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In —enden wel at And, in the best of health, in perfect, in excellent health; —er, m. dat -, hand candlestick; —eren, ov.w. to scorch.

Blanco, o. in —, in blank; — crediet, credit in blank, open credit.

Blank, bv. white, blank, clean, bright, pol ished, shining, naked, bare (sword, knife); drowned, overflowed; double-blauk domino•nel); — schuren, to «cour bright; *00 — al* zilver, n» clean as a new penny ; de velden stonden —, the flelds were completely inundated, drowned, overflowed; een — geweten, a pure conscience; eene —e huid, a clear (white) skin; de —en, the whites.

Blanket dooa, ▼. paint-box; — ael, o. paint, cosmetic; —ten, ov. w. to paint; zich —, t. w. to paint one's face, to rouge.

Blankheid, ▼. whiteness, brightness. purity.

Blaren, on. w. to blister (— eene blaar kr(||{eii)i de boom begint te —, the tree is getting leave»; — (— loeien, blaten), to Itleat, to bellow.

Blaten, on. w. to bleat.

Blauw, bv. & o. blue; een — oog slaan, to give (to beat) one a black eye; onder den —en hemel alapen, to sleep in the open air; het — laten, to leave (a thing) as it is; —e bloempje», stories, white lies, I flbs; —e boodschap, —e uitvlucht, idle pretext, poor (pitiful) shift; — staan te k(Jkeu,to look blue (over, onkiemand bont •n — slaan, to beat one blaok and blue; alle —e Maandagen, rarely, hardly ever, o nee in a blue moon; Iemand een - eu Maandag kennen, to know one for a very short time; een —e scheen loopeu, to meet with a rebufF, to be rejected; iemand —en damp voorblazen, to make one believe that the moon is made of green cheese; ergens — afkomen, to be sadly d is appel uted; —baard, bhte-beard, bug-beard; —bes, bilberry; — hoekje, libel pamphlet; —kous, blue-stocking; —oogig, blae-eyed; —schuit, scurvy; —steen, lazulite; —verver, blue dyer, dyer in blue; —voet, gerfalcen; —zuur, Prussic acid; —aebtig, bv. biuish; —eu, ov. w. to blue, to dye blue, on. w. to grew blue; —lieid, v. blueness, lividaess; —sel, o. blue-powder; — tje, o. een — loopen, to be refused, to get the slip $ — fles. bw. coolly, contemptuously.

Bias en, ov. & on. w. to blow, to sound (de trompet), to wind (den horen), to pluy on (the flute), to huff (eene damschyf), to swagger, to brag; in de bus —, to pay a fine, to come down, to pay for; aiarui —, to sound the alarm; tien nftorht —, to sound the retreat; lieet en koud uit één moud —, to blow hot and cold ; van geen toeten of — weten, to be utterly ignorant; —er, m. blazer, buffer.

Blazoen, o. banner, coat of arms, blason.

Bleek, v. bleaching, bleachery; —loon, bleaclier's fee; —veld, bleach(ing)-fleld; —, bv. pale, light, faint; —zucht, green sick-

ness; — achtlg, bv. palish, somewhat pale; —en, ov. & on. w. to bleaoh, to whiten, to blanch ; —er, m. —erin, —ster, v. bleacher, blancher; —ery, ▼. bleaching, bleachery; —ershond, mat>tiff, bandog; —erd, m. palered Klienish wine (— hoek); — heid, v. paleness.

Blei, v. blay, bleak, white-bait.

Hlelu, v. blain, blister.

Bles, v. fore lock, blaze, white spot; Iemand — maken, to win all his money; —, m. horse (with a blaze).

Bleu, bv. zie Bloode,

Bliek, v. zie Blei.

BI(Jde, v. balista (oorlogswerktuig der ouden).

Bl|), Bl|) de, bv. & bw. glad (of), gladly, pleased (with), joyful (-ly); — te moede ztyn, to be glad at lieart; — dschap, v. giudness, joy, joyfulness; —eindend, bv. tragicomical; —treurspel, tragi-comedy; —geestig, bv. & bw. jovial (-ly), clieerful (-ly), merry (-ily); —geestigheid, v. joviality, cheerfulness. mirth; —heid. v. gladness, joyfulness; vryheid, —heid, liberty aboveall. Blük, o. token, proof, evideiice; —haar, bv. & bw. evident (-ly), clear (-ly), manifest (-ly), obvious (-ly); —baarheid, v. evidence, clearness, obviousneRs; —en, on. w. to appear (from), to be evident, • obvious; doen—,to show, to prove, to exhibit; laten —, to give a hint of; —ens, vz. according to, as appears from.

Bl|| mare, v. glad tidings, agreeable news; —moedig, bv. ft bw. joyfoi (-ly), cheerful (•ly); —moedigheid, v. joyfulness, cheerfulness.

Blijspel, o. comedy, play; —dichter, — schrijver, writer (author) of comedies, play-


Biyv en, on. w. to remain, to rest; to stay; to last, to oontinue; to tarry, to wait; to stand, to stop, to leave off; to be left dead, to be killed ; to be lost, to perish; (b(J) to abide by, to per.si.«t in, to stick to; waar moet het arme kind — ? what shail beoome of the poor child? het er niet bfy laten —. not to let the matter rest there; uit iemauds buurt —, to irive a person a wide berth; op de plaats dood —, to die on the spot; van het lyf —, not to touch oue, to keep clear of one; op de been —, to keep on one's legs ; —end, bv. duruble, lasting, permanent ; —er, ro. one that remains, stayer; dat kind is geen —, that child won't live long.

Blik, o. tin-plate, white iron; tin-box, dustpuu; groeuten. vleescli in —, tinned (canned) vegetables, meat; —slager, tinman; —«knecht, tinnian's assistant; —ken, bv. of tin-plate.

Blik, o. white peliicle (of the bark of trees); — bv. hare, galled. sore; zicli — rydeu, to be galled on horse-back; to lose leather in riding; —aars, —gat, galled back-side; —keu, ov. w. to pull off the bark.