Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar

Daarnaast, bw. with that.

Daarnevens, bw. with that.

Daarom, bw. therefore.

Daaromatreek», bw. thereabouts.

Daaromtrent, bw. tliereabout, about it.

Daaronder, bw. therebelow, therebeneath; there among, amonp tbem.

Daarop, bw. upon it, thereon, tbereupon.

Daarover, bw. at (about, over) it, over there, on the other side.

Daartegen, bw. atrainst it, thereagainst.

Daartoe, bw. for that purpose.

Daartusschen, bw. between them, meanwhile.

Daarnlt, bw. (from) thence, out of it.

Daarvan, bw. of (from) it, theieof, therefrom.

Daarvoor, bw. for it.

Dadel, r. date; —boom, date-tree; —kern, date-kemel; —olie, date-oil; — wQn, d^te- > wine.

Dadelijk, bv. effectual (-ly), actual (-ly), immediate f-ly), direct (-ly); —held, v. actuality, hostility; tot —heden komen, to conie to blowt, to fall to loggerlieads.

Dader, m.; —e», r. doer, author, perpetrator, delinquent.

Dading, v. conipiomise, transaction, contract.

Dag, m. day, light; het la —, it is day-ligl.t; het wordt —, it dawns ; op klaarlichten —, in broad day-light; by —, in the daytime; «len gnnsehen —, a 11 the day long; | op zekeren —,one day; om den auderen —« every other day; om den derden —, alle drie —en, every third day; Jongste —, day of judgment, doom'n-day; oude —, old age; vóór — en «lauw, very early, betimes in the morning; aan den — bren- ! gen, to divulge, to brjng to light; aan den — leggen, to display, to manifest; voor den — komen, to appear, to come forth; by den — leven, to live from hand to mouth; heden ten —e, now-a-days; ten —e en plaatse, in due time and place; dezer —en, one of these days, lately; lieden over acht —en, to-day sennight; zoo klaar als de —, as clear as noon-day; —blad, newspapar, Journal; —bladschrijver, journalist, gazetteer; —boek, —register, —verhaal, day-book, Journal, diary; —dief, loiterer; — «lieven, on. w. to loiter; — diever||, loltering; —geld, —huur, —loon, daily wages; —gelder. —huurder,—looner. day-labourer; —licht, day-light; dat kan het—licht «iet verdragen, that cannot bear the light of day; het —licht zien, to be born.tosee the day-light; iets in een fraai —licht plaatsen, to set a thing in a favorable light, to show it under favourable circumstances; —order, general order; —reis, day's journey; —scholier, day-scholar; —school, dayschool; —ster, morning-star, sun; — teekenen, to date; —teekening, dating, date; —toorts, luminary of day, sun; —vaarden, ov. w. to cite, to summon; —vaarding, v. citation, summons ; iemand eene —beteekeuen, to serve a writ (a summons) upon

one; —vaart. day's-Journey, meeting (assembly) of the states; —vlieg, epliemeron; — vlinder, butterfly; —vorstin, sun, king of day: —wacht, day-watch; —werk, day*swork, daily taak; —w(|zer, calendar, almanac; —el(Jks, bv. daily; -eiyksch, bv. daily, quotidlan, diurnal; — en, on. w. to dawn.

Dag en, ov. w. to summon, to challenge: — er, m. summoner, plaintiff.

Dageraad, m. dawn, day-break.

v. dagger, ponlard, cat-o'-nlne-taila.

Daging, v. summouing, challenglng.

Dahlia, v. dahlia.

Dak, o. roof, thatoh; onder — komeu, to flnd a lodging; ouder — z|)n, to be well on, in easy circumstances; van de —en

(irediken, to proclaim from the house-tops; iet ging als van een leien —Je, it went on swimmingly; iemand op z(Jn — kouten, to give one a sound beating, to obtrude oneself upon a man; —balk. —blut, —rib, beam*.—bord, shingle; —dekker,thatcher; —dicht, weatherproof, well-roofed; —drop, —drup, eaves; —goot, gutter;—kamertje, cock-loft, attic; —lat, —spar, rafter; —loos, roofless, houseles», homeless; een —looze, a waif, a street arab; verhiyf voor —loozen, house of refuge; —pan, tile; —pjjp, conduit-pipe, Bpout, tunnel; —stoel, rafters, props and supports of a roof; — venster, dormer-window; —werk, roofing.

Dal. o. valley, vale, dale; een tranen —, a vale of tears; over berg en —, up hill and down dale.

Dal en, on. w. to descend, to decline, to fall, ! to sink; — ing, v. descent, decline, fall.

Dam, m. dam, mole, bank, weir; —, v. king (In 't damspel) | een — opwerpen tegen, to set up a barrier against, to put a stop to; een haan is stout op eigen —, a cock is proud on his own dung hill; het hek was van den — (flg.), the house was turued out of window; — halen, to go to kiug; — bord, draught-board; —hert, iallow-buclc, fallowdeer; —looner, coaster, bilander; — sch(|f, man; —spel, (game at) draughts;—speler, draught-player.

Daniasc eeren, ov. w. to damask, to damaskeen; •—ener, bv. Damask-; een —ener zwaard, a damascus-blade.

Damast, o. damask; —pruim, damascene, damson ; —en, bv. damask.

Dame, v. lady.

Dauini en, on. w. to play at draughts;—er, m. draught-player.

Damp, m. vapour, steam, smoke; —bad, steambathi— ketel, boiler; —kogel, eolipile; —kring, atmosphere; —kringslucht, atmospherio air; —en, on. w. to vapour, to emit steam, to smoke; —er, m. «moker; —Ig, bv. foggy, damp, dampish, haxy, brokenwinded, pursy; — Igheid, v. fogginess, dampishness, pursiness.

Dan, bw. then; nu en —, now and then, sometimes; — ben Jo een beste, tbere's a