Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar

dear girl, boy); —, rw. than, but; kleiner

- I.||, smaller tlian he; niemand — h||. I

nobody but hitn.

Danig, bw. very much, extremely, badly.

Dank, m. tlianks; In —, gratefully, tliank fully, with tlianks; — weten, to tliank, to acknowledge; — zeggen, to give (to returnj tlianks; Code z(J —, tliank Ood; tegen wil en —, in spite of oneself; against the grain; stank voor — krijgen, to meet with a bad return; In — ontvangen, to receive thankfully, (with tlianks); —betul ging, —zegging, thanksgiving; —dag. dav of thaiikHffivin^; —gebed, grace; —lied. song of thnnksgiving; —olTer, thank-ofl'ering; —baar, bv. & bw. thankful (-ly), irrateful (-ly); Ik biyr u —, I thank you -,—baarheid, v. thankfulness, trratitude; —en, ov. w. to thank, to giro tlianks, to say grace. to refuse; ik zon Je —! tliank you for nothing; w|| moeten hem onzen — betuigen, we must pay liim our tlianks; te — hebben aan, to be obliged (indebted; to... for; Ik — u (afwyieml), no, I thank you.

Dans, in. dance; aan den — geraken, to fall to fighting, to conie to blows; den — «uitspringen, to have a narrow escape; ten — leiden, to lead to the dance; voor den — aantreden, to form for the dance; —feest, hall, dancing-party; —linie, dancing» room; —kunst, (art of) dancing; —les. dancing-lesson; —lied, dancing-tune;— lustig, fond of dancing;—meester, dancing-master;

— party, dancing-party, ball; —pas. dancingstep; —schoenen, pumps; —school, dancing-school; —teekeulng, chorography; — saai, dancing-room; —ziekte. St. Vitus' dance; — en, ov. & on. w. to dance; —er, m. — eres, v. dancer, partner.

Dapper, bv. brave, valiant, bold; —, bw. bravely, boldly, very much, heartily; at a pretty (flne) rate; —held, v. bravery, valor, bold ness.

Darm, m. gut; —en (— Ingewanden).

bowels, entralls; blinde —, blind-gut; eaidel—, rectum; den — vullen, to eat gluttonly, to eat one's fiil, to fill one's belly; —been, iliac bone; —breuk, enterocele; — Jicht, —p|)n, —snijding, iliac passion, colic,

Eripes; —kanaal, Tntestinal canal; — kronel, twisting in the guts; —net, caul, keil; —sap, chyle; — scheel, mesentery;— snaar, gut-string, cat-gut; —vlies, peritoneum; — vllesontsteklng. peritonitis.

Dartel, bv. & bw. liveiy, playful (-ly), wanton (*ly); —en, on. w. to wanton, to sport, to frisk, to dally; —held, v. llveliness, playlulness, sportiveness, wantouness.

Das, v. neck-cloth, cravat; —, m. badger; — hond, basset, terrier; —sevel, skin of a badger; — senjacht, v. badger-baiting.

Dat. vnw. which, that; —, vw. that. !

Dateeren, ov. & on. w. to date.

Datum, m. date, datum; op — ontvangen, recsived cash.

Dauw, m. dew; vóór dag en —, zie Dag;

—droppel, dew-drop; —worm, ring-worro,

tetter; — achtig. bv. dewy.

Dauwel, v. lazy slut; —aar, m. lolterer; — achtig, bv. loitering, slovenly; —ar)), v. loitering; —en, on. w. to loiter.

Dauwen, on. w. to dew ; het dauwt, the dew is falling down.

Daver en. on. w. to shake, to quake;— end, bv, violeut, loud; — Ing, v. shaking, quaking.

De, 1. the.

Deballoteeren, ov. w. to black-ball, to pill.

Debat, debate, discussion.

Debet, bv. & o. debit, debts, Dr. (debtor); — zün, to owe; In het — brengen, to pass

(to place) into the debit, to carry to the debit; —zijde, debit-side, debtor-side.

Debiet, o. sale.

Debit ant, m. seller, retailer; —eeren, ov. w. to sell, to retail, to utter, to teil, to debit (with), to carry to one's debit; aardigheden —eeren, to crack jokes (on); — eur, tn. debtor.

Déhoucbè, o. channel, exportation, market.

Debuut, o. beginning, outset, debut, first appearance.

Debutant(e), debutant(e).

Debuteeren, on. w. to appear for the first time.

Deeameter, m. decametre.

December, m. December ;20—, Boxing-day.

Decimeter, m. decimetre.

Declamatie, v. declamation.

Dvclaiueeren. ov. w. to declaint, to recite, to deliver, to mouth.

Declaratie, v. declaration, voucher (for money).

Declareeren, on. w. to declarc; to vouch (for); zich —, to ask in marriage, to pop the question.

Declineeren. ov. w. to decline (a word); to ftlight, to discount.

Declinatie, v. decliuation.

Decoreeren, ov. w. to decorate, to conferan order on.

Decoratie, v. decoration ; order, cross, Btar; —schilder, m. scene-paiuter.

Decoratief, o. scenery.

Decreet, o. warrant, decree.

Deeg, o. dough, paste; er — van hebben, to enjoy it; ter —, duly,heartily,thoroughly; —brood, paste-bread; —klomp, iump of paste; —aclitig, bv. doughy.

Deel, v. deal, plank, board, thrashing-floor.

Deel, o. part, portiou, share (= aandeel); parcel; volume (of a book); — hebben aan, to be concerned in, to have a hand iu; — nemen (aan), to participate in; (In) to sympathie with; to partake of (a dinner, a party); to condole with one (on his loss); ten — vallen, to fall to one's lot (share); ten —e, partly; In allen —e, in every respect; —genoot, —hebber, —hebster, partaker, participant, partner, associate; — genootschap, partnership, nssociation; — neineiid. partaking (of), sensible (to), compassionate, syinpathizing (with) j —nemer.