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upon a syllable; hij liegt alsof het gedrukt Is, he lien impudently, he lies lïke an spitaph ; zijns vader* voetstappen—,

to follow in one's fatiier's t'ootsteps ; iemand de hand —, to shake a person by the hand, to shake hands with a person; deze schoenen — in ij, these shoespinch me; door armoede gedrukt, weighed down by want; —bal, printer's batl; —boek, pressing-cloth, compress; —feil, —fout, error of the press, typographical error, erratum, misprint; — Inkt, printing-ink; —kosten, cost of printing; —kunst, art of printing, typography; —letter, type; —loon, printing-charges; — papier, printing-paper; —pers, printingpress, press; —persvrijheid, liberty of the press; —proef, proof, proot-sheet; verbeterde — proef, correction of the press; — proeven verbeteren, to read proofs, to correct the press; —schrift, printed paper, letter-presa, - book, types; —werk, presswork; als —werk verzenden, to seud by book-post; —kend, bv. & bw. exceedingly, heavy, excessive (-ly), grievous (-ly), oppressive (-ly); —ker, m. presser, printer, pressman;— sjongen, printer's devii; — skas, case; — sknecht, journeyman-printer; —sraiini, tympan ; —kerij, v. printing-office ; —klng, v. pressure ; —sel, o. image, stamp, copy ; —te, v. liurry of business; bustle.

Drup, m. zie Drop; —pen, on. w. zie Druipen.

Druppel, m. —en, on. w. zie Droppel,

Dubbel, bv. & bw. doublé (-bly)j —e deur, folding-doors; het — bedrag, doublé the amount; — boekhouden, book-keeping by doublé entry; quitte of — spelen, to play doublé or quita ; met — kr(|t schrijven, to overcharge one's customers j to score too much ; —e punt, colon ; —, o. doublé, copy; —hartig, bv. & bw. double-faced, doubléhearted, false (-ly), treacherous (-ly);—hartigheid, double-dealing, duplicity, ïalseness; —schaduwigen, amphiscii, atnphiscians; —tongig, bv. & bw. zie Dubbelhartig; —zinnig, ambiguous, equivocal, doubléminded; —zinnigheid, ambiguity, equivocalness; —en, ov. w. to doublé ; to sheathe (een schip); —Ing, v. doubling, sheathing; —Ue, o. twopence; piece of two stivers.

Dubb en, on. w. to doubt, to hesitate; —er, m. doubter; —ing, v. doubting, heaitation.

Dubloen, m. doubloon.

Ducht en, ov. to fear, to dre&d, to apprehend; —Ig, bv. & bw. strong («ly), sound (-ly); —ing, v. fear, dread, apprehension.

Duel, o. duel, single combat; —leeren, on. w. to duel; to fight a singls combat; —list, m. duelier, duellist.

Duf, bv. fusty, musty, earthy ; — held, earthiness, mustiness.

Duffel, o. duffel; —sch. bv. dufTel.

Dufflg, bv. fusty, musty; —held, v. fust iness, mustiness.

Dufsteen, m. tulf, tula, topluis.

Duld el(|k, bv. & bw. clear (-ly), plain (-ly),

evident (-ly), distinct (-ly); —el(|klieid, v. clearness, plainness, evidence; —en, ov. w. to show, to explain ; ten kwade —, to tnke amiss, - ill; ten goede —, to put a good construction on (a person's words); —Ing, v. explanation, interpretation.

Duif, v. dove, pigeon ; de gebraden duiven vliegen iemand niet in den mond (spreekw.), a close mouth catches no flies; dat was een gebraden —, (lig.) that was a windfall; —huis, pigeon-house; —steen, zie Dufsteen; —Je, o. dearest, my dove.

Dnig, v. stave; In —en vnlleu, to stave to pieces; to miscarry, to fall to the ground, to be blown up; ons plan ligt in —en, our plan is dough; in —en gooien, to stave; to overturn, to spoil, tornar;—hout, stave-wood.

Duikel aar, m. tumbler, diver, plunger, plungeon; —en, on. w. tnmble; to dive, to plunge ; —ing, v. tumbling; diving, plunging.

Duik en, on. w. to stoop (= vooroverbuigen); to yield (to one ; zwichten); to dive, to piunge; l»y donk en haalde het op, (he made a dive) he took a plunge (=- header) and carried it back ; —er, m. diver; plungeon (a bird); ilood-gate (verlaat, sluisdeurtje); (kind of) nail with a small liead; —klok, diving-bell.

Duim, m. thumb; inch (=> 2c.JI.); hinge; onder den —, secretly, privately; onder den — houden, to keep a. o. short; to keep a man down; to give a. o. a short tether; uit zyu — zuigen, to forge, to trump up, to teil a fib ; iemand onder den — hebben, to have a. o. under one's thumb ; hy heeft den — in de hand, he is quite independent ; —gewricht, thumb-joint; — handschoen, mitten; -jjier, hinge; thumbscrew ; —kleppers, castanets ; —kruid, cash, ready money;—schroef, thumb-screw; —stok, carpenter's measure, rule; —elen, ov. w. to thumb; to use dishonestpractices, to pocket; — eling, m. thumb, thumb-stail; —l»Je, o. op zyn — kennen, to have at one's fingers' ends, to know it off the reel; klein —pje, Thom Thumb.

Duin, v. down, sand-liill; —, o. (the) downs; —aardappel, potato growing in the downs; —helm, ëedge, broom ; —kant, side of the downs ; —konijn, down-rabbit, rabbit bred in the sand-hills; —maaier, gaine-keeper of the down; —roos, rose growing on sandhills; Scotch rose, sweet-briar, eglantine; —strand, sea-shore covered with sand-hills; —zand, sand of tha downs; —achtlg, bv. resembling downs.

Duiat, o. meal-dust; husks of buck-wheat; mill-dust (=- stuifmeel).

Duister, bv. & bw. dark (-ly), obscure (-ly), dim (-ly), gloomy (-ily), mysterious (-ly), intricate; —heid, v. darkness, obscurity, dimness, gloom, intricacy; —liug, m. & v. obscure person, protagonist of ignorance, enemy to the march of intellect, obscurant; —nis, v. darkness, obscurity.