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BQwn-pen, ot. w. to throw to, to add.

B|) wezen. o. preaence.

BywUf.o- concubine; —schap, o. concubinage.

B|)wyi«n, bw. sometimes, now and then, once in a while, between whiles.

B||woii en, ov. w. to cohabit (to lie) with; to witness, to be prevent at, to assist at, to attend (a meeting, maas, cliurch); —er. m. naighbour, in mate, stauder-by, witness; —ing, v. cohabitation; presence, attendance.

Bijwoord, o. adverb; —elyk, bv. & bw. adverbial (-ly).

Byzank, v. by-matter, secondary thing,incident.

Byzet, m. stake; stake; —ten, ov.

w. to place (to put) near, to stake, to inter, to entotnb (a dead body), to heave out, to unfurl (een zeil); alle zeilen —, to ciap on all the sails, to crowd all sai 1; to do oue's utmost, to ieave no stone unturned; ik heb weinig kracht by te zetten, lam aimost exhausted ; I am very weak.

Beziend, bv. mope-eyed, purbiind, short sight* ed, myopie; —lieid, v. myopy, purblindnesa.

BtfzU». o. presence.

B|)zit, v. concubine, mistress; —ten, on. w. to ait near, - next to; —ter, m. assessor; —ter* schap, o. asseaaorship.

Byzon. v. mock-sun, parhelion.

Byzonder, bv. & bw. separate (-ly), particuiar (-ly), peculiar (-ly), special (-ly), private (-ly), aingular (-ly), eminent (-ly); In het —, particularly, especially, privately; zyii opstel Is niet —, his paper (composition, essay) is but Ho-go ; —held, v. particularity, particuiar, peculiarity, apeciality-, in —heden treden, to enter into particuiars.

Bikkel, m. cockal, knuckle-bone; —en, on. w. to play at cockals, • at knuckle-bones; — spel, game at knuckle-bones.

Bik ken, ov. w. to piek, te eat; —hamer, piek ; —steen, brick-dust, grit.

Bil, v. buttock, ruuip (of cows, oxen); een kind op de —len Keven, to whip (to flog) a child (on the breedtes); wie z(|ne —len brandt, moet op de blaren zitten, we must abide the con»equencea of our action»; kinderen, die willen, krijgen voor de —len, self-willed childreu must be flogged; —naad, perineum ; — naadsteek, puncture; —stak, round of beef; —len, v. mv. buttocks, bum; door de — lappen, to spend wantonly, to squander (oue's moiiey).

Biljart, o. billis»rd-table; eene party —, a game of billiards; —spelen, to play atbilliards; — hal,billiard-ball;—bok,rest,bridge; —Jongen, marker; —spel, billiards; —stok. billiard-stick, cue; —zak, hazard, pocket; —en, on. w. to play at billiards; biljar* deeren, to make puwh-strokes.

B||Jet, o. bill, billet, nete, hand-bill («=» strooi* biljet), ticket, billet for quarter (=*= luk war* tieringsblljet).

Blij «ten, o. base coln, money put out of currence, billion (a number = billioen).

Bil len, ov. w. to notch, to sharpen; -hamer, — Ijzer, piek.

Blliyk, bv. ft bw. equitable (-bly), just (-ly), reasonable (-bly), faïr; —en, ov. w. to ap« prove, to justify, to call fair; —erwyze, bw. equitably -, —held, v. equity, reaaonableneaa; —heldshalve, bw. for equity'a sake; —lag, v. approbation, approval.

Bilzenkruld, o. hen-bane.

Bind en, ov. w. to bind, to tiet Iemand Iets op het hart —, to make one promise a thing; bezems —, to make brooms; aan schooven —, to (tie up in) bind sheaves; iemand de handen —, to tie a man's hands (ook fig.); een boek In leder —, to bind a book in leather; Iemand aan Iets —, to tie a man to a thing; —garen,— touw, pack-thread, string; —rys, osier; —spier, ligament; —steen, kerbstone, stretchert — weel'sel, cellular tissue; —er, m. —ster, v. binder; —sel, o. band, bandage, tie, string; — teeken, hyplien.

Bingelkruid, o. mercury (a plant).

Bink, m. bunffler; jade (— a bad hnrse).

IIinnen, bv. (in aam.) inner, inward; — zyn, to have made oue's pile ; to be well-off; (van een schip) to be (safe) in port; —! come in; naar — slaan, to swallow, to bolt; van — naar bulten, from lh» in* aide to the outside ; naar — gaau, to go (to walk) in; — laten, to admit; —, bw. within, within doors; van —, inwardly, on the inside; — door, by inland navigation; by a shorter cut; te — brengen, to reeol* lect, to retnember, to call to mind; te — schieten, to occur to the mind, to call to mind, to reinember; — kort, shortly; —, vx. within, in.

Blnnenachterateven, in. inner-post.

Binnenbad, home-bath.

Biiinenbeura, v. fob; iets in zy»« —J© steken (fig.) — to remember it carefully.

Binnenbrengen, ov. w. to bring (to carry) into; to piiot (to steer) into the harbour.

Binnendeur, v. inner door.

Biniiendyk, m. inner-dike; —s, bw. on the inside of a dike.

Binnendring en, ov. & on. w. to enter by force, to break into, to worm oneself into, to intrude, to invade; —er, m. invader.

Binnengaan, ov. & on. w. to enter, to go (to walk) in, • into.

Binnengaats, bw. in the fair-way ofa channel, at the entrance of a harbour, on the road* at-ead.

Binnengang, v. inner passage.

Binnengracht, v. inner canal.

Binnenhalen, ov. w. to take (to haul) in (a ahip); to irather in (the crops. den oogst).

Binnenhaven, v. inland port, haven, hithe.

Binnenhof, o. m. inner-court.

Binnenkamer, v. inner-room, closet.

Binnenkant, m. inside.

Blnneiikas. v. inner-case (of a watch).

Binnenkiel, v. keelson, carline.

Blniienkouien, ov. & on. w. to enter, to come (to walk) in, • into; to arrivé, to come into port (of a ahip).