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Doorstoom en, on. w. zie Dooriporen.

Doorstooten, ov. w. to thrust (to push) through, to breuk by pushing against, zie Doorsteken.

Dooritml en, ov. w. to slilne through, to fill with rays, to illuminnte; on. w. to shine (to radiate) through, to circulate, to give to understaud; —lug, v. circuiation; evacuation (of tlie bowels).

Doorstr||ken, ov. w. to dash out, to erase, to effuce, to rebuke, to take tlirough hand, to gall (to wear off) by smoothing; on. w. to ateal away, to abscond.

Doorstrompelen, on. w. tostumble through, to pa*s stumbling.

Doorstroomeii, on. w. to flow (to run, to stream) tlirough.

Door»tudeerei», ov. w. to study thoroughly; on. w. to continue studying.

Doorstuiven, on. w. to fall through, to let dutst fall through.

Doorsturen, ov. w. to steer through.

Doorsukkelen, on. w. to pass loitering, to eontiuue loitering.

Doorsullen, ov. w. to chafe to gall (to wear off) by sliding; on. w. to glide(to slide) through.

Doortasten, ov. w. to grope through, to pry Into, to examine narrowly; on. w. to irrope through, to take decisive measures; — d, bv. effectual, decisive, energetic, resolute.

Doortintelen, ov. w. to tingle witli, to move, to affect.

Doortocht, m. passage, march, course.

Doortrap pen, ov. w. to break by trampllng upon, to tread thoroughly; o. w. to continue trampling; — t, bv. crafty, arch; eeu —e schelm, an arch rogue, a consummate villain; —thelü, v. craftiness, ciaft, slyness.

Doortreden, ov. w. to break (to wear out) by treading, to tread thoroughly, on. w. to tread through.

Doortrekken, ov. w. to draw (to pull) through, to pull asunder, to soak, to imbibe; on. w. to march (to pass) through, to blot, to sink, to pierce.

Doortrippelen, on. w. to trip through, to pass tripping.

Doortrokken, bv. imbibed, impregnated, saturated.

Doorvaart, v. passage.

Doorvallen, ov. w. to break (to wound) by falling; on w. to fall through.

Doorvaren, ov. w. to trausport through, to break by sailing against; on. w. to pass through, to cross, to sail over.

Doorvyien, ov. w. to file asunder.

Doorvlechten, ov. w. to entwine, to braid, to interlace, to intersperse.

Doorvliegen, on. w. to fly through, to pass rapidly through, to peruse hastily.

Doorvlieten, on. w. to flow tlirough.

Doorvl||men, ov. w. to open with a lancet.

Doorvloeien, on. w. to flow through.

Doorvochtlgen, ov. w. to moisten thoroughly.

Doorvoed, bv. well led, fattened.

Doorvoer, m. passage, transit; —handel, transit-trade; —rechten, trunsit-duties; — en, ov. w. to carry (to transport) through.

Doorvragen, on. w. to continue asking, • questioning, • begging.

Doorvreten, ov. w. to eat (to gnaw) through, to corrode; on. w. to continue glutting.

Doorwaad baar, bv. fordable; -bars plaats, ford.

Doorwaaien, ov. w. to blow through, to per* flate; on. w. to blow through, to be blown through.

Doorwaakt, bv. sleepless.

Doorwaden, ov. & on. w. to ford, to wade through.

Doorwaggelen, on. w. to stagger (to reel) through.

Doorwsk en, ov. w. to pass waking; —Ing, v. — van den nacht, pernoctation.

Doorwandelen, ov. w. to walk all over, to gall (to wear ofT) with walking; on. w. to walk (to pass) through, to walk on.

Doorwarm, bv. thoroughly warm.

Doorwasscheu, ov. w. to gall with washlng.

Doorwassen, on. w. to grow through; —, bv. zie Doorregen,

Doorweekeu, ov, w. to soak (through), to steep, to drench.

Doorwerken, ov. w. to work, • properly, to elaborate; to interlace, to Interweave; on. w. to keep on working, to work hard.

Doorwerpen, on. w. zie Doorgooien,

Doorweven, ov. w. to interweave, to entwine, to intersperse; —, bv. inteiwoven.

Doorwippen, on. w. to skip (to slip) through.

Doorworstelen, on. w. to struggle through, to extricate one's self out of.

Doorwr|)ven, ov. w. to rub sore, to wound (to break) with rubbing, to mix by rubbing.

Doorwrocht, bv. hriglily finished, elaborate.

Doorwroeten, ov. w. to root up, to rummage.%

Doorzaaien, ov. w. to Intermlx, to intersperse.

Doorzagen, ov. w. to saw through.

Doorzakken, on. w. to sink througli,to give way.

Doorzeilen, ov.w. to break by sailing against, to sail over, to pass sailing; on. w. to sail through.

Doorzeilden, ov. w. to send through, to forward.

Doorzetten, ov. w. to push, to go through .with, to set to; on. w. to persevere, to maks haste.

Doorzicht, o. perspective, prospect, perusal, inspectlon, penetration, sagacity; —kunde, dioptrics, perspective; — is, bv. transparent, diapbanous, thin; —ikheid, v. tran»parency, diaphaneity, perspicacity, lucidity.

Doorzien, ov. w. to see through, to look over, to peruse, to review, to penetrate, to see (to go) to the bottom of.

Doorziften, ov. w. to sllt, to examine closely, to cavil at.

DoorzUg en» 0T- w* to strain, to filter, to