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eable, posslble; — lykheid, r. feaslbitlty, practicableness, possibility.

Doeniet, m. & v. idler, sluggard, do-nothing.

Doezel «ar, m. stump; — en. ov. w. to stump.

Dof, bv. laint, smothered, duit, heavy, dend ;

— goud. dead gold; — blauw, dead blue; •ene —fe «trui, a hollow (fahit) voice; een

— gemompel, a smothered murmur;—, m. tuck, knock, buffet, puff; —fen, ov w. to knook, to buffet; —fep. m. knocker, buffeter; male pigeon; rake; — flg. bv. dullhh, drow*y, heavy; — flgheid, —held, v. faintneas, dulln9Bsf heaviness.

Doft, ▼. rower's bench; thwart.

Dog, m. maatifT.

Doge. m. doge; —achnp, o. dogate.

Dogger, m. cod-fish ; —boot. dogger f-boat).

Dok. o. doek; droog —, dry doek; dryvend —, floating (wet) doek; —ken, ov. w. to doek, to lay up in a doek; to pay money down, to oome down.

Dokter, m. doctor, physician, medtcal man; onder —s handen z(|n.to be iinder medical treatment, to be under the doctor; —en.on. w. to take physic, to doctor, to play the phy•tcian; h(| heeft zich dood gedokterd, he has physicked (doetored) himself to death.

Dol, m. thowl (— roeipen aaneene boot); —boord, gtinwaie.

Dol, bv. & bw. mad (-ly), crazy (-ily), furlous (-ly), enraged : een —ie hond, a mad dog; —Ie pret,oapilal(rollicklng)fun; op iemand

— verliefd z(fn, to be madly in love with a pernon; xoo — als —Ie C>(|s, as mad as a hatter-, —driftig, pa*sionate f-ly), furlous (-ly), rash (-ly), headlong; —driftigheid, passlonateness, fury, rashness; —hola, niadhonte, bedlam ; —kop, mad-cap, hot-brained fellow; —koppig, mad- (hot-) brained; — koppigheid, madneM, rage; — lekervel, hemlock ; —lemtau, madman.

Dol en, on. w. to wander, to err, to go astray, to be mistaken; —eud, bv. wande ring, erring, errant; —Ing. v. erring, error.

Dolfijn, m. dolphin.

Dolheid, v. ma<lness, frenzy, fury.

Dolk, m. dagger, poniard; —ateek, —atoot, •tab.

Doll en, on. w. to sport, to frolic, to rave, to rant, to act foolishiy, wantoniy, to kill (an ox); — igheid, v. mad ness.

Dom, bv. & bw. stupld (-ly), blunt (-ly). dull (•y), silly (-ily); zich van den —me houden, to play the ignorant (the noddy); — kon, —oor, blockhead, simpleton, numskull, clod-poll.

Dom, m. dome, cathedral; —deken, dean of the cathedral-chapter; —heer, canon, prebendary; -heerschap, canonship, prebend; —hof, chaptei* house; —kapittel, cathedralehapter; —kerk, cathedral; — prooat.provost of a cathedral. —sticht, diocese; — toren, steeple of a cathedral.

Domein, o. domain, demesos; — der kroon, erownland, royal demesne ; publiek—,public property.

Domheid, v. stupidity, bluntness, dulluess.

Domicilie, v. domicile; xleh —eren. to doniiciliate, to aettle oneself; een wiaoel —eren, to domiciliate a biil of exchange.

Dominé, m. zie Predikant.

Dominicaan, m. Domiuican, Black-friar.

Domino, m. & n. domino ; — apelen, to play at dominoes; —spel, game oi dominoes; — steen, piece, man.

Dominekracht, v. jack-screw, (flg.) a bnrly fellow.

Dommel, m. doze; In den — i(jn, to be in

a doze, to be dozing, to be napping; —en, ov. w. to mingle, to mix-, on. w. toslumber, to doze, to buzs, to muiubie; -Ing, t. dozing, buzzing.

Domui erik, m. zie Domoori —igheid, r. zie Domheid.

Dompel aar, m. plungeon, plunger, diver (a bird), ducker; —en, ov. w. te dip, to duck, to immerse, to plunge; iemniid in ellende —, to reduce a person to misery, to poverty; In rouw gedompeld z()u, to be piunged in mourning, in deep sorrow ; —doop, baptisni by immersion; —ing, v. immersion, plunging.

Dump en, ov. w. to extinguish, to put out, to lower, to dip (van geschnt); —horen, zie Domper t —neus. stunipy nose; —er. m. extinguisher; — ri<lder, protagonist of ignorance-, — ig, bv. damp, cloae ; —igheid, v. dampness, closeness.

Donder, m. thunder, roar (of cannon); door deu — getroffen, thunder-struck; —board, house-leek; —beitel, —kloot, —steen, thunder-bolt; —bul. thunder-storm; —bus, blunderbus»; —god, thunderer, Jnpiter; — goud, aurum fuiminans, detonating powder; —slag, thunder-clap, peal of thunder; —wolk, thunder-cloud; —zilver, argentum i'ulmlnans; — «ar, m. thunderer.

Donderdog, m. Thursday ; Witte —,MaundyThursday.

Donderen, on. & onp. w. to thunder; hU kykt alsof l»|| het In Keulen hoort

—, he stares like a stuck pig; —d, bv, thundering, fulminatory, siashing.

Douker. bv. & bw. dark (-ly), obscure (-ly), gloomy (-ily), stern (-ly), frowuing (ly), deep; —, o. dark, night; tuaschen licht en —, in the dusk ot' the evening; between hawk and buzzard ; —blauw, dark- (deep-) blue; —bruin, dark-brown; —geel, deep-yellow; —groen, dark-green; —rood, dark-red; — achtlg. bv. darkisli; —held, v. darkness, obscurTty.

Dons, o. down; —achtig, bv. downy.

Donzen, bv. downy.

Dood, m. death, decease, demise ; den een z{jn — la deu ander zyn brood, death puts money in the pookets of undertakers; flres are popular w th carpeuters; slckness benefits phy»icians; it is an all wind that blows nobody any good; one man's ineat <s the other man's poison; ter — veroordeeld to be (senteneed to) under sentenoa of