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Dlscli, m. table, board; —genoot, fellowboarder, meaimate, guest.

Dlscout eeren, ov. w. to discount; — o, o.

d iscount.

Dissel, m. tliill, beam, adze, addice (— hooweel) t —boom, thillbeain, pole ; —paard, thlll-horse, wheeler.

Distantie, v. distance; op eene —, at a distance; hy is erg op eene —, lie isvery distant and reserved.

Dintel, ni. thistle; men leest geene v|)gen van —en, as the tree, so the fruit; — bloem, thistle-flower; —vink, thistle-finch; —Ig, bv. thistly.

Distill ateur. m. dintiller; —atie, v. dlstillation ; —rerm, ov. w. to distill ; —eerglas, —kolf, retort.alembic;—eerketel, still.

Uit, vnw. this.

Dito. bw. ditto, do.

Dividend, o. dividend; —bew{Js, dividend* warrant.

Divisie, v. division.

Dobbel, m. game at dice; een goeden — hebben, to have a iucky throw at dice; to huve good luck; —beker, —horen, — kroes, dice-box; —* pel , dice-playing; game at dice; —steen, die; square, cube; —ziek, given to dicing (gambling); —zucht, fondness of dicing (gambling); —aar, m. diceplayer, gambler; —ar(J, v. dicing, dice-playing, gambling; —en, ou. w. to play at dice, to gambie ; tegen twaalf oogeu —, to play a desperate gaine; to be in a hopeless state.

Dobber, m. float, quill, cork; small boat, buoy ; bunch of bulrushes; —en, on. w. to float, to Huctuate,to waver; tussclien vrees en hoop —, to be ia a mortal suspense; —ing, v. fluctuation.

Doch, vw. but, yet, however.

Dochter, v. daughter, girl; Jonge—, girl, maiden, spinster; — skind, grand-child ; — sman, sou-in-law.

Doctor, m. doctor; — In de letteren, doctor of letters; —aat, o. doctorate, doctorship ; —iiudus, licentiate; —eeren, on. w. to be admitted a doctor, to take one's degree ; —'s titel houoriscausa, honorary degree.

Dodderig, bv. drowny, listless ; —held, v. drowsinesa, listlessness.

Dodei, o. foul egg, addle egg.

Duiloor, m. & v. hundrum, drone; listless

feil ow.

Doedelzak, m. bag-pipe; —speler, bag-piper.

Doek, in. clout, towel; swaddling-band, shawl; —, o. cloth, linen, canvas» (of a painter); zoo wit als eeu —, as white as a clout; den arua in een —, one's arm in a sling ; —maker, cloth-maker ; —speld, brooch ; —scheerder, cloth-shearer; —en, ov. w. to cozen, to take in, to impose upon; een schilderstuk—, to repair a painting; —er, m. cheat, deceiver; —ing, v. cheat, deception; —Je, o. rag; eeu — voor het bloeden, a poor make-shift; er geeue —s

om winden, not to mince the matter, to say it point-blank.

Doel, o. aim, mark, butt, goal; z||n — bereiken, to attain one's end (object); het — heiligt de middelen, the end justifies the menns; het — In 't ook liouden, to keep one's end in view; niet het — uit het oog verliezen, not to lose Mght ot* one's end; een bepaald —, a set purpose, a certain aim ; het — missen, to mis* the mark ; op eeu — mikken, to aim Vit a mark; wie het

— wil moet de iiilddeleu willen, one cannot make omelettes without breaklng eggs; zich ten — «tellen, to set oneself a purpose; het — voorbijstreven, to over» shoot the mark, to over.«hoot oneself; aan het — beantwoorden, to answer the purpose; ten — staan aan, to be expoaed to; —einde, purpose, end; —matig, —passend, answering the purpose, suitable; — treffend, efficient, to the purpose; —wit, aim, purpose, view; —en, on. w. (op) to aim at, to allude to; —en, m. shooting-place; —loos, bv. (servlng) to no purpose, unsuitable; —loosheid, v. unsuitableness, aiinlessness.

Doem en, ov. w. to doom, to condemn; het werd ten vure gedoemd, it was condemned to be burnt; —euswaardig, — waardig, bv. condemnable, blamable; —er, m. —ster, v. condemner, judge; —Ing, r, condemnation.

Doen. ov. & on. w. to do, to make, to perform, to execute, to acliieve, to transact, to commit, to put, to place, to set, to pottr, to cause to be done, to order, to get; (in) to deal (to trade) in; te — geven, to employ for; te

— z||n, to be feasible (practicable); — alsof, to pi-etend to, to feign, to make a show of;

— weten, to let know, to send word to, to inform of; het is om u te —, you are wanted; te — hebben, to have to do; (met) to meddle with, to be concerned for, to pity; veel te — hebben, to be crowded with business, to have a thriving trade ; wat is daar te — ?, what is the matter ? dat doet niets ter zake, that is (does) nothing to the purpose; —, o. doing, acting, business; iu goeden — zitten, to be in easy circumstances; van — hebben, to have occasion for; al —de leert uien, practice makes perfect; ztyne zaken aan kant —, to retire from business ; eeu Jongen op scliuol —, to put a boy to school; doe wel en zie niet om, do well and have well; iemand een dienst —, to do one a kind turn, to render one a service; iemand afbreuk

to harm a person; iemand genoegen —, to do a person a favour; eene vraag —, to ask a question, to put aquestion to ; eene wandeling (reis) —, to take a walk (a Journey); een voorstel —, to make a proposal; een winkel —, to keep a shop ; eeu boodschap —, to run an errand ; in w||uen —, to deal in wines; met iemand te — hebben, to feel for ito condole with) one; —er, m. doer; —lijk, bv. feasible, practi-

DI3. — DOE.