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Kr. tree-creeper; — kunde, dendrology; — rrrkrr, nursery-ntan. arborist; —kwee* kery, nursery garden, culture of trees; — luis, tree-louse, puceron; —markt, tree» market; -iuoi, tree-mos»; — olie.olire-oil, sweet-oil; — ooft, tree-fruit;—paal, prop; —palm, paltn-tree; —pikker, wood-pecker; —planter, planter of trees; — r|)k, full of trees; — schender, lojurer of tree»: -iclien* derH. damaging trees; — achnol, nursery ; —schors, bark; —sluiter, boom-sbatter; —sluiting, boom-sliutting; —snoeier, pruner, lopper; —stam, trunk;—sterk, very strong, sturdy; —stronk, stump of a tree; —tak, branch (bough) of a tree; —Talk, tree-falcon, bobby; —voren, oak-fern, polypody; —veil, ivy; — vrucht, tree-fruit; — wachter, zie lloomsluiteri —wanen, truck; —was, mummy, graftlng-wax; —wol, cotton; —zwam. agaiic; —aclitig. bv. arboreous, arborescent; —en, ov. w. to push with a pole, to pole; — ig, bv. arborescent, full of trees, zie Ëggig.

Boon, v. bean; In de —en i(|n, to be at sea, to be at a loss; honger mankt rauwe —en zoet. hunger is the best suuce; dut Is zooveel nis eene — lu de brouwketel, tbat is next to nothing; —en afdop* pen, to sbell beans; —en afhalen, to thread beaus; —akker, beau field; —eboom, nettle-tree; —enhalm, bean stalk, straw; —enkruid. savory; —eursnk, tendril of beans; — enstaak, stick (prop) for beans, maypole (lig.); —enstroo, beau -straw;—en* veld, bean-field; —schil, beanpod.

Boor, v. gimlet, wimble, drill; groote —, augei'; —bank, boring-iathe; —|)zer, bit, piereer; —meel, borings, bore-dust; —schaaf, fore-plane.

Boord, m. border, edge, brim, margin, brink, bank, seam, welt, liem; collar (— hals* boord) i —, o. board; aan — .aboard; over — werpen, to heave over board; aan — liggen, to Iie alongside of; aan — komen, to 1'all a board ; aan hooger — zfjn, to thrive, to enjoy an ample competency; een glas tot aan den — gevuld, a glass filied to the brim ; binnen de —en «Ier rivier, witliin the banks of the river; over —zetten, to throw overboard; de —en van een kleed, the heius of a gown; aan — klampen, to board a schip; to accont a person I—• to buttonhole); daar is veel over —, much is lost; —lint, face, galloon, fucing; —evol, brintful; —evolletje, bumper; — en, ov. w. to border, to edge, to lace, to seam, to hem, to skirt; —sel, o. edging-lace.

Boorts, v. overflowing oftiiegall, biliousness.

Boos, bv. & bw. wicked (*ly), bad (-ly), evil, ill, angry (op, with, over, at), nngrily, in a passion; zoo — als een kalkoeusche haan. as cross as two sticks; de booze wereld, the wicked world; een booze tong, an evil tongue, a slanderer; — weer. (rough), bad weather; — worden, to get angry, to get in a pet, to fly into a passion;

—aardig, bv. & bw. malicioua (*ly); —aardigheid, malice; —doener, m. male factor; —held, v. wickedness, malignity, anger, passion; —wicht, m. villain, wretch.

Boot, r. boat, skiff, yawl, locket, necklace (- hal«sieraad)i groote —, long-boat; kleine —, jolly-boat; eerst in «Ie —, keur van riemen, flrst come, first served; — sgezel, sailor, mariner; —sliaak, boat-hook; -snian, boatswain; — sinaiisuiaat, boatswain's mate; —stouw, boat-rope, boat's hawaer; — svolk, crew.

Bootsen, ov. w. to form, to figure, to fashion, to model.

Booze, m. evil one, devil, fiend; —, o. evil.

Borat. o. (a kind of) fine wool, • woollen thread.

Bord. o. plate, trencher, board, shelf; school —, blackboard; plat—, meat-plate-, diep—, soup-plate; een — voor't hoofd hebben, to be impudent, to be brazen faced; lu het

— spelen (=■ trictrac), to have a game of backgamnion; —papier, paste-board ; —papleren, bv. pas te-board.

Bordeel, o. brothel, bawdy-house; —brok, whore-mouger, rake; —houder, — houdster, bagnio-keeper, bawd; —taal, bawdylanguage, obscenities, ribaldry.

Bordes, o. step, fiight of steps, landing-place.

Bordlg, bv. stifT, hard; —held, v. stiffness.

Borduren, ov. w. to embroider.

Borduur der, m. —ster, v. embroiderer; —katoen, embroidering cotton; —naald, embroidering-needle; —patroon, pattern for embroideriug; —raam, embroidering frame; —werk, —sel, o. embroidery; —werker, embroiderer.

Boren, ov. w. to bore, to perforate, to pierce; in den grond —, to sink, to run down (a ship), to ruin (a person); een put —, to strike a wel!.

Borg, m. warrantee, guarantee, bail, pledge, security; te —, on (upon) credit, • trust, > tick; — bl(jven (staan) voor, to warrant, to answer tor, to go bail lor; — stellen, to procure (to give) bail, * security; —steller, bailor, surety; —stelling, —tocht, bail-bond, bail, security; onder —tocht ontslagen worden (uit de gevangenis), to be ad* mitted to bail; —tocliteiyk, bv. & bw. upon bail; —en, ov. w. to take (to give) upon trust, • upon credit; —er, m. —ster, ▼. one that takes (gives) upon credit.

Boring, v. boring, perforation, piercing.

Borrel, m. buhble (— bel), dram; veel van eeu — houden, to be loud of one's drop; —flesch, dram-bottle, gin-hottle; —glas, gin-glass; —en, on. w. to bubble, to have a dram, to drink a drop; —ing, v. bubhling.

Borst, m. lad, youth; —, v. breast, chest, bosom, brisket (of birds); het op de — hebben, to be short breathed; eene hooge

— zetten, to as»ume airs; iemand aan z(jne — drukken, to press a person to one's bosoin; eene breede —, a broad chest; de linker (rechter) —, the lelt (riglit)

B00. — UOR.