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block up, to garrison (a town); — tlug, v. occupation, garrison, oppression.

Bezichtig rn, ov. w. to view, to examine, to inspect, to survey; —er, m. examiner, inspector, vurveyor; — Ing, v. examiuation, in•pectiou, survey.

Bezie, v. berry.

Bezie ld, bv. animate, living*; —len, ov. w. to animate, to give life to, to inspire, to inflame; iemand met moed —, to inspire one with courage; — liaig, v. animation, in* spiration, inflaming.

Bezien, ov. w. to look at, to view, to behold, to examine; het zal te — staan of, the question is whether ; it remains to be seen whether; Iets op — a toezenden, to send on approval; —er, m. looker at, viewer, examiner, custom officer • —swaardig, bv. worth being looked at; worth seeing.

bv. busy (at), active, occupied (with), engaged (in); aan ieta — z|)n, to be at a thing; —en, ov. w. to use, to make use of, to employ; —er, m. employer; —held, v. business, occupation, employment; — ing, v. use, using, employing.

Bez)jdeu, bw. & vz. next to, contiguous to, out of; — de waarheid, not true, beside the truth.

Bezing en, ov. w. to sing, to celebrate (in song); —er, m. —ster, v. singer; —ing, v. celebration.

Bezinlc en, on. w. to settle, to clarify; — Ing, v. settling; -iel, o. sediment, lees, dregs.

Bezlnn en, ov. w. to find out; zich —, t. w. to consider, to reflect, to recollect, to remember, to think better ofit; bezint eer ge begint, look before you leap; —ing, v. consideratiou, reflection, recollection; lot — komen, to recover one's senses.

Bezit, o. possession, property; In — nemen, to take possession of; in 't — stellen van, to put in possession of; to possess of; in 't — komen van, to step into property, to come into the possession of;—nemer, occupant; —neming, occupancy; —recht, right of possessing; —ster, v. zie Bezitter i — teiyk, bv. possessive; —ten, ov. w. to sit upon, to possess; —ter, m. possessor, pro* prietor, owner; zalig z(|n de — s, possession is nine points oi the law; — ting, v. possession, property.

Bezoedel en, ov. w. to dirty, to soil, to sully, to stain, to contaminate, to detile; —ing, v. dirtying, sullying, contamination, defileinent.

Bezoek, o. visit, company; een — afleggen (brengen), to pay a visit (to); — hebben, to have company; w|| ontvangen lieden geen —, we see no company to-day; op — >u» >>u. to be on a visit at; —en, ov. w. to visit, to pay a visit to, to cali upon, to go to see, to frequent (=* druk bezoeken), to afflict, to try; de kerk, de vergadering —, to attend churcli, the meeting; w(J werden zwaar bezocht, we were soreiy (severely) tried, afflicted ; laat ons het —, let us try; —er, m. —ster, v. visitor, visitant, guest;

—Ing, v. visit, visitation, affliction, trial (— beproeving).

Bezoldellng, m. & v. mercenary, hlreling.

Bezolder en, ov. w. to ceil; —Ing, v. ceiling.

Bezoldig en, ov. w. to pay, to keep in pay, to give salary to; een slecht (goed) bezoldigd ambtenaar, a badly (well) salaried official; —Ing, v. pay, wages, salary.

Bezondig en, ov. w. to charge with sin; zich —, t. w. to sin (against); —ing, v. sinning.

Bezonnen, bv. & bw. considerate (*ly), cautious (*ly); — held, v. considerateness, cautiousness.

Bezoom en, ov. w. to hem, toseam, to border; —Ing, v. heinining, seatning, bordering.

Bezorg d, bv. anxious (about, for), solicitous (about); h(| Is —, lis has got a competency; he Is well off; —dheid, v. anxiousness, sollcitude; —en, ov. w. to deliver, to piocure, to take care of, to conduct, to manage, to provide for; —er, m. —ster, v. carrier, steward, procurer.provider; —Ing, v. delivery, management, providing.

Bezuiden, vz. on the south side of; to the soutli of.

Bezuinig en, ov. w. to save, to spare, tolay up, to be saving, to husband, to ecouomize; op z||ne uitgaven —. to slirink one's expenses; —er, m. —ater, v. thritty man, woman; economizer; —ing, v. economy, husbandry; — Ingsiiiaatregel, ecouomical measure.

Bezuipen, ov. w. to make drunk; zich —, t. w. to get drunU, to fuddle oneself.

Bezuren, ov. w. to smart (to pay dear) for; to suffer for.

Bezwaar, o. burden, grievance, complaint, difficuity, objection, scruple, prejudice; een geweteus —, a conscientious scruple; bezwaren maken, to raise objections; tohang back; —d, bv. burdened, grieved, oppressed, anxious, uneasy; —dheid, v. oppression, anxiousness, uneastness; —l(|k, bv. dilticult; bw. scarcely, hardly; —nis, v. grievance, grief.

Bezwachtel en, ov. w. to swaddle, to swatlie, to dresH (eene wond), to disguise; —ing, v. swaddling, swatliing, dressing.

Bezwatlderen, ov. w. zie Bezoedelen.

Bezwalk en, ov. w. to dull, to tarnish (dof iiiakeu), to defile, to cast a blemish upon, to asperse (a man's reputation); —er, m. —ster, v. tarnisher, stainer; defiler; —iug, v. taruishlng, defiletnent, contamination.

Bezwanger en, ov. w. to get with child;to impregnate, to saturate ; —d, bv. impregnated, fraught, teeming (with), redolent (of); —ing, v. getting with cliild; impregnation.

Bezwar en ,ov. w. to burden, to charge, to overcharge, to clog, to oppress, to accuse, to lay taxes upon, to overrate, to inortgage property ; zich — over, to be uneasy about; to complain of; —end, bv. aggravating, onerous, oppressive, indigestible ; —ing, v. charge, encurabrance, oppression, grievance.

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