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Geborrel, o. bubbling.

Geborstel, o. brushing.

Gebouw, o. building, edifice; fabric (Hg.).

Gebraad, o. roast, roast meat; den gebraden haan uithangen. to do the grand.

Gebrabbel, o. confused talk, gibberish.

Gebral, o. braggardism, swaggering.

Gebras, o. bauqueting, feasting, revelry.

Gebrek, o. want, lack, indigence, penury.defect, deficiency, fault, ïmperfection;— lyden, to suffer want, to be in indigence; — hebben aan, to be in want of; In —e biyyen, to neglect, to fail; by —e van, in default of, for want ofj van — sterven, to die with want, to Btarve; liet — bulten de deur houden, to keep the wolf from the door; by — aan mainieiyk oir, failingany male issue; hy ie iemand die de —en zyner deugden heeft, he is a man whose laults lean to the side ot* virtue; — keiyk, bv. & bw. infirm (-ly), disabled, crippled ; — keiykheld, v. inflrmity, crippleuess; —kig. bv. & bw. defective (-ly), faulty (-ly), imperfect (.ly). —klgheid, v.defectiveness, faultiness, Ïmperfection.

Gebrleaeh, o. selghlng, roaring.

Gebroddel, o. bungling.

Gebroed, o. brood, breed, race.

Gebroeder lingen,m. & vr. mv. first cousins, cousins german; —■, m. mv. brothers; de

— C., C. brothers; —ecliap, v. brotherhood.

Gebroekt, bv. breeched, wuaring breeches.

Gebroken, bv. broken; having a hernia

(—■ breuk)| —, o. lïaction (■=» gebroken getal).

Gebrom, o. grumbling, humming, buzzing.

Gebruik, o. use, employment, practice,custom, usage; usance, mode, cereniony; — maken van, to make use ot', to avail one's self ot'; het plaataeiyk —, local usage; het dage» lyksch —, daily use; In het dagelyksch

— zegt men ...., in every-day speech (in dally parlance) we say ... hy maakte van do gelegenheid zooveel mogeiyk —, he Improved the occasion; naar aloud —, according to time-honoured usage; In — stellen, to put in use, bulteu — stellen, to put out of use; —making, employing, using; — eiyk, bv. usual, customary, common, frequent; —eiykheld, v. usualnest», customariness, commonness, frequency; —ei», ov, w, to use, to employ, to make use of, to take; geweld —, to use violence; niets —, to take nothing; de baden —, to take the waters; geduld met Iemand —, to be patiënt (to bear) with a person; —er, m. —ster, v. user, employer; taker, consumer.

Gebruis, o. roaring, foaming.

Gebrul, o. roaring, bellowing.

Gebulder, o. thunder, roar, bluster.

Gehulk, o. bellowing.

Gebult, bv. hump-backed.

Gebuur, m. neighbour; —schap,v. neighbourhood.

GecyTer, o. ofphering.

Gedaagde, m. & v. defendant.

Gedaan, dw. don», finished; — krQgen, to be dismlssed; to be locked out; het is niet hem —, it is all over with him; gedane zaken hebben geen keer, what is done cannot be undone ; bygones are bygones.

Gedaante, v. shape, form, appearance, aspect, figure, face; —verandering, —verwisseling, transformatie)», trausfiguration, metamorphosis, shape-shifting.

Gedachte.v. thought, idea,conception, opinion, consideration, intention; In —n zy«», to be absorbed in tiioughts; zijne —n laten gaan over, to take into consideration; op twee —n hinken, to halt between two opinions ; to he shilly-shallying ; —streep, dash ; —nbeeld, idea, chimera ; —nkring. range of thought; — nwisseliug, exchange of tiioughts ; —loos, bv. & bw. thoughtless (-ly)» inconsiderate (-ly) ; —loosheid, v. tliouglitlessness.

Gedachtenis, v. memory, remembrance; keepsake; zaliger —, of blessed memory; ter — van, in memory (coinmemoration) of; ■toean dit by wijze van —. take this by way of keepsake ; —viering, feast in remembrance of; commemoration feast.

Gedachtig, bv. mindful (of).

Cwedamp, o. steaming, fuming, smoking.

Geilaus, o. danciug.

Gedarmte, o. bowels, guts, entrails, lnte&tines.

Gedartel, o. dallying, dalliance, toying, sporting.

Gedauwel, o. loitering.

Gedaver, o. shaking, quaking, booming.

Gedeelte, o. part, portion, share, insta!ment; in —n, by parcels; —lyk, bv. & bw. partial (-ly), partly, in part; what with.

Gedegen, bv. pure; —goud, pure gold, native gold.

Gedegradeerd, bv. reduced to the ranks, degraded.

Gedenk en, ov. & on. w. to remember, to vecollect, to be mindful of, to bear in miud; to intend ; —blad, —cedel, —rol, memorandum, record; —boek, register, memorandum hook, annals; —dag, anniversary; —naald, —zuil, column, obelisk; —pennissg, medal; —schrift, memoir, memorial; —spreuk, apophthegm ; —stuk, remembrance, keepsake ; —teeken, monument; —waardig, memorable; —waardigheid, memorableness.

Gedeputeerde, m. deputy.

(■edivlit, o. poem.

Gedienstig, bv. & bw. officious (-ly), obliging (-ly), obsequious (-ly); —e geest, servant; —held, v. offleiousness, obligingness, obsequiousness.

Ge«llerte, o. animals, beasts ; vermin.

Ged|fen, on. w. to thrive, to prosper, to succeeil ; onrechtvaardig verkregen goed gedUt niet, ill-gotten gains never prosper; ill-got, ill-spent; what comes over the devil's back goes under his belly.

Geding, o. lawsuit, action, cause; —bezorger,