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—schap, t. captivity, imprisonment, conflnement, incarceration; lu —, in prison in quod, in durance vile.

Gevankelijk, bv. captive, as a prisoner. Gevat, bv. quick, clever, smart, wide-awake •

— op, prepared for; —held, v. quickness! clevernesa, smartness.

Gevecht, o. fiarht, combat, aotion, engagement»

bulten — stellen, to disable (soldiers). Gevederd, bv. featliered x gevederte, o. featliera.

Geveina, o. dissembling, dlssimulation. Geveinsd, bv. dissembling, hypocritical, feignea, rulse; —, bw. liypocriticiilly, falsely, feignedly; —e, m. & v. dissembler, hypocrite; —held, v. dissimulation, hypocrisy.

Gevel, m. front, la<jade; — l(|nt, frume of the rront; —top, gable; —trapjes, corbel-steps; —vormlg, gabled.

Geveld, bv. met —e lans, with lance in rest.

ov* w* t0 *ive» t0 hand» t0 reach, to aeliver, to afford, to procure, to grant, to bestow upon, to produce, to yield, to let go (koopwaar), to deal (kaarten); er niet om —, not to care for it; veel (weinig)

— om. to set much (little) store by; (en huwelijk —, to give (a daughter) in marriage; veel warmte —, to throw out much neat; liff geeft nergens om, he sticks at nothing ; er den brui van —, to throw it up; elkaar de hand —, to shake hands; den geest —, to give up the ghost; een luiden schreeuw —, to set up a loud cryeen voorbeeld —, to set an example;' men moet weten te — en te nemeu, one ought to know liovr to give and to take: in t licht —, to publish; rekenschap —. to account for; zyn hart lucht -, to unbosom oneaelf, to give vent to one's feelinirs • kennis — van, to inform of; aanstoot —I to cause a scandal, to give offence; het iemand in den mond -, to give one a ] hint; aan de hand —, to suggest, to intimate; God geve, would to God; -er m. giver. *

Gevest, o. hilt.

Gevierd, bv. celebrated.

Gevind, bv. finned, flnny.

Gevingerd, bv. fingered.

Gevit, o. cavil, cavilling, carping.

Gevlamd, bv. marbled, watered, undulated

Gevleesd, bv. incarnate, fleshy.

Gevlei, o. flattering, wheedling.

Gevlekt, bv. spotted, speckled, stained.

Gevlerkt, bv. winged, wingy.

Gevleugeld, bv. pinioned, winged; een — woord, a winged word, a familiar-quotation.

Gevlieg, o. flying, rushing.

Gevloek, o. cursing, swearing.

°' ~~ do«n' to go to stool, to do one s needs; met -, fltly, decently.

1. Pr°Per (-ly). convenient

(•ly), suitable (-bly); —held, v. propriety convenience, suitableness.

Gevoel, o. feeling, touch, tact; sense, sentiment, sensation ; leuiand zonder —, a man

without (destitute of) feeling s een — van warmte, a sensation of warmth ; — T eer en recht, sense of honour and justice • ruw op t -, rough to the touch; Iets op . .y..den, to flnd a thing gropinsr- het zedelijk —, the moral sentiment; op 't — by the touch; —en, ov. & on. w. to feel, to be sensible, to conceive, to apprehend; — voor iemand hebben, to sympathize with a

Se"®D; ,nf*t t0 have a m,ndi Iemand Iets «loen—. to make one smart for it; -en,o.opin. ion, idea, thought, sentiment; naar zilii — in my opinion, to my thinking; van —ver^ anderen, to change one's mind; —|tt, bv. feeling, sensible, iinpressionable; sensitive tender-hearted, touchy, severe; zeer — oi> «at punt, very sensitive (touchy) on this » ; - Toor "»eleerdh««len. sensible of civilities; — voor beleedigingen, alive to affront»; een _e «Ing, a |,ar(1 blow. een —e terechtwijzing, a severe rebuke; « overdreven —, impressionable to a fault. r'^,l• V. sensibility, lmpressibility, sensitiveness, touchiness, resentment, severity; -loos, bv. unfeeling, insensible, senseless; bw. insensibly; -loosheid, v. insenaibility; senselessness, indiflerence;

r7J£ÏLtlV' dee.P:feeHll^ sensible. afTectionate. •■evogelte, o. birds; fowls, poultry.

C.evolg, 0. connequence; tmin, retinue, concluslon; — geven aan. to act according (to wishes, orders eto.k to carry out (a plan' to fulfll; een — trekken uit, to draw a conclusion from; ten —e vim, in consequence of; kleine oorznlten hebben groots -en little strokes teil great onks; ten — e hebben, to be the cause of, to bringf on; —trekking, consequetice, deductlon inference; —lijk, bv. consequently. Gevouiiaclitlgile, m. plenipotentiary, nroiv deputy. attorney. * J'

Gevorderd. bv. asked, required, requlsite: advanced, late; op —en ouderdom, in advanced age; op ecu — uur, at a late uour.

Gevraag, o. asking, inquiring, demand.

begging. '

GevrjJ, o. wooing, kissing.

Gewand, o. garment, dress, garb. attire. uewnagu, bv. liazardous, dangerous* ambiguous, equivoca! (— dubbelzinnig) • ii| waren nnn elkaar —, it was diamond out diamond; they were wetl-matched- — neid, hazardousness.

Gewaak, o. watching.

Gewaand, bv. pretended, feigned; false. Gewaarword en, ov. w. to percelve, to discover, to become aware of; —ing, v. perception, sensation, apperception.

Gewag, o. stir, sound, meutloni barking- — maken van, to mention; — uiaken'fa blaH'en), to bark; -eu, on. w. to mak» men-

tion (van, of); to mention.

^oddlhfg*1' °" "ta?serin»' tottering, wadding, Gewalui, o. smoking, steaming.