to pare: —Ine,

v. Soorlng, p»Tln(T, door, pavement. Bevochtig en, ev. w. to wet, to molsten, to water, to trrigate; —Ing, v. moisteniuir numectatlon, watering, Irriyation.

Bevoegd, bv. competent, qualifled; — maken, to qualiljr (for), to autlioruej —held, v. competence, authority.

Bevoelen, ov. w. to feel, to handle, to

fumble, to grope.

Bevolk en, 07. w. to people, to populate; —l"»g, v. peopling, population; — ingsregister, register of population; —t, bv. peopled, populous; —(held, v. populousness.

Bevoordeel en, ov. w. to advantage, to benefit, to favour; —ing, v. advantage, benefit.

Bevooroordeeld, bv. prepossessed (for); prejudiced (againHt); —t bw. prejudicially; — held, v. prejudicialneas.

Bevoorrecht eu, or. w. to privilege; to promote the interests of; —Ing. v. privilege ing, privilege.

Bevorder «ar, m. —aarster, v. promoter; —en, ov. w. to forward, to accelerate ; to advance, to promote; to remove (naar eeue hoogere klasse); de leerling werd niet bevorderd, the pupil missed hui remove; --Ing, v. promotion, preferment; —lijk, bv. servlceable(for), profitable,couducive(to). Bevorens, bw. & vw. before.

Bevracht en, ov. w. to freight, to charter (a vessel); —er, m. freighter; —Ing, v. frelghting, chartering.

Bevragen, ov. w. to inquire after; te — bil, for partlculars apply to; Inlichtingen hier *e —, enquire within.

Bevredig eu, ov. w. to paoify, to appease, to satisfy, to gratify; —eud, satisl'actory, conciliatory; —er, m. —ster, v. paoifier; satfofier; —Ing, v. pacification; Hrratifyin*. satisfaction.

Bevreemd en, ov. w. to surprise, toamaze; het bevreemdt hi(|.I wonder (at it), I am surprised (at it); —lug, v. astonishraent, surprise, wondering.

Bevreesd, bv. afraid (of), fearful, timorous;

—held, v. fearfulness, fear, anxlety. Bevriend, bv, intimate. befriended; Ik werd — met heui, I made friends with him ; —held, v. iutimucy, affinity.

Bevrie zen. on. w. to freeze, to congeal; —

zing. v. freezing up, congelatlon.

Bevryd en, ov. w. to free, to set free, to deliver, to release, to en franchise, to eraancipate; to rescue, to rid; —er, m. deliverer, liberator; —ing, v. deliverance, release, enfranchisement, liberation, emancipation ; tot —Ing toesnellen, to corae to the rescue; —Ingsoorlog. war of liberation (deliverance). Bevroed en, ov. w. to conceive, to apprehond, to comprehend ; — Ing.v. appreheusion. Bevrucht eu, ov. w. to fecundate, to fructify, to impregnate (— bezwangeren); — lugi ▼. fecundation; impregnation.

Bevuilen, ov. w. to dirty, to soll, to foul. Bewaaleu, ov. w. to blow upon, - against, to fan.

Bewaakster, v. nurse, watcher. Bewaarder, m. keeper, word, guardian, care tak er (- huisbewaarder); — der hypotheken, keeper of mort^ages. Bewaarheden, ov. w. to confirm, to prove, te tentily, to verify, to covroborate (— bevestigen ).

Bewaar middel, o. preservative 5 —plaats,

depository ; —school, ia font-school, asylum • —ster, v. zie Bewaarder.

Bewak en, ov. w. to gnard, to watch; to teud; —er, m. watch, watcher; —lug, v. watch ing, nursing.

Bewall en, ov. w. to surround with ramparts,

to fortify; —Ing, v. walling, rainparte. Bewandel aar, m. -aarster, v. walker; —en, ov. w. to walk (to tread) upon; het pad der deugd — en. to walk in the path or virtue; —ing, v. walking upon. Bewapeuen, ov. w. to arm, to provide with arms.

Bewar en, ov. w. to spare, to save, to keep (a secret, een geheim), to guard (a house), to preserve (fruit, ineat); wie wat bewaart, heeft wat, waste not, want not; de hemel beware aii(|! Heuveii forbidi — «Mg, v. sparing, saving. keeping, preservatlon; trust, custody ; in —Ing (-= hechtenis) nemen, to take into custody, to talce in charge. Bewasem en. ov. w. to cover with vapour;

to tamistb ; —ing, v. covering with vapour. Uewassch en, ov. w. to wash for; —Ing, v. washing ; met —Ing. washing included. Bewassen, on. w. to overgrow, to be over*

grown; to cover with wax.

Bewater eu, ov. w. to water, to irrigate;

to pias upon ; —Ing, v. watering. irri»ation. ueweeg baar, bv. movable; —baarheid, v. niovableness, mobiiity; —grond, —reden, motive, reason, argument; —kracht, moving (motive) power, inipetus; —aailddel, moving power, motive, motor; —oorzaak, moving principle, cause; —rad, prime mover. BeweeglUk, bv. & bw. movable (-bly), mobile, fidgety, sprightly, moving (-ly), affectjog (-ly); —held, v. movableness, sprightliness, mobiiity, movinguess.

Beween en. ov. w. to deplore, to mourn for, to lament, to bewail; —er, m. —ster v. deplorer, mourner, bewailer; —Ing, v.* deploring, deploration, mourning, bewaillng.' Beweer der, m. —ster, v. asserter, alleger:

—schrift, written assertion.

Beweg eu, ov. w. to move, to stlr (— zich verroeren), to nffect, to perstiade, toprevail on (— overhalen, overreden); hemel en aarde —, to move' lieaven and eartli; to leave no stone unturned; —er, m. mover, stlrrer, motor; —Ing, v. moveinent, motion! emotion, commotion, tumult, bu*tle, stir ado; uit eigeue —, of one's own accord, of one s own free will; In — houden, to keep in motion, to keep going; In — brengen,