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anity; — enheld, v. christendom ; -ui, in. Christ; —beeld. Image of Christ.

Chronisch, bv. chronical.

Chroaaolog Ie, v. chronology; —isch, br.


Chrysoliet, 111. chrysolite.

Cichorei, v. succory, chicory.

Cider,m. cider; — brandew{) 11, cider-brandy.

C(|fer, o. flgure, cipher; lu — • schrijven, to write in (by) ciphers; eeue nul In het — z||n, to stand for a cipher; —boek. book of arithmetic: — kunst.arithmetic; —letter, cipher; —aaaeenter, arithmetician, cipheringmasfcer; —schrift, cipher, steganography; — aar, m. accountant, reckoner, arithmetician; —en, on. w. to cipher, to cast accounts.

C||ns, m. tribute, tribute-monsy; —recht, right of levying a tribute; — baar, — pllchbr. tributary.

Cilinder, Cylinder, m. cylinder; —horloge, cylinder-, lever-watch; —lamp, argand-latnp; —pers, rolling-press; -vornilg, cylindric.

Cimbaal, Cimbel, v. cymbal.

Cipier, m. jaiior, keeper.

Cipres, m. cypress; —sebooui, cypress-tree.

Circa. bw. about.

Circnl alre, v. circular (letter); —atle, v. ciroulation; — eeren, on. w. to circulate.

Circus, m. circus, ring.

Cirkel, m. circie; —boog, arcli: —voraaiig, circular; —Tink. circular surfuce.

Citadel, v. citadel, fortress.

Clt aat, o. quotation, tummons (= dagvaar» dln|, citatie)t — eeren, w. to quote, to cite, to summons.

Citer, v. citliern; guitar; —draad, brush-wire; —spel, guitar-playing; —speler, guitar» player.

CIto, bw. quickly, immediately.

Citroen, m. lemon, citron; Iemand knollen voor —en verkoopeaa, to inake one believe that the moon is made of green cheese; —bitter, lemon-peel bitters { —boom, lemontree; —geel, bv. citrine; —hout, candlewood; —kleur, lemon-colonr;—kniid.common-balm; —sap, lemon-juice, lemonade; — schil, lemon-peel; —vla, lemon-custard; — zuur, lemon-acid; — zout, citrate.

Civet, o. civet; —kat. civet-cat.

Civiel, bv. civii; reasonable, cheap; —e l||st, civil list; —-ingenieur, civil-engineer; zich —e party stellen, to lay claim to damages (in a civil Buit); Hof voor —e Zaken, Court ofCommon Pleas; civilist (— burger, niet-milltair). civilian.

Classicaal, bv. class-, aimultaneous; —onderw||zen, to teach in classes.

Classlek, bv. & bw. classical (-ly); — geleerde, classicist; de —en, the clantfics.

Classis, v. assembly, convocatiou ; resort.

Clausule, v. clause.

Claviatuur, v. key-board.

Clematis, v. clematis, virgin's bower.

Clerezy, v. clergy, de blsschoppel|)ke —, the episcopal cleresy (Janaenisaaa).

Clericaal, bv. clerical.

Clericallsaaae, o. clericalism.

Clieaat, m. cliënt; — èle, v. clientage, cuetomers.

Cllaa lek, r. clinics, clinical mediclne; —Isch, bv. & bw. clinio. clinical (-ly).

Cocagiae-aaaast, m. greasy (climbing-) pole; land van Cocagaie. Cocagne (land of 0.).

Cocheaallle, Koaazeullle, v. cochineaL

Codicil o. codicil.

Cogaaac, m. cognac, brandy ;—puur, brandy neat; —grog, brandy and water.

Cognosseaaaeaat, o. blll of lading.

Collatie, v. collation.

Collatlon, v. collation.

Collatioaaaaeereaa, ov. w. to collate.

Collect aait, —eur, m. collector, gatlierer; —e, v. collection, gathering; eeaae —e hou* den, to make a collection; to send the hat round ; —eereaa, ov. w. to collect, to gather; —Ie, v. collection ; —i ,-f, bv. & bw. colleotive (-ly).

Collega, m. colleague.

College, o. college; board, club; lecture, course; —houdeia, loopeaa, to attend lectures; — geveaa over, to read lectu-res on.

Colli o. package, bale, bag, barrel, cask, etc.

Coloaanade, v. colonnade.

Coaaaedle, v. comedy, play; — spel, theatrical performance; acting.

CoiiiUrh, bv. & bw. comical (-ly).

Couaitè o. committee.

Commeaasaal, m. mess-mate, boarder.

Commies, m. clerk.

Coaaamiss aris, m. commissary, commissioner, police officer; —ie, v. commission, committee ; eeaae perauaneaate —ie, a standing committee ;—Ie voor de Openb. Werken, Board of Works; —handel, commission business; — lonnalr, m. agent, factor.

Coaaaaaalttent, m. constituent, committer.

Couaaaaode, v. chest of drawers.

Comiaauaaie, v. communion ; — doen, to take the communion, to be conflrmed ; — beker (—tafel), communion-cup (—table).

Coaaipagaale v. company; —schap, v. partnership, association.

Couipagaaoaa, m. partner, associate.

Compar aait, m. appearer, party in court; —eereaa, on. w. to appear; — itie, v. appearance, meeting.

Coaaapleet, bv. full, entire, complete.

Coaiiplinaeaat, o. compliment; doe aaafyaie —eaa naaa uwe moeder, pay my respects (my regards) to your mother; aaaijaae —en aan alle vrleaiden, my best compliment» (my love) to all the friends ; geeaae —eaa afwachten vaaa leinaaid, not to ezpect rebukes from a. o.; geen —en, s, v. p. no ceremonies, pleaso; Iemand z|)n — maken, to pay one's compliment to a. o. (over, on) j » aaiaker, complimenter ; —eereaa, ov. w. to compliment; — eus, compliment ary.

Com pon eeren, ov. w. to com pose; —Ist,

m. composer.

Compositie, v. composition.

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