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power; -w||ie, marnier of thinking; opinioni — cimI, bv. thinking, rational;—er. m. —ster, v. thinker, reasonner, speculator. Depnrtemeiit, O. department, division, province ; het — va» llimietil. Zaken, Home Office; het — van lluitenl. Zaken, Foreign Office; het — van Marine. Oorlog. Koloniën, Navy —, War —, Colonial Office; dat behoort niet tot myn —, tliat is not within my pro vince.

Dopèche, v. dixpatch, to!ei?ram. Uepoiieeren. ov. w. to deposit; depositarls. depositary ; in deposito, In foii) deposit; Crediet- en Deposito Uank, Bauk for credits and deposito.

Depót, o. depot; brunch establishment. Deputatie, v. deputation; deputeeren, ov. w., to depute; een gedeputeerde, m. a deputy.

Derallleeren, on. w. to go off the rails (metais); to derail; derailleuient, o., derail ment.

Deraugeeren, ov. w. to inconvenlence; to

put to inconvenience.

Derde, bv. third; —, m. third person, umpire; —, v. tierce ; —. o. third (part); —deel. third part; —half, bv. two and a half; de — stand, the third estate; the commoners. den — dezer, the third inst.; — macht* wortel, cubic root; —maclitnvergeiy king, cubic equation ; ten —, thirdly, in the third place; — ndaitgsch, bv. tertian (fever, \ koorts).

Deren, ov. w. to hurt, to injure, to harm, to ail; to give concern, to make sorry; wat I «leert u ? wliat ai is you ? what is the matter 1 witli you?

Dergeiyk, bv. stich, such like, slmilar. Derhalve, bw. tlierefore, consequently. Dermate, bw. i . such a manner, so mucli. Derrie, v. stratum of clay beiow the mud. D«>rtlen, tw. thirteen, a baker's dozen ; — de, bv. thirteen til; — delialf, bw. twelve and a hall'; — maal, bw. thirteen times; ' —tal, o. (number of) thirteen.

Dertig, tw. thirty; — daglg, bv. of tliirty days; —er, m. person thirty years of age; l>y i« •en goede —, he is turned of (on the wrongslde of) thirty; —Jarig, bv. of thirty years; de —Jarige oorlog, tho thirty years' war; —maal, bw. thirty timen; —ste, bv. thirtieth; —tal, o. (number of) thirty.

Derv en, ov. w. to miss, to l.ick, to be (fo do) without; —er, m. deprived, lacker; —ing, v, want, lack, privation.

Derwaarts, bw. thither; her- en —, hither

and thither, to and fro.

De», 1. of the» vnw. tlierefore, at tliat;—,bw.

— te meer, so mucli the more, the more so. Desbevoegd, bv. competent, entitled to. Desbewnst, bv. infortned (aware) of it.

Deaert eeren, on. w. to desert, to run away;

—eur, m. deserter, run-away.

Desgelyks, bw. likewise.

Deskundig, bv, expert; —e, m. expert; —en, m, mv. jury of artlsts.

I te*en.«n«nde, —««min. l,w. nerer-

theless, notwithstanding, for ali tliat.

! Desnoods, bw. if need be, at a pinch. at a stress.

Desolaat, bv. desolate, insolvent, zie Boedel* kamer.

Despoot, m. despot, tyrant; despotisch,bvn. despotic, tyrannic(al); despotisme, o. despotism.

Iletsert, o. dessert.

■ »e«t|Jds. bw. at that time.

Deswege, bw. tlierefore, on account of that. ^ eere,,« ov. w. to draft off (soldiere), to detacli (— losmaken); — euient, o. detacliment.

Detail, o. retail (trade), particular(s), detail(s).

■'®*sgd, vlrtue, good quaiity, good; van desa nood eene — maken, to make a virtue of necessity; de — van eene atol*, the good quaiity, the excellence of a stuff, a material; —lieveud, loving virtue, vlrtuous; —ryk, rlch In virtue, virtuous; — e■ ül*» bv. & bw. virtuous (-ly), valid (-ly). real (-ly), true, truly; -eiyklieid, v. vlrtuousness, validlty, reality ; — zaam, bv. virtuous, honest, good, substantial; bw. vlrtuously, honestly; *—zaamheld, v. virtuousness, honesty, virtue, good quaiity.

Deug en, on. w. to be wortli, to be good (for); wat goed is voor den een, deugt ook ▼oor den ander, what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gauder; niet —, to be good for nothing, not to do for, to be below the mark; —niet, m. rascal, knave, rogue, good* foi-nolhing fellow, a scape-grace.

Deuk, v. dent, brulse; —en, ov. w. to dent» to brulse.

Deun, m. tune, sing-song; om denfor fuu; l.y Zingt altyd denzelfden — .hels

always iiarping on the sanie string; —, bv. & bw. nlggard (-ly), stlngy(-ly). close by, neari —e«», on. w. to sing; —held, v. nlggardliness, stinginess; —<Je, o. air, tune; het oude —, the old story; — yes, bw. niggardly.

T. T' door, pate5 lliet (I* — In *t hals vallen, to blunder out; met gesloten — en, (in) private; voor de — staan, to be at hand, to draw near; de — voor Iemands neus dicht doen, to shut the door in a person's face; dat zet de — open voor .. ■"'•^ruiken, that opened tiie door for all abuses; —hengsel, liinge; —kettiug, door-cliain; —kozyu, door-frame; —klink, latch; —klopper, knocker; —knop. doorhand Ie; —lyst, —raaui, door-frame; —post, —«•IJl. door-gost; —slot, lock of a door; —U«bel. runaway knock (ring); —vleugel, fold ; —waarder, usher, sheriff'a officer, tipstatf, bailiff; —wachter, porter, doorkeeper.

Deuvekater, m. Chrlstmas cake; de —, the deuce I

Deuvik, m. bung, spigot; —eu,ov. w. to tam to bung, to draw off.

Déveine, v. run of bad luck.

Devies, o. device, motto, legend.