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Frank, m. Frank; franc.

Frankeer en, ov. w. to pay the postage

(carriage) of, to prepay, to send postpaid; — Ing, v. payment ol' postage (carriage), prepay ment; —zegel, stamp, King's (Queeu's) head; gefrankeerde brieven, letters pre* paid.

Fraiis|)n, o. parchment.

Fratsen, v. m». pranks, frolics, tricks, whims, nonsense, fiddiesticks; —maker, —maakster, buffoon, wag, fancy-monger.

Fregat, o. t'rigate.

Fret, o. ferret, wimble, gimlet; —boor, wimble; —ten, on. w. to ferret.

Freule, v. miss, the honorable miss.

Fries, v. frieze, frize.

Frikkadel, r. forced-meat ball.

Frisch, bv. fresh, refreshiug, cool, florld, healtliy, well; gezond en —, safe and sound; niet irlssclieii moed, with new courage; — gewaagd is half gewonnen, wellbeguu is half done; zoo — als een hoen, as fresh as a daisy, — as paint; —, bw. freshly, heartily, soundly, well; —heid, v. freshness, floridness.

Friseer en, ov. w. to curl, to crisp; — |)zer, curling-pin, crisping-iron (-tonga).

Friseur, m. hair-dresser.

Frommelen, ov. w. to crumple, to fumble.

Frons, v. —es, v. frown, wrinkle; —en, ov. w. to frown, to wrinkle, to knit(one's brows); —ing, v. frowning.

Front, o. front; — maken, to face, to make face; — marscli, v. march in line.

Fruit, T. & o. fruit; —ben, —mand, fruitbasket; —handel, fruit-trade; —kelder, fruit-cellar;— kooper, —koopster, fruiterer, fruit monger; — markt, fruit-market; — r(|k, fruitful; —schaal, fruit-dish; —schilder, fruit-painter; —stuk. fruit-piece; —vrouw, fruit-woman ; —winkel, fruit-shop, truitery.

Fruit en, ov. w. to fry; —pan, frying-pan.

Fuik, v. weel, bow-net, trap, basket; lu de — loopen, to fall into the suare, to be entrapped (enmared).

Fulp, o. velvet; —en, bv. velvet, velvety.

Fun, m. rogue, rnscal, scoundrel.

Functie, v. function; in — treden, to enter upon one's duties; lu — z|)u, tobeonduty, in function.

Fundament, o. zie Fondauieiit; fundatie,

v. foundation.

Fungeeren, on. w. to offlciate, tobeonduty, to perform the duties of; —«I president, deputy-chairman, vice-president.

Furie, v. fury; de «Irie —n, the three Furies.

Fusie, v. fusion, melting, biending.

Fust, o. barrel, cask; bier op —. beer in barrels, ale on tap; —age, v. casks and barrels.

Fut, v. fudge, fiddle-faddle; er zit geen — in hen, they have no grit in them.

Futsel aar, m. —narwter, v. trifle, idler; —ary, v. trifling, fiddle-faddle; liet—boek zoeken, to lounge (trifle) about; to seek evasions; —en, on. w. to trifle, to fiddlefaddle; —werk, zie Futselary.

Fuum, m. vanity, fume, conceitedness.


Gaaf, v. gift, present, donation, talent, endowment; groote gaven hebben, to have great parts (talenta, git'ts); naar de gave zijuer hand, according to one's facultie* (power, lights); eene gave Gods, a gift of God.

Gaaf, bv. sound, whole, undamaged; een gave tand, a sound tooth ; een gave appel, a whole (undamaged) apple; —, bw. readily, entirely; —held, v, soundness, good coudition.

Gaai en, ov. & on. w. to unite, to couple; —Ing, v. coupling.

Gaalke, Gaaiken, o. mate.

Gaai, v. (= meerkol), jay; naar den —» schieten, to slioot at a (wooden) bird.

Gaan, on. w. to go, to walk, to be going, to move, to do, to contain ; (naar) to be bound for; — bezoeken, to go to visit, to cail on; — halen, to tetch, to go for; — loopen, to run oir, to take to one's heels; — wandelen, to take a walk; van elkander —, to go asunder, to separate; hoe zal het nilj nog — ? what will become of me ? laat ket — zooals het wil, come what may; at all events; hoe gaat het? howareyou?

hoe gaat het met uw been ? how is your lpg? hoe — de zaken? how go squares? how are your business getting on? het gaat hem goed, lie is doing very well ; tiiings go well with him; de zakeu — vrij wel, things are in a fair way; dat zal —, that will do: het gaat niet in de «loos, the box cannot hold it; op een pond sterling — twintig nliillltigs, a pound is wortli twenty shillings; op een boek papier — vierentwintig vel, a qu re of paper contains twenty-tour sheets; toen ging het aan een danseu, tlien they lell a-dancing; —, o. going; een uur —s, an hour's walk; zaken — voor, business flt-st; iemand te lijf —, to set upon a person, to attack one; alle beschrijving te boven —, to ga beyond all description; door het hoofd —, to goquiteout of one's head; van school —, to leave schooi; op leven en dood —, a question of life and deatli zijn' gang —, to go one's way; to use one's pleasure; to go about one's business; zich te buiten —, to driuk to ezcess; om kort te —, to cut a long story short; hoe het ook ga, come