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Doorregen* bv. interlaced, ftreaked, streaky.

Doorregenen, od. w. to rain through, to be ■oaked through by the rain; onp. w. to rain on.

Doorreiken, or. w. to reach through, out of.

Door reis, v. passage, progress; — relaen,

or. w. to travel through, - all over; on. w. to continue travelling.

Doorrekenen, or. w. to reckon all over, to examine.

Doorrennen, or. w. to gallop through, to gallop all over; on. w. to gallop laster.

Doorr||den, ov. w. to ride (to drive) through, • all over, to wear ofl' (to gall) with riding; on. w. to continue riding, - driviug, to ride (to drive) on, • with speed.

Doorrijgen, ov. w. to stab, to pierce, to run through.

Doorryp, bv. thoroughly ripe.

Doorryten, ov. w. zie Doorscheuren.

Doorroeien, on. w. to row through; on. w. to row through, to row on, • fast.

Doorroeren, ov. w. to stir, - about, • up.

Doorroesten, on. w. to rust through.

Doorrollen, ov. w. to roll through; on. w. to roll through; to continue rolling, to roll on; er —, to get off, to get through.

Doorrooken, ov. w. to smoke thoroughly, to fumigate, to perfume; to colour (eeue PÜP)«

Doornikken, ov. w. to snatch through ; tf wound (to break) by snatching; on. w. to march through.

Doorschemeren, on. w. to shine through; laten —, to give to understand.

Dooracheuren, ov. w. to rend, to tear asunder.

Doorschieten, ov. w. to shoot; • through, to shuffle, to cut (knarten); to interleave (a book); on. w. to shoot through; to slip through.

Doorschynen, on. w. to shine through; — d, br. transparent, diaphanous; —dlieid, v. transparency, diaphaneity.

Doorschrap pen, ov. w. to scratch through, to scratch —, to dash out, to erase.

Doorschrijven, on. w. to continue writing, to write on.

Doorschudden, ov. w. to shake through; to joffgle, to stir, to shuffle.

Doorschuiven, ov. w. to push (to shove) through.

Doorachuren, ov. w. to scour (to rub) through; to gall (to chafe) with scouring.

Doorachutten, on. w. to pass through asluice.

Doorsijpelen, on. w. to trickle through, to ooze through.

Doorelaan, ov. w. to beat (to knock) through; •down; to open (een muur), to beat asunder; to strike home (een bal); to squander, to dlsstpate; on. w. to continue beating, to begin to gallop; to wet through; to sink, to blot (van papier); to pierce (vsn lnkt)i to give (vau een muur)t to turn, to bear down (van eene ach.aal); to rinse (llnuen); to talk without ceasing, to deolaim;

xlch —, t. v. to flght (to force) one 's way, to break through; to finish out of hand, to make short work of it; — d, bv. palpable, evident; — bewijs, striking proof;eene — • deur, a swinging door.

Doorslag, m. punch, puncheon; dralner, colander, strainer (— vergiettest) i makeweight, overweight; dat geeft den —, that turns the scale; that is decisive.

Doorslapeu, ov. w. to pass sleeping; on. w. to sleep on, to sleep through.

Doorstrepen, ov. w. to drag through, to help through ; • out.

Doorslenteren, on. w. to saunter about.

Dooralepen, bv. cunnlng, artful, crafty; — held, v. cunnlng, artfulness, craftness.

Doorslypen, ov. w. to grind (to whet) through.

Doorsiyten, ov. & on. w. to wear out; • off.

Doorslikken, ov. w. to swallow (down).

Doorsluipen, on. w. to steal (to sneak) through.

Doorsmyten, ov. w. zie Doorgooien.

Doorsnede, v. diameter, profile, section, intersection; In —, on an average.

Doorsueeuwen, onp. w. to snow through ; to continue snowing.

Doorsnellen, on. w. to hasten (to hurry) through.

Doorsuyden, ov. w. to cut through; • lnto pieceH; to intersect; het verschil —, to split the diflference.

Doorsnuffel en, ov. w. to pry into, to search all over, to rummage, to examine narrowly; —iitg, v. close ezamination, perquisition.

Doorspekken, ov. w. to lard, to interlard, to in tersperse.

Doorspeleu, ov. w. to play through; on. w. to play on.

Doorspiyten, ov. & on. w. to split asunder.

Doorspoel en, ov. w. to wash (to rinse) through, to rinse out; on. w. to flow through; de keel —, to wet one's whistle; — iug, v. fiowing through, current.

Doorsporen, on. w. to pass, to traverse, to go through (by railway).

Door spraak, v. sounding of an organ>plpe beiore the flaps are pressed down; —spreken, on. w. to speak on; to sound before the flaps are pressed down.

Doorspriugen, on. w. to leap through.

Doorataan, ov. w. to endure, to sustain (a siege, an illness), to suffer, to go through; een schip laten —, to hold course, to lel the ship run.

Dooratampen, ov. w. to stamp through, to make a hole (to bruise, to mingle) by stamping; on. w. to continue stamping, to stamp quickly.

Doorstappen, on. w. to step through, to mend one's pace, to walk at a pretty rate.

Doorsteek, m. place wliere a dike is pierced.

Doorstek en, ov. w. to put (to stick) through, to perforate, to open, to pierce, to stab, to run through; —er, m. piereer; —Ing, v. perforation; piercing; stabbing.

Doorstevenen, on. w. sle Doorzeilen.

D00. — DOO.