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a severe winter; —• zeden, strict (rlgid) moraU; —e wetten, rigorous lawa; een —en leefregel honden, to foilow (to keep) a strict regimen; —held, v. severity, rigor, rigidity, austerity.

Rentribbel, O. Btruggling, wran&ling.

Gestompel, Gestruikel, o. stumbling.

Gesuis, o. buzzing, whistllng, whispering; tingliutf (In de ooren).

Gesukkel, o. lingering, loitering-, drudglng, bother; ailing, indiapositioo, miaery.

Getaand, bv. tawny, tanned.

Getabberd, bv. robed.

Getakt, bv. brancbed, branchy, forked.

Getal, o. number; —leer, science of numbers; —letter, numeral letter, fl|?ure; -merk, numeral character; —woord, noua of number.

Getalm, o. loitering, trifling.

Getand, bv. toothed, cogtfed, indented.

Geteem, o. whining, drawl, cant.

Getemperd, bv. tempered, allayed, temperate, moderate; —held, v. temperateness, tempe- , rance, moderation.

Geteut, o. loitering, lingering, tittle-tattle.

Getier, o. noise, rumour, clamour.

Gety, o. tide, opportunity; als het — verloopt, verzet men de bakens, altered circunistances require other measures ; het — Is verloopen, the opportunity bas gone by; elk visch op z(|u —, every one watcbes his opportunity; «lood —,neap-tide; —boek, breviary; —de, o. season; —den, o. mv. houra, prayers ot' the breviary.

Getygerd, bv. spotted, speckled.

Getik, o. ticking, pit-pat, knocking.

Getimmer, o. carpentering; —te. o. carpenter's work, tlmber-work, structure, edifice.

Getint, bv. tinged; eenlgszins conservatief —, tinged with a slight conaervatisin.

Getintel, o. tingling, twinkling.

Getjilp, o. chirping, twitter.

Getob, o. drudging, toil, moil, miaery.

Getoet, o. aounding, winding, too-tooing (of a hom).

Getogen, bv. gone, brought up.

Getokkel, o. touching, thrumming.

Getongd, bv. tongued.

Getoover, o. aorcery, tricka.

Getorn, o. ripping up, unsewing, unstitching.

Getouw, o. loom, gear; Iets op het — zetten, to set a thing on loot (- going).

Getraan, o. weeping.

Getralied, bv. grated, net-worked, latticed, trelliaed.

Getrappel, o. trampling.

Getreur, o. mourning.

Getreuzel, o. loitering, trilling.

Getrippel, o. tripping.

Getroetel, o. caressing, fondling, cockering, nuraing.

Getrommel, o. drumming.

Getroosten (zich), t. w. to bear patiently, to Bubmit to, to take in good part; zich de moeite —, to take the trouble.

Getrouw, bv. & bw. faithful (-ly), loyal (-ly), truaty (-Hy), true, truly, exact (-ly), accurate (•ly); —held, v. faithfulness, fldelity, loyalty, trustineaa, exactness, accuracy.

Getuige, m. & v. witness, evidence; — a charge, witnesa for the prosecution; — a décharge, witnesa for the defence; — z||n vau, to witnesa; iemnnd tot — roepen, to call a person to witness; —, ni||u berouw, witnesa my repentance; een oog—, an eye-witness; gevraagd eene kamermeid, g«»ede —n onmisbaar, wanted a parlour-maid, a good character indiapensable; —nverhoor, hearing ot' witnesses.

Getuig en, ov. & on. w. to testify, to witness, to bear witness, to give evidence; dat getuigt van uwe taleuten, that testiftes to your talents; het getuigt voor hem, it apeaks in his favour; —schrift, certificate, testimonial; —enls, v. & o. testimony, evidence, character; — dragen vau, to bear evidence to, to bear witness.

Getuimel, o. tumbling.

Getuit, o. tingling.

Getulband, bv. turbaned.

Getwyiel, o. doubting.

Geul, v. trench, guliy, channel.

Geur, m. scent, aweet smell, odour, flavour, perfume, fragrance; in —en en kleuren vertellen, to teil in all details; —ei» met, to sport (a thing), to show off; —Ig, bv. sweet-acented, odoriferous, fragrant;—igheid, v. sweet sinell, flavoredness, fragrance.

Geus, in. beggar, Protestant; ack (a little f1a.gr); —stok, jack-staff.

Gevaar, o. navigation, danger, peril, risk, hazard; —vol, periloua, hazardous; — loopen, to run the risk; in — brengen, to endunger; op (uiet) — vau, at the risk (hazard) of; —IUk, bv. & bw. daugerous (-ly), periloua (•ly); —lUkheid, v. dangerousness, perilousness.

Gevaarte, o. colossus, monster, huge plle.

Gevader, m. godfather, sponsor; —schap, o. compaternity, sponsorsiiip.

Geval, o. case, chance, accident, ad venture; eeu toepasselijk —, a case in polnt; by —, by chance, accidentally, as chance would have it; In —, if, in case; in allen —Ie, In elk —, at all events, at any rate, anyhow; —leu, o. pleasure, liking; —len, on. w. to please; zich laten —, to content one's eelt' with, to put up with; — lig, bv.& bw. casual (-ly), accidental (-ly), l'oituitous (-ly), by chance, pleasing, agreeable; — ligheld, v. casualty, accidentalness.

Gevangen, bv. caught, arrested, captive; — bewaarder, jailer; — geveu (zich), to surrender one's self a prisoner, to surrender, to submit; — houden, to keep in charge, — prisoner; — nemen, to take prisoner, to arrest, to apprehend; —neming, arrestation; —wagen, m. black Maria, prison(ers') van, queen's carriage; — zetten, to imprison, to conflne; — zitten, to be imprisoned; —e, m. & v, prisoner, captive; —Is, v. prison,