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ner, «nader; -Iiij, v. deepenlng, shading; —ul, o. simde; —te, v. depth, deepness, profoundnesa.

Dier. o. animal, beaat; redeloos —, brute; viervoetig —, quadruped; herkauwend

—• ruminant (animal); planteneteud ,

herbivorous animal; vleeschetend —, carnivoroua animal; wilde —en, savajre animals; wild beaats; tnuime —ei», domesticated (tame) animals; kruipende —en, reptiles; —gaarde, zoological garden, menagerie; —kunde, zoology; —kundig, zoological; —kundige, zoologist; — mennek. V*rute; —plant, zoopliyte: —soort, species of animals ; —enaaiibidditig, zoolatry; •— enbescliriJver, zoographer; —euhenrlirifyl'iR» zoography; —eugeveclit, combat of beaats, nnimal-titrht; —enhtiid, —euvel, hide, skin; -enkweller, torturer of animals; —enrieiai. zodiae; — enryk, animal kingdom; — entemuier, tamer of animals; —enwereld. animal world; — age, o. vixen, slirew, (she-) devil; —lyk.bv.animal,beastly, beatial, brutiah; — lyklieid, v. animality, beastiiness, bestiality; —tje, o. little animal. animalcule.

Dier, bv. zie Dierbaar, & Duur t —baar,

bv. dear, beloved, precious ; —baarheid, v. dearness.

Diergelijk, bv. zie Dergelijk.

Diee, vw. therefore, consequent ly.

Diets, bw. — maken, to make believe, to impose on.

Dievegge, v. thlef.

Dieven, ov. & on. w. to thieve, to crlb, to pilter; —bende, —rot. gang (band) of thieves; —fluitje, dogwhistle; —gezicht, hanging face; —lantaren, dark lantern, buli's eye, thieve»' lantern; —leider, thiefcatcher; —taal, cant, slang, gibberish. thieves' latin.

Dieverij, v. theft, robbery, felony.

Diggel, v. potsberd.

D(|, y. thigli; —been, thlgh-bone; —hamt. etuk, leg, buttock; —harnas, —atuk, cuiss; leg (of mutton); —zak, breechespocket, fob.

DQen, on. w. to swell, to puff up.

DQk, m. dam, dike, bank; aan den — Jagen. to tura out of doors, to put out of employment; dat brengt geene zoden aan den —, that is of no use, of no avail; that brings no srist to the mill; —baas, undertaker of dikes; —bestuur, —stoel, board of inspectiou of the dikes; —breuk, rupture (breach) of adam; —geld',—lasten, dike-tax, dike-rates; —graaf, —meester, superintendent of the dikes; chairman of the Board of dikes; —recht, regulations relating to dikes; —schouw, inspection of a dike; —werk, dike-work; —werker, dike-worker: -wezen, (the) dikes; —age, v. dike-work; —en, ov. & on. w. to dike (to fence) in; to raise a dike; —er, m. dike-worker.

DiJzig, bv, foggy, hazy ; —held, v. togginess, liaziness.

Dik, bv. thick, big, fat, swollen, bloated.curdled (milk), clotted, close (frienda; ook fast frienda); Karei de —ke, Charles the Fat; een — boek, a buiky volume; eene —ke lucht, a clouded sky; eene —ke vrouw, a plump woman: eene-ke hand, a swollen hand; — van liuid (vel. schil), thlck-skinned, thlck-coated.insensible; dikke eind, butt-end (of a musket); —.bw.thickly, close; — gekleed gaan, to dreas warmiy;

I" zitten, to be monied, to have feathered one's nest;—, o.thick,part,dregt, sediment, grounds (van koffie); calf (van het been); door — en dun, throngh thick and thin; to go all lengths wlth;

bast, —buik. —pens, — znk, swagbelly, paunch-belly, gorbellied person; — bastig, —huidig. — veilig, thick-akinned, thick-coated, thick-shelled; —bek, chubfaced person; — bekkig, — koouig. — wan* giff. chub-cheeked, chub faced; — hladerlg, thick leaved; —bloedig, thick-blooded; — kop, jolt-head, numskull, thick-skull. blockhead; —koppig, thick-headed, thick-skulled. chubby; — HJvig. thick-bodied, thick-set, corpulent; —lippig, blubber-Hpped ; —nekkig, thick-necked ; —ueuzlg, thick-nosed; —achtig, bv. rather thick;—heid, v. thickness, deepness; —keu, ov. & on. w. to thicken; to grow thick; to curdle, to clot; —kerd. m. fat (plump) fellow; —te, v. thickneas, bigneas.

Dikmaal., Dikwerf. Dikwijl», bw. oft«n, often times, frequently.

Dilettant, m. en v. dilettante, amateur; — isuie, o. dilettantism, amateurism ; —ach*\g< amateurish.

Diligence, v. stage-coach ; In deu — tijd, in tlte age (period) of horae-flesh.

Dille, v. dill.

Ding. o. thing; Mijnheer — s. Mr. Thlngum: Mr. what d'ye call him? Mr. Klank.

Ding en, on. w. to bargain, to liitnfle; fco aspire (to), to strive (for); hier valt niet te —, no higgling liere; — naar eene betrekking, to stand for (to apply for) a place; — naar de hand eeuer vrouw, to aspire to a lady's hand ; —er, m.; —ster, v. bargalner; striver.

Dingtaal, v. solid arguments; h(J spreekt —, he speaks to the purpose.

Dineeren. on. w. to dine; diner, o. dinner; een familiaar —, a smal! (int'ormalj dinner.

Dinsdag, m. Tuesday.

Diplom a. o. diploma, certificate ; —aat, m. diplomatist; —atie. v. diplomaoy.

Direct, bvn. direct, bw. directly; —e belastingen, direct taxe* ; — eur, director, manager (of a railway, a tlieatre, a factory etc.); governor (of a prison), head-master (of a school); —Ie. direction ; —rire. directress, dir«*ctrix, governess, lady-principal.

Dirigeeren. ov. w. to direct, to conduct (an orchestra), to manage ; dirigeerstok, baton, score.

Discant, m. descaut, treble, soprano.