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in lihnj — aan «le Theems, situated on the Thames; — convenient (due) time. Gelegenheid, v. situation, fltate.seat.positionoccasion, opportunity; de gunstige — anngr y pen, to take time by the torelock; de -- mankt den dief, opportunity maken the thfef; op eigen —, on one's own account, off one'a owu bal (hook); (er — van. on the occasion of; —•grillcht, occaslonal poem;

spreek, occasional sermon; —«rede. ocCAsional speech.

«Selel, v. jelly, jam. marmalade.

Gelei, o. zie Geleidei -brief, pass-port. pass, sare-conduct; -bul», conduit-pipe • — geest, tutelar genius, guardian angel '(— spirit). 8 1

Geleid e, o. attendance.guidance.guard,escort

convoy. -elyk bv. & bw. orderly. ,-egulai' (-ly). niethodical (-ly); eene -e methode, a regular method ; — e overgangen, methodical transitions; -e verandering, imperceptible change; -eiykheid, v. orderliness, regularity.methodicalness; -en.ov. w.tolead to cojiduct, to attend, to accou>pany,to escort' to convoy; —er, m. leader, guide, conductor ' r.g' v* ieading, guidiner, attendance, conwire* ^T°OP wafep,®l<lll'K). conducting-

Gelen, ov. w. to make (to dye) yellow ; on. w to grow yellow. '

eelej», Ge lep per, o. sipping, lapping.

Geletterd, hv. lettered, literary, learned- — beid, v. learning, erudition.

Geleuter, o. loitering, wavering. trilling.

Gelid, o. joint, rank, file; enkele, dubbele gelederen, in ningle, doublé files; In Besloten gelederen, in serried ranks; knoop, vertebra-, -sluiter, bringer-up, last man of a file. y

Geliefd, bv. dear, beloved; — e, m. & v. lover lady, sweet-heart, love, beloved.

Geliefkoosd, bv. favoiite.

Gelieven, m. mv. lovers; —, ov. & on. w. to please.

Gel)|k, bv. similar, alike, equal. same, even, ■mooth, level, straight; te —, te —er tifd at the «ame t ime; hy heeft z(|ns -e niet! "• '.,aH not his equal, he is not equalled • — o. right; — hebben, to be (in the) right: — geveai, In het — stellen, to agree with, to uectde in favourof; — uiet — vergelden, to return like for like-, to give tit lor tat: —e monniken, —e kappen, wbat is aaucê ror the goose is sauce for the gander ; like wil to like; met den grond — maken, to be levelled to the ground ; z(|n horloge — zetten, to set one's watch (to); milu klok is niet —, my clock is not right; — op deelen, to Rhare and share alike; — zoekt —. birds of a feather flock together—;» equallv, even, without odds; —, vw. as. w « i * similar, homogeneous; —

Jl.1 ï r' ■imil*rity, liomogeneousness.

Gel(|kheeiilg, bv. iiioceles.


Geiy kbiy ven, on. w. to keep pace to keep |

up (With); zich zelveu —, to be consistent with one's «elf.

Geiykeiyk, bw. equally.

Geiyken. on. w. to be (to look) like. to resemble, to have a likeness (resemblance) to; sprekend op elkaar -, to be as like as two peas; to bear a striking resemblance to each otlier.

Gelykenis, v. likeness, resemblance, picture image, comparison, simile, para ble, allegoryeen sprekende —, a striking likenessd® van den verloren zoon, the parable of the prodigal son.

^"likewTsV*^** *n 811 m8 ^ay (manner), Geiyklieid, v. similarity, likeness, equality sameness, evenness, smootliness, levelness'

vm°p. va" ou e1UHl terms.' Gelykhoekig, bv. equiangular; —e figuur,

isatron. ® *

''I' °f 8ame aKe' In years.

brlUklulilviKl. Ijv. of the game tenor, true • unisonotiH; homonymous; —held, v. conformity, similarity, unisonance.

Geiykmak en, ov. w. to equalize, to make even, to level; —er, m. equator, evener, level Ier.

Gel(|kinatig, bv. & bw. proportionable(-bly). proportional (-ly), proportioned, regular (-ly); fen — •e"»P«*ramei»t, au even (a consistent) 'e™Per; proportionality, regularity.

GeIykmoedig, bv. & bw. equanimoua (-ly).

—held, v. equanimity.

Geiyknamlg, bv. homonymous; —held, v homonyiiiy.

Geiykslaehtig,bv. bomogenial, homogeneous. ot the same gender; -held, v. homogeneoimness, sameness ol gender.

Gelyksoortig, by. similar. homogeneous- — «- £!■ v* 8,,l,l,ar'ty, homogeneouNness.

S <?D* w*t0 be etiual (,,,«t, to).

GelQkstaltlg, bv. of the same form; —lield, v. *ainenesH of form.

Geiykstandig, bv. of the same rank;—lieid.

v. hamen.'ss of rank.

Gelykstell en, ov. w. to equalize; —Inir. v equal izatiou. '

Geiyktydlg, bv. & bw. simultaneous (-lyi. synchronous, contemporary (-ily), at the same time; —beid, v. simultaneousness, syachronism, contemporariness.

Cielilkvlurra, bw. level with the grouud on

a level. '

Gelijkvormig, bv. & bw. conformable ( bly). equtible C-bly); —heicl, v. coiitöi'mity, equable-

GelUkwnartlig, br. equivalent; —held. v equivalence.

S'ISt'r/Sf - I*- w' t0 ,et uurwerk). &rlUkz|j<liR. bv. equllateral; —held, v


Gelik, o. licking, lapping, toad-eating.

Gellsp, Gellspel, o. lisping.

°- 'owing, bellowing, roaring.

Gelofte, v. vow, promise; eeue — doen, to make (to take) a vow.