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een — In vogelvlucht, a bird's eye view; twanlf —en van Ijondeii. twelve view» of London; iu 't — komen (van een •chip), to heave in sight; vreemde —en (in een droom), strange visions; een droefgeestig (aan)-, asad face; kort van — zlfn, to be (short-) near-sighted; op liet eerste — spelen, to play at firat sight; —einder, horizon; —kunde, opties; — kundig, optical; —kundige, opticlan; — senuw, visual nerve; —sbed rog, optical illusion; —shoek, optie (visual) angle; —skring, sphere; —spunt, point of view ; —•veld, range; —svermogeu, visual faculty; —«zenuw, visual nerve.

Gezien, bv. esteemed, respected, regarded.

Gezift, o. sifting, garbling, sorting.

Gezin, o* family, household.

Gezind, bv. inclined, disposed; h|| was hem zeer vijandig —, he was on very bad terms with him; he was at daggers drawn with | him; —held, v. incliuation, disposition, per su as ion (geloof).


Gezocht, bv. sought at'ter, desired, beloved, in demand, in request, in favour (with); affected, studied, far-letched; een —e kleur, a colour much in favour (with ladies); een —e •tyi, an artificial style; eene —e anrdigheid, a far-fetched joke; —e voorwendsels, got-up pretexts; een zeer — artikel, an article in great demand (request), mucji sought after; —heid, v. affectedness, artificialness, unnaturalness.

Gezoek, o. seeking, search.

Gezoen, o. kissing.

Gezond, bv. & bw. healthy (-ily), wholesome (-ly), salubrious (-ly), sound (-iy), sane, well; een — lichaam, a healthy body ; a sound body (I* e. zonder gebreken); een —e redeneer!ug, a sound reasoning; —e argumenten, sound argument» ; —e slaap, sound sleep; iemand — van geest, a person oi sane mind; — voedsel, wholesome lood; —e straf, wholesome punishuient; — (en versterkend) klimaat, salubrious climate; zoo — als een vlsch, as sound as a roach (or as a bell); as hearty as a buck; — maken, to cure; — worden, to recover; — veratand, common sense; — vleesch, live flesh, quick; — lu het geloof, orthodox; de zaak Is —, all is well now, matters are all right now{ frisch en —, in good health, hale and hearty.

Gezondheid, v. health, wholesomeness, salubrity, soundness; eene — Instellen, to drink a health, to give (to propose) a toast; op de — drinken van, to toast, to drink (to) the health of; uwe —. your health I here's to you! officier van —, surgeon; —sattest, certificate of health; — sbron, wells, mineral waters; —abitter, sanative elixer; —«gordel, sanative belt (girdle); —sleer, hygiene, dietetics, sanitary science-, —spas, bill of health; —«regel, regimen; —stoestand, state of health.

Gezouten, bv. salted, pickled; —taal, (harsh)

strong language.

Gezucht, o. sighing, sighs.

Gezulp, o. toping, tippling.

Gezusters, v. mv. sisters.

Gezuurd, bv. soured, leavened.

Gezwaai, o. swaying, wielding, brandisliing.

Gezwnbber, o. swabbing, mopping.

Gezweef, o. soaring, hovering.

Gezweer, o. swelling, ulcer, swearing, ranting.

Gezweet, o. sweating, perspiration.

Gezwel, o. swelling, tumor.

Gezwelg, o. swallowing, carouse, revelry.

Gezwendel, o. swindling.

Gezweuk, o. wielding, brandisliing, turning» wheeling about.

Gezwets, o. bragging, swag-gering, bluster.

Gezwier, o. rioting, revelling.

Gezwind, bv. & bw. swtft (-ly), quick (-ly), nimble (-bly); niet —en pas, at quick time; —held, v. swiftness, quickness, nimbieness, celerity.

Gezwoeg, o. drudging, toil, si.' "'ng.

Gezwollen, bv. swollen, bloate > turgid, bombastic, stilted; een — »tyi,'an inflated (a bombastic) style; — proza, stilted prose; — oogen, swollen eye»; — padden, bloated toads; —heid, v. swelling. bloatedness, turgidness, bombast, bombastry.

Gezworen, bv. sworn; een — vUand, a sworn enemy; —e, ra. jury-man, member of a jury; —en, m. mv. jury.

Gids, m. & v. guide, directory (— adresboek).

Giegagen, on. w. to bray.

Giek, v. gig (a light sloop).

Gier, m. vulture, swing, turn; —, v.hogiwash, swill, dung; —arend, horse-kite; — valk, gerfalcon; —wolf, ravenous wolf; —zwaluw, martin.

Gier en, on. w. to wabble, to yaw, to swing, to sway, to stagger, to whistle (of wind), to scream, to screech; —brug, flyiug-bridge; —pont, ferry-boat.

Gierig, bv. & bw. covetous (-ly), avaricious (•ly), niggard (-ly), close-fisted; —aard, ra. miser, niggard; —heid, v. covetousness, avarice, niggardliness.

Giering. v. yaw, swingingr, wabbling.

Gierst, v. millet; —koorts, scarlet-feverj —korrel, millet-corn.

Gleteling, m. black-bird.

Giet en, ov. w. to pour, to shed; to water; to cast, to found; het regent dat het giet, it is raining cats and dojrs; it is pouring; the rain comes down in buckets full; olie in 't vuur —, to throw oil upon the fire ; —emmer, bucket, pail; —(fzer, cast-iron; —lepel, casting-ladie ; —trechter, castingfunnel; -vorm, casting-mould, proplasm ; —er, m. pourer; founder (of metais); watering-pot, watering-scoop ; —erty, v. foundry; — ing, v. pouring, watering; casting, founding; —sel, o. cast.

Gif, o. zie Gift.

Gift, v. gilt, present, donation, gratuity.