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on one; — len, ov. w. to vex, to bubble, to frustrate one'a aim; on. w. to use (to wear) spectacles.

Brit», v. wooden couch; breeclies (— broek); — en. ov. w. to lash, to breech.

Broddel «ar, m. — aarster, r. bungler, botcher; — ar||, t. bungling; —en, ov. & on. w. to bungle, to botcli, to cobble; — werk, boteh, botcliery, scamp-work.

Broed, o. brood, breed, batch; —el, egg for hatching, addle-egg; — eu, ov. w. zie Broeien.

Broeder, m. brother; friar (= monnik); mannen —s, helpt ons, men and brothers, hetp us!; wnarilti —■ en zusters! dear (my) brethren 1: Moravische—a. Moravian Brethren, United Brethren ; lustige — jovial fellow, boon companion; —gemeente, community or the Moravian Brethren;—liefde, fraternal love; —moord, — moorder, fratricide ; —twist, quarrel between brothers; —■dochter, niece; —schap, brotherbood, fellowHliip, community, Iraternity; — sluiten niet iemand, to fraternize with a pereon; — skind, nephew, niece; —«vrouw, «ieter-in-law; -szoon, nephew; —IHk. bv. & bw. brotherly, fraternal My); — IHk held, v. brotherly (Fraternal) love; —schap, v. brotherhood, o. iraternity; — ^|e, o. small cake, (kind of) pufl'-cake; —skraam, Mali for baking lïitters; —span, pan for small cakes, or fritlers.

Broed«cli, bv. broody; — held, v.broodiness.

Broei en, ov. w. to brood, to batch, to alfc on; to scald; to soak; to cocker, to coddle, to foment, to brew; kuikens —, to breed (ralse) chicken*; er broeit onraad. iome treason ia brewing (plotting); het weer broeit, the weather in sultry; er broeit een onweer, a thunderstorin is gathering; het varken wordt gebroeid, the pig is Hcalded; zich —, to clothe one's self too warm; on. w. to sit on egps, to incubate, to grow hot; er broeit Iets, there is some mischief liatcbing; —bak, hot-bed; —el, addle egg, rotten egg; —hen, brood-hen; —kas, hot-house, green-house; —kool, brooding-cage ; —kuip, masbing-tub;-machine, incubator; —nest, brooding-nest; (flg.) hotbed, nursery, focus, centre; — tyd. brooding-time, sitting; —end, bv. sultry (van het weder)) — Ing, v. brooding, incubation, soaking, fomenting, sultriness ; — sel, o. brood.

Broek, o. marsh, pool, fen; —land, marshy land; —achtig, bv. marshy.

Broek, v. (a pair ot) breeclies (korte broek); trousers; inexplicabies, unutterables.indescribablen, etc.; pantaloona («— tight trousers); tighte (— spanbroek); knickerbockers (for sportsmen, children); breech (van eeu kanon); small ring (van een vogel); in de — steken, to breech; to be short-coated; voor de — geven, to whip on the breech; de — aanhebben, (tig.) to wear the breeohes; —geep, knee-buckle, waiatband-

buckle» —galg, auspenders; —manneke,

little (boy that weara) breeclies; —sak, pocket, fob; — engoed, — enstof, stuff lor breeclies; — sband, waUthand; —sklep, flap; — spfjp, leg; —en, ov. w. to poeket up; on. w. to wear breeclies; — lug, v. breech ing.

Brok, m. piece, mornel, lump, fragment; — stuk, fragment; stukken en —keu, odds and ends; b{| stukkeu en —ken, l>y bits; —Je, o. bit, morbel; lekker —, titbit; li(| Is een lief —, be is a sad cliap indeed;

— kelen, —keu, ov. & on. w. to breuk (to fall) into fragment», to crutnble; veel in de melk te — hebben, to be a warm man; to be a person of importance; weiuig In de utelk te — hebben, to be poor; (flg.) to have no influence; —kellg, bv. brittle, friable; —keUglieid, v. brittleuesa, friableness; —keling. v. crumbling.

Brom uien, ov. & on. w. to hum, tobuzz, to gruut, to grumble, to be angry; —beer, growler, grumbler; — kever, huintning-beetle; —pot, —tol, humming top; —vlieg, tnuckfly, blue-bottle; —nier, m. growler, grumbler; —nier, —merQe, cab, hackney-coach; — ■a|ig, grumbling, cross (*tempered).

Bron, v. spring, well, fountain, sou ree, origln, cause; uit goede — vernemen, to learn (to be informed) on good authority, from a good hand; —ader, vein of a well, source, origin; —arts, physician at a wateriug-place; —gast, spa-drinker, visitor of a wateringplace; —kuur, use (drinking) of the mineral waters; —meester, marter of the wells; — water, spring-water, mineral-water.

Brons, o. bronze; — kleur.brass-colour.bronze.

Bronst, v. rutting, rut; — tffsl.rutting-seaaon;

— en. on. w. to rut; —Ig, bv. rutting; — lgheid, v. rutting, rut.

Bronzen, bv. bronze; —, ov. w. to bronze, to paint a bronze colour.

Brood, o. bread, loal'; ztyn — hebben, to have a competency; zifn — verdienen, to get one's livelihood; z(fn eigen —eten, to be independent, to be one's own master; dat Is gesneden —, that's cut and dried; Iets op zyn — krUgeu (Hg.), to have it cast (tiung) in one's teeth; wiens — men eet, wieus woord uien spreekt, do not quarrel with your bread and bulter; out «len — e, for the loaves and flslies; —bakken, breadbaking; —bakker, baker; —bnkkery, bakehouse; —bezorger, pantler; -boom, breadfruit-tree; —deeg, dough for bread; —dief, depriver of live-iiliood; —dronken, petulant, wanton ; —dronkenheid, petulaucy, wantonness; —eloos, out of employment; —etende profeten, false propliets; — kamer, breadroom, pantry, buttery; —kast, pantry; — kist, breud-ciiest: —korf, — maml. breadbasket; Iemand den —korf wat Jiooger hangen, to put one on short coinmou», to ahrink one's allowances; —korst, ernst of bread;—kruim, crumb of bread; de — kruimels steken heui, lie iafooihardy, wai.tonj